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As gas prices continue to fall, will it be harder for the Democrats to get back in power at the state and federal level?

I ask because I’m becoming increasingly convinced in the merit of the argument that the President’s popularity is inversely proportional to gas prices.


  1. LINDA says:

    I just listened to a political strategist on CNBC today that said that he has analyzed every Senate race and that the Republicans will retain control of the Senate. This strategist said that in every popular election, that control of the House has NEVER changed, unless the Senate changes control. Good news, huh?

    Oh, I am hard on corrupt politicians in every party, but I shutter in fear at the thought of Democrats getting control. There is so much supply of debt in the world that it is keeping interest rates down, and if the gas prices go down another 18% like Steve Forbes just predicted on Fox within the next two months. Republican victory should be a given.

  2. ColinATL says:

    Regarding the President’s popularity being inversely proportional, I think that’s definitely a factor, but not an exclusive one. People I know who have changed from pro-Bush to anti-Bush over the last few years have more of a problem with his lack of fiscal discipline, and poor governmental management (e.g., the Katrina fiasco).

  3. I look back on the glory days. 1996-98 in high school when I had just gotten my license. Gas was $.74/gallon and Democrats ran the state, a Democrat was President, we had a Democratic US Senator etc. Of course, being 16 and not knowing any better I was a Republican back then. So I have no idea how these gas prices effect things!

  4. LINDA says:

    If gas prices ran with inflation, we would be paying over $5 a gallon at a minimum. We are fortunate to have the low gas prices when compared with Europe. I remember when gas prices were a $.25 a gallon. LOL Telling my age. There was the Carter administration where gas prices were high and mortgage interest rates got to 16%, a Democrat, Chris. Things are not great in the United States because of a huge deficit. Hopefully, we can get the Iraq War resolved and work on policy here at home.

  5. Mad Dog says:


    Isn’t it odd how gasoline is not connected to inflation?

    Wonder why?

    Steve Forbes predicted an 18% drop in gas prices?

    Well heck E darn!

    It’s after Labor Day, winter formulations are cheaper than summer mixtures, the strategic reserve is no longer being filled, …

    Wanna prediction?

    The price of heating oil is going to rise 18%.

    Take THAT Steve Forbes.

  6. LINDA says:

    Well actually heating oil was down quite a bit today because inventories are up. I understand pricing and demand, thank you very much though for telling me. I have had at least 4 economic classes.

    Actully, I am a little skeptical when the liberal CNBC has a strategist predicting Republicans controlling both houses, but the Republicans are definitely outraising the Dems in contributions. With Rosie O”Donnell as a face of the Democrat Party, she pretty much lost a good deal of Independent votes today with her hateful remark about Christians on the View. Keep on talking Rosie is what I say. LOL

  7. kevin35 says:

    As a Dem running for House District 22 in Cherokee, I know prices are tied to the commodities market and I look at it the market and news more times then you could say cigar in 1 minute. W does not sit in the office and randomly throw numbers in the air and say that’s the cost of a barrel of oil. So no this will not sway the election one way or the other and as we speak the barrel price has jumped almost a $1.00 since Wed. I would say until Nigeria and Iran is settled the price may go up or down so put down the party favors and lets see in Nov who is in charge.

    Kevin M. Bailey

  8. Maybe the recent drop in gas prices has something to do with the republican oil company guys doing everything in their power to help their buddies in the white house.

    Makes as much sense to me as any other explaination does.

  9. buzzbrockway says:

    I think lower gas prices will most certainly help the GOP and Gov. Perdue. Also, yesterday Rasmussen had Bush’s approval at 45%, which also help Georgia’s GOP candidates.

  10. buzzbrockway says:

    I think the real lesson here is that the higher gas prices go, the further to the left chrisishardcore goes. If for no other reason than Chris’ well being, we need gas prices to come down. 🙂

  11. TPSoCal says:

    As I have said before: It’s a Rovian plot to ensure King George’s party keeps control of Congress and continues to oppress the masses! It a conspiracy! (an I hope it works) 🙂

  12. Mad Dog says:


    Supply and demand have little effect in a differentiated market, don’t you agree?

    But, to your point, economic models, as taught in those classes you’ve taken, make false assumptions about buyers and sellers.

    For example, each party has perfect knowledge and no motivation to buy or sell except as set up in the model.

    But, people just love to rattle on about market fundamentalism as if they found … religion?

    Mad Dog

  13. Bill Simon says:


    If you are really a CandlerParkLiberal, then you don’t drive a car, you take public transportation, right? So, the price of gas doesn’t ever affect you. 🙂

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