Sometimes students just aren’t the best ambassadors

The University of Georgia’s student-run newspaper, the Red and Black (circulation 17,000+), dealt with Monday’s fifth anniversary of 9/11 in a very unconventional way — they ignored it. The middle of the paper’s front page featured a giant picture of Steve Spurrier and a recap of Saturday’s football game against the South Carolina Gamecocks, with the juvenile headline “Cocks Blocked 18-0.” Above the fold was an article about Muslim students “facing prejudice


  1. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    “Journalists” learn early how to cloak themselves and their favorite causes in the mantel of victimhood. There is also something about being in a media office with the power to put something on the air or in print that causes a total lobotomy in the brains of those who have the power of the pen.

    UGA Wins… refers to the football team, not the Red and Black. They are the big losers of the day. Perfect training for their future in the pro defeatist media of America.

  2. mercergirl says:

    I’m so ashamed of the fact that I even wanted to write for that newspaper when I lived in Athens. I would also think that there is enough of a conservative group on campus to make a effect regarding this.

  3. RandyMiller says:


    Thanks for bringing us this artcle. I hope it’s in your ajc column. I well remember after 9/11 some comments made by the left; like the teacher out in New Mexico that stated “whoever bombs the pentagon gets my vote” Also someone I knew personally was extremely offended by all the American flags that flew. (when W was re-elected he threw up!) I’ve even met some of these types so stupid they thought none of our DoD personel had ever attended college and were degreed.
    I don’t know what the hell they thought went on at West Point or Annapolis?

    To these groups whenever America takes any steps to defend herself, we’re facist goosestepping nazis, but when our nation and it’s people are attacked their attitude is “you know America was really asking for it.” To bad they can’t spend a year living in North Korea.

  4. Man conservatives must be born with an outrage gene that I wasn’t. The Red and Black is a student newspaper. And college students do dumb stuff. Get over it. Why should some muslim have to apologize for the actions of other muslims? Do you go around apologizng to black people for slavery on the anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination?

  5. landon says:


    What you fail to recognize is that the R and B is a grooming ground for future journalists, the Grady School here is highly regarded within the state, and these are the people that great papers like the Atlanta Urinal will be hiring in the next twenty years. So after a five year interlude between the largest single attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, the enlightened journalists of the future deemed Steve Spurrier and his gamecocks a more pressing issue. Wow. I want these people determinig what is newsworthy in the future.

    To address your question regarding Muslim students “apologizing for 9/11.” To me, the point is not so much to say “I am sorry for the actions of another,” but to inculcate a sincere regret that those who profess the same faith would partake in such heinous actions.

    I am sorry, but I dont think writing off what the Red and Black did as a mere childish oversight is a valid stance to take. Do you know who Bill Shipp is? He got his journalistic start standing up against the segregated state of the University working for the Red and Black. The paper serves as a springboard, is read by many, and is important for the future journalists of our state. It is embarrasing to me as a UGA student to have to tell people that I go to a school where we have a newspaper that finds it necessary to focus on the most irrelevant stories it can find while ignoring commemorating the sacrifices of thousands of Americans and the sensless deaths of thousands more.

    Also, if you want to hear a liberal’s “outrage gene” tell them that the media is liberal, and they will take great offense to this attack on “objective journalism.” Both liberals and conservatives are equally capable of being outraged, and at least we are justifiably outraged, since we have the facts on our side.

  6. ColinATL says:

    1) It was dumb of the Red & Black to ignore 9/11. They should have owned up to it and made amends.

    2) It was dumb of David Kirby to ask the Muslim Student Association to apologize on behalf of their religion. Should Campus Crusade for Christ have to apologize for that pastor in Kansas with the “God Hates Fags” signs? And just because he asked the Muslim students for a statement doesn’t mean they owe him one.

    3) It was dumb to create an organization called “David Kirby is ignorant,” although it is a little funny.

    4) It was dumb to start an organization called “F**k Israel.” Talk about lowering the level of debate.

    So to me there was a lot of dumb-ness to go around and share among every one in this tale. But to use the isolated decisions and statements of a few individuals, and somehow ascribe this as a pattern of people who disagree with you is dumb, too.

  7. RandyMiller says:

    Well, Colin and Jen, call me dumb but I’ve always felt that highjacking, terrorism, flying planes into buildings and mass murder are not cool. If aloofness to the afore mentioned is still the mantra of our young dems it’s no wonder you’re still
    losing elections.

  8. RuralDem says:

    The problem I had with the media on last week on 9/11 was the politicization of everything. Fox News would not shut up about the political aspects of everyone speaking. Why not just honor and recognize those who died on that day? Both parties were also too busy attacking one another. Once in a while the partisan bickering needs to stop.

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