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&#8220I don’t want a Blue Plate Special on my car.&#8221

Bart Graham should be flogged. I don’t want a Blue Plate Special on my car. The new license plates are uglier than the license plates we have now. I thought we’d never do worse, but dang if Bart Graham hasn’t done it.

Now, I like the white one in the picture, but the blue one is ugly. Who else has a blue plate? Michigan! And do we really want to model ourselves after a yankee icebox? Hell no!

So, is this another example of the Perdue Administration treating government officials better than the rest of us? We get the ugly blue plates. The government officials get the pretty white ones. The government officials get the big tax breaks. We get bupkiss — unless we’re senior citizens, then we can sit back in our rockers while the Republicans and Democrats compete in prostituting themselves for us!

We should all call Bart Graham’s boss and complain. You can reach Governor Perdue at 404-656-1776. Tell him you don’t want a Blue Plate Special on your car!


  1. GetReal says:

    Bart Graham may not be able to pick a license plate design, but he’s still my hero. He refused to lie to Jay Bookman about Sonny’s sweetheart backdated tax break, so I’ll cut him some slack on the blue license plate.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    Does Michigan still have the ice blue plates?

    Maybe we can get one of the -ganders to sue for copyright violations?

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Brilliant move, absolutely brilliant! Offer the public the nastiest looking plate you can find and you’ll sell more specialty plates and raise more revenue.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    Reading through the comments on the AJC website, I think Erick’s in the majority on this one.

    Here’s some of my favorite comments:

    Good God NO! That butt ugly blue plate reminds me of the old Michagan plates and the ugly plates Delaware used for years. What idiot came up with that color scheme? Run him out of the state, NOW!

    Needs county displayed on tag, much easier to see if someone belongs around the county or is a stanger from another county. I need to know who the hell is clogging up my roads

    Here’s the angry leftist comment of the night:

    I think the design should reflect the state. First, the background should be red, not blue, for all the rednecks and the Republicans. The most appropiate color would be blood red. Also, there should be a black ‘X’ on the plate to for all the racists in the state. The state name should be misspelled to honor our great educational system. Finally, I suggest the following for a state motto: We’re 46th! If you’re gay/Mexican/Muslim/Liberal STAY AWAY! (Custom plate) Where Regression is Progress. We Shoot First Because Dead People Can’t Defend Themselves You Better Be A God-fearing Christian Or Else

  5. If a Democrat had proposed this plate Jim Wooten would be writing his column right now about the “instant revolution” brewing once people show up at the tag offices to get their new car registered.

  6. LINDA says:

    Duh, don’t you guy gets it? The governor just wants all of the blue haired people retiring from the automobile industry to move to the land of milk n honey to get out of Michigan where Muslims make up to 35% of the population in Dearboorn now. These seniors will all bring their UAW retirement pensions to Georgia, looking forward to no state taxes after they reach 65 and still feel like they are still living in Michigan when driving around their new home state. Now many of these folks will also have big dividends on the shares of GM and Ford stock that they have accumulated over their 30 or more years of service, but no problemo no taxes to Georgia! They have never paid a dime to this state, but they will get a complete “blue plate special.” Gotta love Boss Hawg and Company at the state house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dignan says:

    I’m know I am in the minority here, but I like the new tag.

    However, the idea that I would call someone to complain about the new state tag is beyond silly. I can think of about a million things more important to call and complain about to the state than the tags.

  8. LINDA says:

    All of the Appalachian states have to compete for the 70,000,000 baby boomers that will be the last stand for the middle income class. Because of those that refuse to buy and drive American made cars, Ford and General Motors are cutting, cutting and cutting. But you and others are so near sighted that you do not see the ripple effect when all of these jobs evaporate. Those that refused to support American manufacturers are the cause of this class warfare that is pitting one age group against the other in taxation. Ford is announcing a stepped up plan to cut jobs this morning. Enjoy your little rice burners. If you drive an American made car, God Bless you. We are the proud owners of four General Motors vehicles! When you all reach the age of me and other baby boomers, you’ll be lucky if you can look forward to retiring at the age of 85!

  9. LINDA says:

    I do not want to insult anyone that bought a used foreign car because of financial necessity, as my comments are to those that can afford to purchase a new vehicle and choose a car that will not support our American workers nearing retirement and already retired.

  10. The Busdriver says:


    I can’t ignore your insane and ignorant comments about foreign vs domestic cars.

    “Because of those that refuse to buy and drive American made cars, Ford and General Motors are cutting, cutting and cutting. But you and others are so near sighted that you do not see the ripple effect when all of these jobs evaporate. Those that refused to support American manufacturers are the cause of this class warfare that is pitting one age group against the other in taxation.”

    People buy Toyota, Honda, and Nissan because they’re built better, they last longer, and they get far better mileage. J.D. Power, Consumer Reports . . . they all say the same thing. Ask around.

    GM, Ford, and Chrysler are in trouble because they are slaves to the UAW. Absolute slaves. Any student of free markets have to love the fact that Honda is non-unionized, and I believe Toyota is also. UAW? $70 an hour and these guys still bitch about wages?

    And the American auto makers are in trouble because they (wrongly) assumed that Americans’ lust for SUVs would never die out. They base their entire bottom line upon the Bradley armored, er, Tahoe and other large SUVs. They lose money on small cars (which incidentally, don’t sell), and make a huge profit margin on their SUVs. Other than the Blinginator (Escalade), SUV sales have stalled and that’s causing the Big 3 huge problems. They are in trouble because of their arrogance and their lack of forward thinking. Jeesh, the chairman of Ford even had the nerve to say Ford is in trouble because of fuel prices. Yeah, that’s it.

    Furthermore, Hondas and Toyotas (and many Nissans) are built and assembled in the US. Chances are your GM was assembled in Mehico or in Canada.

    Linda, you’re free to rip on import car owners, but when your Avalanche needs it’s third alternator before you’ve even hit 80k miles, remember that I’ve got 160k miles on my Acura, which was built in America in 1997, and it still runs way better than your trucksuvelcamino.

    Fomenting class warfare? Nah. I’m just driving a better car.

  11. LINDA says:

    Yeah, well how much money do you think your foreign vehicle would bring at a Jackson Barrett auction? ROFL

    We are happy with a Cadillac with 58k on it, a Ponitiac Firebird Convertible (11992 with 38k on it), 1985 sweet Corvette and a 90 Silverado truck with 125k on it!

    Just wait until you have to pay $2500 to get your brakes and a/c fixed on that sweet little Acura like our friend just did. I say no you are not driving better cars than me and my husband. We take our Corvette and Firebird to car shows, and you know we have never seen an Acura at any of them!

  12. LINDA says:

    I cannot imagine that you do not have an aunt, uncle, grandparent or cousin that works for Ford or General Motors. And I will place a wager that you probably work for the government to boot. No sense of American pride whatsoever. Foreign car manufacturers send their profits out of this country, and they do not pay decent benefits. Perhaps, oneday you will see the narrow minded view point that you hold will cut off your nose to spite your face.

  13. Jen says:

    Didn’t they just change the plates a few years ago in order to add “georgia.gov” at the bottom?

    Maurice is right. I’ll be keeping my UGA speciality tag.

  14. LINDA says:

    We live in a me only world, and our politicians take advantage of that personality trait of typical Americans! Pit one class against another. one race against another, one religion against another and this is all in the name of a flawed democracy.

    One more thing, my husband just said to tell Busdriver that he worked for 32 years at Brown and Williamson Tobacco and always supported American products. He said he would walk before he would drive your Acura. My husband made a mistake of driving a 1972 280Z to his Grandpa’s home in Kentucky and his Grandpa that served in the war told him to get that car off his property. My husband parked the car somewhere else on his visit, and then traded the car in when he got back to Georgia! He learned a lesson from a real American hero!

  15. LINDA says:

    Datsun 280Z. And my husband said if he sees a broke down Acura on the side of the road when he is driving buy that could sit there until Hell freezes over before he stops. And he is a skilled mechanic. And believe it or not, there are a good many Americans that know how to work on cars, that think just like my husband! Welcome to the land of the “blue plate special.”

  16. Dignan says:

    Linda: I would be happy to buy an American car if they weren’t complete garbage. The market (i.e. the entire driving population of the United States) agrees with me.

    There are three things you can count on with an American car.

    1. Hit the gas, wait 3 seconds, and then go.
    2. Hit the brakes, wait 3 seconds, and then slow down.
    3. Turn the steering wheel, wait 3 seconds, and then turn.

    American car manufacturers deserve to fail. They stopped innovating decades ago and just assumed people would keep buying their garbage.

    It is also farcical for you to suggest that American cars last longer. You seem proud that your 90 Silverado truck has 125k miles on it. Are you kidding me? That is just warming up for most foreign made cars. I’m driving a Nissan Altima with over 190k miles that will easily double that if I keep it. And the repairs have been next to nothing. Even maligned Audis can last forever. My brother had a Audi 4000 that had over 245k miles when he sold it.

  17. rugby_fan says:

    LINDA, I can not get enough mirth from your comments, honestly.

    You start by saying: “get out of Michigan where Muslims make up to 35% of the population in Dearboorn now”

    and then end with: “our politicians take advantage of that personality trait of typical Americans! Pit one class against another. one race against another, one religion against another and this is all in the name of a flawed democracy.”

    Simply magnificent.

  18. LINDA says:

    I am not even going to address the stupidity of your comments. Usually the people that criticize American cars are people that do not know how to even change their own oil! My husband has people stop him in Home Depot and other places when he parks his pretty black Silverado that would bring half of what he paid for it. It is a beauty. How many people stop you and you if you will sell them your used foreign car?

    This arrogant mindset against American made products will have this country living as a third world country in thirty years! Again, your used vehicle would bring tops $1800 at a Jackson Barrett Auction and that would be in the outside parking area for sales!

  19. LINDA says:

    Yeah Rugby that is exactly what they do! They know that the retirees will be moving to the South. What is wrong with the comment I made, it is the truth! Yeah, I am not PC. So what? You want to take lessons about how to not be politically correct from a Pro? LOL

  20. LINDA says:


    No I am married to a man that has done well in life, and is a person that loves his country. Can you imagine that? You see, we think about the retirees at Ford and GM that depend upon their former employer to pay for their health care, and we think about the millions of workers that work for Ford and GM. It is too bad that you didn’t think of anyone but yourself when you chose a vehicle to buy.

  21. The Busdriver says:

    I’m sorry to everyone else for responding to Linda, and thereby keeping this silly debate going.

    Linda, my car was built by Americans, just like your car/truck. But I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t. I just want a reliable product for a decent price. So you go ahead and buy a Zenith. if you want. I’m getting a Sony.

    And I like your jobs program: “Help keep our nation’s auto repair mechanics employed. Buy American cars and trucks!”

  22. rightofcenter says:

    The thought of 75% tax rates makes me sick to my stomach, but I must admit it would have its merits if it would get Linda to move to Mexico.

    I’m with Dignan – I like the tag, too. Bold. Different.

  23. LINDA says:

    Ah come on ROC and Rugby,

    You know that I am usually right on with my America first vew point. You all just don’t get it yet, but in time you’ll get smarter. Let us hope, I am counting on you to pay taxes when I retire. LOL Turning 65 in Georgia may not be so bad, afterall. With the tax savings, I can hire some immigrants to keep the cars clean and the grass cut. Oh my gosh, did I actually step so far over the border of PC. Have a great weekend. Don’t drink too much while going to the games, and be safe!

  24. rugby_fan says:

    While I have not been keeping score, it has been my experience that you are routinely wrong. And egregiously wrong to boot.

  25. LINDA says:

    Well the only think that matters to me is that those that pay me to do tax returns and write-up work for them, think I am just fine. You just wait and see what happens in the next thirty years in the United States, and you’ll think wow, I remember that Linda warned this would happen.

  26. rugby_fan says:

    LINDA, you are wrong, no matter what side of the aisle you sit on. Simply because no one agrees with you does not mean that you are correct. I

    Here is a random example of how you are incorrect, you don’t even spell Mr. Buchanan’s name right.

    I will continue (only taking quotes from this thread)

    Usually the people that criticize American cars are people that do not know how to even change their own oil!

    The governor just wants all of the blue haired people retiring from the automobile industry to move to the land of milk n honey to get out of Michiga

    And just because people are “party hard liners” does not mean that he or she is brainwashed.

    I am finished arguing with you as I have nothing to gain from such a worthless endeavour.

  27. flamingmoderate says:


    Linda is an idiot. There should be no argument. The only brainwashed person on this thread is Linda. She received her brainwashing from and anti-semetic summer KKKamp when she was a kid.

    She consistently talks out of her ass. She never backs her assertions up with any refutable sources. Just pointless links that take you to more unprovable theory.

    I hope your kids have fun at KKKamp this summer, Linda.

  28. LINDA says:

    Ok, Buzz you are po’d because a CPA actually tells you how flawed the fair tax is because I know the numbers.

    You spelled Michigan wrong, not me.

    So what if I spelled Buchanan wrong, are you perfect? No, enough said.

    You drive a foreign car and know how to change the oil. Good for you.

    I have not seen any original thoughts from one of your posts. I can listen to what you have to say from boring Boortz. ps: I turn the radio off when he comes on.

    And to Flamingmoderate: You are a true Moron! How about telling my Marine son this same crap that you rattle off to me. You don’t know anything about life, as I skip over everything that you write. I can see that you read my writings though! Good for you because maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from someone that is quite a bit higher on the old IQ scale than you!

  29. Jace Walden says:

    You don’t know anything about life, as I skip over everything that you write.

    If you skip over everything I write….then how did you know I was writing anything…? Dumbass.

    To your marine son: Your mom is a moron. She’s an anti-semetic windbag. She’s a batshit crazy fundamentalist whack job. But then again, you probably already knew all of this, or you wouldn’t have joined the Marines to get away from her.

    Linda. Have fun during arts and crafts time at KKKamp this year.

  30. rugby_fan says:

    and all this time I assumed flaming moderate was Rusty. I think I even reffered to you as Rusty once.

    One less mystery in the world.

  31. LINDA says:

    Hey Jace,

    You know what, you do not know what you are talking about! At least my son is brave enough to join the Marines. What are you the flaming moderate? If you are brave enough to take a road trip to Virginia, you can go tell my son what you got to say about his mother. My son has done more in his life of 27 years than you’ll ever accomplish, and I am sure of that! I can tell by reading your bs that you are a little wimp!

  32. LINDA says:

    I will not take back any statement about him! He is not respectful of the freedom of speech, and it is a mistake for anyone with that mentality to get award from the military!

  33. Jace Walden says:


    I’m not going to split hairs with you over the differences between the Army Infantry and the Marine Corps.

    And you saying that someone like me shouldn’t get an award is something I wear as a badge of honor.

  34. Jace Walden says:

    He is not respectful of the freedom of speech

    I respect your right to say what ever the hell you want. I have never sent in a complaint asking you to be banned from any site, or to have your comments edited. Say whatever you want.

    But, don’t expect me to tolerate your bigotry. If you’re going to talk like a freedom-hating bigot, expect to be called out on it.

    I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

  35. LINDA says:

    Yeah, I am saying exactly that! I think that you have an attitude problem. I think that you cannot tell when someone is writing with sarcasm and satire, and I think that you have let your awards go to your head. I am more down to earth than any person you would ever know. I know your type, stuffy and so full of yourself that you look at every mirror when you pass by. Well, I am not going to take your bs without fighting back!

    I am not anti-semitic, and I have never been to a KKK meeting, but i am not too damn stupid to realize that the KKK existed for a purpose in the United States. At one time, most people had the highest regard for the KKK in the United States. Since you are a hsitory major, you should know that.

    Just because a person is savvy enough to not be caught up in a PC world does not mean they are stupid or a moron.

  36. rugby_fan says:

    Yea, LINDA, just because people support an organization does not make it right. c.f.: Hitler was democratically elected, Americans promoted slavery, shall I go on?

  37. LINDA says:

    I bet you did not do 13 weeks of basic training that ended with a 26 mile Crucibal, come back home and then head off to another 4 weeks of combat training. I bet you have not been to Okinowa twice, and stationed in the desert at 29 Palms, CA or been called baby killer when visiting the beach. I bet you haven’t had your best friend from high school blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq either. Yeah boast about your honors, and I’m hear to tell you that you have not been to hell yet, unitl you’ve worn the uniform of a Marine.

  38. LINDA says:

    Yeah, well Rugby go around your home and look for all of the stuff that say made in China. And then ask yourself, if I own this stuff where people earn less than a dollar an hour, am I supporting slavery? Give me a break! And for goodness sake wake up!

  39. LINDA says:

    When I graduated from high school, I received a letter to go to DC to work for the FBI in the fingerprinting department. I suppose I scored high on the PSAT. I got letters from every college in Kentucky, but scholarships were only awarded to football and basketball players. I was accepted at every school without even applying, but I was so poor that I did not start college untit the age of 28.

    I graduated Cum Laude in Accounting, passed the CPA exam on the first two tries, I have my own accounting business, I have a MBA and I teach CPA review classes. So there, you tell me that I am stupid again and show your stupidity! My husband and I have been through the school of hard knocks and I know more about life than you can ever grasp!

  40. LINDA says:


    I am sure my computer is made overseas. That is the point I am making. It is ridiculous for people to say they do not support slavery but at the same time buy foreign products. We are supporting slavery when we buy diamonds, when we buy appliances and on and on. I try my best to buy American when I can find such products. But it is getting harder and harder each day.

  41. rugby_fan says:

    whoop dee doo LINDA, your story makes me choke up.

    You miss my point, just because the majority support an organization, does not mean that one’s actions or beliegs are morally acceptable (Clinton?).

    Slavery is by definition working for no money, so even if everything I own is made in China where they make less than a dollar, no I am not supporting slavery.

    And for the record I am vehemently against the notion of putting any human into bondage and no matter what, will find it repulsive, and abhorrent at any juncture of my life.

    And LINDA, perhaps you too should wake up and realize that most of what you say is perfectly in line what Fritz Kuhn said. Now I ask you do you think Fritz did good work or bad?

  42. LINDA says:

    I do not know Fritz Kuhn, And I think you have flawed logic. Most people in the United States did not own slaves, either but when they bought farm products picked by slaves or cotton or tobacco then they were suppoting slavery. When, we by products made in China we are supporting slavery because our politicians have sold us out because of corruption with corporations. So whether you like it or not, you and me and everyone else in this country is supporting bondage.

    The only thing that we can do is support a new mind set of politicians when our system collapses, and yes the United States will collapse.

  43. LINDA says:

    And Rugby, how many people have you ever talked to in life that lived with two sisters from the ages of 13m 12 and without a mother or a father in the home? Yeah, that is me and I was the oldest. We got up every morning on our own and went to school and worked jobs to make it.

    I don’t give a flip what you think of me, in reality. I am just not going to sit by and let you throw your bs in my face! I know who I am and I know the character that I am and I have a darn good reputation with my clients and students. I am well respected by those that know me for telling things like they are because most are too afraid to speak up. I see what is wrong with this country. It is too many people born with a sliver spoon in their mouth, that think they know more than their elders. It will be our downfall. It is politicians that take advantage of those people that fall for anything and stand for nothing!

  44. LINDA says:

    ages of my sisters and I: 13, 12 and 11. I am sure you had parents to wake you up every morning. And I am glad, if you did. But you see when you talk to someone on a black box, you just really do not know what that person has been through and what that person has learned living in the real world longer than you can ever relate to!

  45. Jace Walden says:

    I graduated Cum Laude in Accounting, passed the CPA exam on the first two tries, I have my own accounting business, I have a MBA and I teach CPA review classes.–Linda

    I can see that you read my writings though! Good for you because maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from someone that is quite a bit higher on the old IQ scale than you!–Linda

    I am not even going to address the stupidity of your comments. Usually the people that criticize American cars are people that do not know how to even change their own oil!–Linda

    Please. Don’t tell me I’m “full of myself” or whatever else you have. The only times I have ever brought up service is when it has been directly challenged. And, coincidently, both of those times, it was by you. Now, that’s not to say that I’m not a self-loving son of a bitch, because I am. Just coming from you its like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Your comments on this thread reek of elitism. Your comments on past threads reek of anti-semitism and bigotry.

    You might want to get your money back for all of your “education.” It was a wasted investment.

    Have fun at KKKamp this summer.

  46. LINDA says:

    I even had a really nice Jewish guy that ask me to go to his prom, at his high school and he wanted to go with me to mine. I told him no, and probably hurt his feelings. But I did not have the nerve to tell him that I did not have the money to buy a prom dress. So you really do not know me at all.

  47. LINDA says:

    Yeah well, if my statements reek of eltism that is news to me. I am far from an elitist! What a joke! I have earned my living with my education, and am looking forward to retirement. You want me to buy you a bus ticket to go to a KKK camp? You must be very interested in it, the way you dwell on it. I have no desire to go to a KKK meeting.

  48. jsm says:

    I gotta throw in a few things here. My 97 Thunderbird Sport V-8 just rolled over 195,000 miles this week, and she’s running great at about 22-23 mpg. The only “major” repair was a heater core a couple years ago. I plan to take her to 250,000.

    We free market people should remember that Honda and Toyota did not enter the American market fairly. They did so with subsidies from the Japanese government. I understand that Honda was originally selling cars in America for less than it cost even to build them.

    It is true that the American automakers rejected Deming’s quality control concepts, and the Japanese embraced them, increasing the quality of their cars. However, I think the American car makers have come a long way, having now adopted the same QC concepts. They’re just not yet able to overcome the bad name they got through the 70’s and 80’s.

    I’ll stick to my American cars so that the PROFIT goes to Americans, and I’ll continue to support those who built their business in a fair market.

    And that ugly blue tag is gonna look horrible against my deep red. Oh well…

  49. LINDA says:

    You see, I did not put my scholastic achievements on any post until challenged about my intelligence and character. I will tell you my most meaningful plaque or certificate came from my accounting peers in Advanced Accounting after we had all gone through so many classes together. They gave me a simplistic certificate that read “To the most memorable and the most outstanding accounting student.” I was the oldest student in the class, and the one that took the time when studying for exams to take phone calls from other students calling me with help on questions that they were struggling with. In other words, the respect of my classmates meant more to me than any school award. Sorry that you got your thumb stuck in your zipper or whatever is up your crawl today.

  50. LINDA says:

    Freedom that is. If you would post with the same name, people would know who you are. I do remember telling you before thank you for your service. But now, I think you are a jerk!

  51. LINDA says:

    High five:

    up high, down low, too slow! My eleven year old son’s way of giving me high five! LOL, Jace. Take some deap breaths and chill! I love my freedom and I hope you love yours, too! I am glad that we have the really brave fighting for our freedoms, too! They are not sitting back on a black box talking down to a woman old enough to be their mother, like you are!

  52. CHelf says:

    Back on subject here….it seems the whole arguments against this tag are the same ones used against Roy’s flag…same tone and same word choice. I’m expecting a certain element to come out and say we should vote on it and then say Sonny lied….

  53. Loren says:

    All day, and no posts or comments about this update?

    “After a single day of withering public reaction to a new, blue license plate for 5 million Georgia vehicles, Gov. Sonny Perdue on Friday downgraded the tag to a mere trial balloon…

    “So what caused the governor to decide he needed more input?

    “Partly it was “feedback within the office,” Hedrick replied. But mostly, the press secretary said, it was the storm of comments on an ajc.com blog featuring the new tag.”

  54. Rick Day says:

    The poster has, in a nutshell, addressed the very basic problem with the GA legislature today.

    In Texas, we called it Flim-Flam. An elected official swears to uphold the Constitution, not his power base.

    Voting is an enumerated right, specifically spelled out on procedure. Blaming the judge for an unconstitutional

    You can not have your cake, and eat it too, gentlemen!

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