Taylor to be disbarred?

The Southeastern Legal Foundation is trying to make that happen:

“Based on numerous inquiries to our office regarding allegations that Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor may have violated provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Georgia governing attorney conduct, Southeastern Legal Foundation today filed a formal grievance, also known as a Bar complaint, with the State Bar of Georgia.

As reported by the Associated Press on September 7, 2006, court transcripts indicate that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Tom Campbell revealed that Taylor called him in 2004 seeking advice and input about an ongoing case involving one of Taylor’s physicians. Taylor, a member in good standing of the Georgia Bar, was not serving as legal counsel for the physician.

According to State Bar procedural requirements, the State Bar will begin an informal investigation once it receives a formal grievance. The informal process may take 2-4 months, and the State Bar may seek a response from the lawyer in question. If the lawyer’s conduct appears to violate the rules, the State Bar may send the grievance file to a member of the Investigative Panel of the State Disciplinary Board. The Panel will then formally investigate the matter and report to the full Panel for a decision.

According to the Rules of Professional Conduct, the maximum penalty for a lawyer seeking to influence a judge, juror, or prospective juror, or other official by means prohibited by law is disbarment. The maximum penalty for communicating ex parte with such a person except as permitted by law or engaging in conduct intended to disrupt a tribunal is public reprimand.

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  1. RuralDem says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the SLF a conservative/republican group? It should not be surprising then that they are going after Taylor.

    Personally, I think all of these ethics complaints and stuff that both parties are doing is childish.

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