And I Raise You . . .

Pretty soon these two are going to be promising to just hand over their campaign war chests, a six pack of Bud, and various state parks to the voters.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Taylor on Saturday pledged to eliminate the state property tax if he is elected governor, which he said would give 2.5 million Georgians more money in their pockets.

The ambitious tax-cut proposal came days after the man Taylor is trying to unseat – Gov. Sonny Perdue – made his own campaign promise to scrap the state tax on retirement income for Georgia’s senior citizens.

Taylor said property taxes are taking a bigger and bigger bite out of Georgians’ incomes. The plan would mean an average savings of about $30 per household.

“If Mark Taylor is elected governor there will be no state property tax for the people of Georgia,


  1. RandyMiller says:

    Whoever gave Mark Taylor this idea didn’t think it through. How are you going to provide the health care for all Georgia’s kids he proposes and in the long run cut taxes? And it’s not just the health care as education, more funding for first responders, are just a few examples where he wants to increase funding.

    I, too, am skeptical of any tax cut proposal. However Perdue’s idea regarding seniors/retirees may be in our best interest as we can offer Georgia as a place to retire in contrast to Florida. Lots of people want to get out of the way of hurricane alley and are considering other places to retiree. More people moving in, buying homes, land, and dollars spent on goods and services is the idea.

  2. Bill I’m guessing he turns 65 soon which is why he’s all of a sudden interested in cutting taxes for seniors. Though if he loses the governor’s race, Mark will have to speed up the cut if the definition is just “retiree”.

    I call BS on Sonny’s $465/year number. There are over 9,000,000 Georgians. Is he proposing a $4 billion tax cut, or is that over 10 years or something? And seeing as how our state has had the largest increase in illegal immigration in the country, is that $465/year for them also?

  3. shep1975 says:

    Bill, have you forgotten Sonny’s commercial?

    ZELL MILLER: Five days before Christmas, in 1946, a dimpled little fella was born in Bonaire, Georgia to a farmer and a teacher…

    Since you’re the Tech grad, I’ll let you do the math 🙂

  4. Thig says:

    Let me say up front that I am an SP man all the way. With that said, I do not see how eliminating tax on retirement income is going to put $465 in my 49 year old pocket. Is he taking the savings state wide and then dividing by all Georgians. If so, some will benefit much than $465 while other get nothing.

    And about the MT plan, $30, wow maybe I can take my wife to Applebees.

    I am not asking for any tax cuts, just responsible spending.

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Shep, unless there are major babes in a commercial, I usually don’t pay too much attention to any commercial. 🙂

    Except…those damn GEICO commercials with the silly actors bolstering the “normal GEICO customer.” Those are too much of a hoot.

  6. emily says:

    I’m holding out for the one that will offer me the most ice cream cones or lollipops with my tax cuts and free healthcare.

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