What the Hell?

Pardon the language, but this guy is leading Perdue’s outreach to the Latino community?!

“Possibly, we need to think about a third party that changes the thematic view and doing of the government. …The Republicans want to control the expenses and the Democrats want to control the purse.


  1. Dignan says:

    Erick: I agree that this was a stupid thing to say for someone who may want to keep a job. However, he is absolutely correct about the Republican and Democrat parties. I’m pretty sure that the Libertarian party, at least as it currently formed, isn’t going to make great inroads as a third-party. The travesty here in Georgia is that voters don’t ever get to choose third-party candidates. I think most voters are sick and tired of both parties and would love more choices.

  2. Rusty says:

    That was a pretty awesome piece of candor, though. I’d be curious to read the rest of his remarks. Anybody know where to find the full transcript online?

  3. Jason Pye says:

    The travesty here in Georgia is that voters don’t ever get to choose third-party candidates.
    That’s not accurate. There are Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot in every election cycle in statewide races.

    I’m pretty sure that the Libertarian party, at least as it currently formed, isn’t going to make great inroads as a third-party.
    But we are getting a hell of a lot of press this year. We’ll see how things go in November.

  4. Um, Erick, don’t mean to mince words but this guy works for Georgia, not Perdue. And also Jason your enthusiasm for the libertarians is well placed. According to that Zogby poll, Hayes is polling high enough to force Perdue into a runoff.

  5. rugby_fan says:


    “Mario Martinez, the chairman of Gov. Sonny Perdue’s Latino Commission for a New Georgia”

    Did I miss something about who is employer is?

  6. Mad Dog says:

    LOL! A rare case where an elected executive isn’t running the government?

    I thought that was the norm!

    Anyone ever hear the GOP outreach person speak in public?

    She is or was a real loose cannon. She used to bluntly say that if we helped an illegal become legal, they would vote Republican forever.

    So much for the immigration issue being top driven.

  7. JJ says:

    A few choice quotes from this interview on the Galeo web site:

    “We are not a republic, nor a democracy. We are an incompetent empire”.

    “there should not be a Latino Commission or an Asian Commission or any other ethnic commission but that everyone should sitting at the same table.

    “we are losing the War not in Iraq but against terrorism based on the loss of freedoms we are seeing at home”.

    “The citizens should not accept the infringement of our civil liberties for security because who accepts that deserves neither”.

    “We have many politicians and few leaders, here and in other places”.

    “Republicans want to control what you do in the bedroom and Democrats want to control what you do with your money”.

    “we should do away with Government entitlements and welfare programs as that takes the ammunition from those are anti immigration based on the consumption of public services. In a truly free market labor is just another commodity”.

    “I would strongly encourage Latino’s to vote Libertarian not because the candidates will win but because they play a spoiler role and therefore get the message across that the Latino vote counts”.

    “Getting one or two Latino’s elected is not the objective as they will be powerless but getting a broader concept that the two dominant parties have lost their way and need to get back to their core values is what is important. Look at what happened to George Bush Sr. and the Republican Party when Ross Perot served the spoiler role. This needs to happen more often to keep things somewhat honest”

  8. joseimora says:

    Mario is right about the need for a third party. However, what passes for a Libertarian in Georgia’s candidate for governor is one who is also fanning xenophobic hysteria and is directly in contradiction of the Libertarian party’s platform on immigration.

    If this is the best leadership that the Libertarians in Georgia can offer, then maybe they need to step aside and make room for a REAL Libertarian who is up to the task. That man is Mario Martinez.

  9. joseimora says:

    I agree with Mario about the need for a third party. Unfortunately, what passes for a “Libertarian” for Lt. Governor, is someone who is fanning the xenophobic hysteria and is in direct contradiction of the Libertarian Party’s platform on immigration.

    If the Georgia Libertarian leadership is not up to the task of upholding Libertarian principles, then it should step aside and let a REAL Libertarian do the job. That man is Mario Martinez.

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