Matthew Stafford, game manager.

He didn’t lose the game, and, while his numbers were not gaudy, the true freshman played pretty solidly.

Granted, the competition wasn’t exactly Florida, Auburn, or LSU. However, he’s improving, and appears to have the tools.

Thoughts? (Tech fans, please try to be objective ;-))


  1. UGAMatthew says:

    Stafford looked pretty good, however, I’m worried about how he’ll hold up to tougher defenses. Our o-line could use more work and Stafford isn’t the biggest kid out there, I hope he doesn’t get eaten alive by some tougher d’s.

    However, all in all. Great game and Go Matthew! This season certainly shall be very interesting!

  2. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    Its a “W” for Georgia, 8 straight quarters of shut out football and winless Colorado coming to town next Saturday.

    Meanwhile, the second tier of teams were beating up on each other yesterday in Knoxville and Auburn. Tennessee will sit at home another year in December. Auburn is the team to beat in the West. Georgia’s young QB and rock solid defense have some tests coming.

    I suspect UGA will be ready. GO DAWGS!!!

  3. BulldawgGirl says:

    Matthew Stafford played well yesterday! Go Matthew!! I just hope he doesn’t get scared when we play FLA…that is such a huge game and he doesn’t have much experience playing college ball.

    I wish that they would schedule the games for 3:00pm or even 5:30pm…do you have any idea how hot it was yesterday while standing in the stadium??

    Go Dawgs! Go Matt Stafford!!

  4. shep1975 says:

    Georgia’s playing Auburn at Auburn. Remember the oddity of the homefield dis-advantage in this series. Matt’s doing well though. His first test will be against Tennessee. I’m still shocked over Michigan’s routing of the Fighting Irish. Talked about an overrated team!

  5. The reason you elevate a freshman over older qb’s is because he a star. I just don’t see Stafford as that star yet. If the Dawgs want a “game manager”, there are other qb’s who can do that (Cox, Barnes). It just doesn’t thrill me that he got the starting nod over Cox and Barnes (and possibly even over Joe T after he comes back). If Stafford was setting the world on fire, I’d say that he should be starting. If he is just a game manager, though, I would play those who have already paid some dues.

    Remember that Joe Cox and Blake Barnes were both top qb recruits when they came in. Why should they stay if they have to sit behind a younger player who is just managing the game?

    Of course, all this changes if Stafford starts lighting it up — but I’m not giving a standing ovation for 107 yards passing and no turnovers against UAB. If that’s what we’re getting, I’d rather get it from someone who has paid more dues than a true freshman.

  6. RuralDem says:

    Unfortunately the game was only avaliable on PPV down here. Someone tell me this:

    Why do local affiliates broadcast games like the Vanderbilt games and other non UGA/TECH/Auburn/Alabama games? Living near Columbus, I can understand why they show Auburn and Alabama but Vanderbilt? No one cares about Vanderbilt!

    Oh hey Bill Simon how’s it going my friend 🙂 UGA 3-0 Tech 2-1

  7. BulldawgGirl says:

    If you want to discuss politics then don’t choose to read this thread. True, it is a political website, but we are also discussing current events and news in Georgia…and football is news, no?

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Don’t get me started, Shep…wait until I’ve had a few ‘ritas to bring this subject up again so I can launch on a big-ass tirade in a bar where I’ll likely be surrounded by good ‘ole UGA fans. 😀

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