1. atlantaman says:

    Damaging only in the sense that it brings the land deal up again. Anyone who listens to it can clearly tell the Governor was set-up and caught off guard.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    Sounds like he was trying to be smart…a better response would’ve been,
    “Well Brian, what you really need to know is how to work only 2 hours a week for a $100,000 yearly allowance, and for that you need to ask the other guy.”

  3. Randy, Taylor’s family is rich. But in just the last couple of years Perdue and his sister have inherited millions of dollars worth of property in Houston County from their parents. In fact, the $4.4 million piece of land Perdue sold to get the tax break was inherited.

    Sonny and Mark both had the fortune of coming up in well off families. Mark’s dad is self made, and I don’t know anything about Sonny’s father but I assume he was a hard worker too. Now both children have had comfortable lives thanks to their father.

    Only here is where it gets different. Sonny has tried to make things difficult for those that do work for a living. Remember he proposed a proprety tax increase first thing out the gate (luckilly he was stopped), he’s cut education funding which has led to property taxes going up not only in my county of DeKalb but even in such non “liberal” places like Thomas County and Valdosta. And he cut poor kids off Peachcare because their poor parents were a day late on their premium payments.

    Now, I know that might not move votes in the comment section of Peach Pundit, but neither will attacking Mark for being wealthy when Sonny’s wealthy too.

  4. Mad Dog says:


    It’s not unusual for boardmembers to make thousands of dollars a year for two hours worth of work a week.

    Bill Gates, and correct me if I’m wrong, draws no salary at all. Two hours a week of his time would make Mark Taylor’s annual paycheck as board member look like chump change.

    Most board members, like for example, … Casey Cagle … structure their pay into stock. options, and some deferred payments to avoid public disclosure of their salary.

    We can go back and reconstruct how much Senator Cagle earned as Chairman of the Board only if we track stock pricing and options as well as actual hours worked.

    When I worked for Citizens Bank, way back in the day, a board position was paid. I’d have to double check. I never actually saw the figures, but my Republican buddy who become the ex-Mayor after leaving the bank, said a board member made $36k per year.

    Now, some board positions are honorary. Some are working management positions. So his number of $36k a year for a board member might be wildly off.

    For example:


    John W. Thompson, SUMANTEC, has over $136,000,000 in un-used stock options. His annual pay, per that report is $650,000. with bonus yahta yahta yahta, he made $2.7 million.

    Two hours of his time a week would be about $97,000 a year.

    Maybe we should cut Mark Taylor some slack for being paid to scale?

  5. Mad Dog says:

    Maybe you would like to read through an annual report and figure what a board member is worth for that couple hours a week?


    But, then, I’m just the mad dog in a crowd of normal people.

    So, the two faced sob’s among you that whine about Mark Taylor making a nice little salary are just communists, eh?

    When capitalism works the way ya want it to work for someone you hate, it just ain’t right!

    Again, just to make sure, I’m making fun of the market fundamentalists who want no limits on executive compensation, unless that executive is Mark Taylor.

    If you think I’m talking about you, well, I am.

  6. I love WAOK & am a frequent listener- Pretty much the best radio station for local news. They are the only station I know that goes into such depth on city council type stuff. . . . But anyway, to the point.

    As far as the Sonny stuff goes, that was pretty cold & pretty funny. It is not often you hear a politician of any stature get zinged like that. I honestly don’t know much about the land deal but I can appreciate a good ‘gotcha’ no matter what!

  7. gatormathis says:

    Surely you’re talking about the supposed clip on the radio station about Sonny that has been going around. That is a as pitiful a voice over as I have ever heard in my life. I remember some cheap B-grade Chinese kung-fu movies from a beginning TV station years ago, and they were better voice-overs than this by a long shot. I listen to it and relisten to it and think to myself, I thought Foster Brooks was dead. It sounded like an old Johnny Carson Show when Foster would come on and play as if intoxicated. I don’t know what Sonny said in the real time scenario, but it surely is someone else who says GuVV ENN ORRR. Easily ascertained that some midi or sound clip was intererred into the conversation.

    And what is funny, people are making like it was otherwise. Show me the game film (which can just as easily be doctored), I gotta see it. Just a few days ago, mt ran an ad with an African-American’s hands sticking out through some prison bars. The blog for democracy denied whole heartedly that the hands were such as they were, and that there was no way mt was showing a minority in a compromising position to get votes. I’ve saw tat ad numerous times since then and it is as easier to see than a convenience store camera, that these are AA hands and arms.

    Cameras give people tickets today from a traffic lights and toll booths. Convenience stores get convictions on robbers and shoplifters from cameras. Now here comes a well polished ad, paid for by mucho grande taylor money, and is clear as a bell. But now they say the “hands” aren’t meant to be black. Well, what about the babies, it is the same commercial, probably shot by one company. Are all those white babies? Do they just look dark? You dems just gotta make up your mind, you can’t have it both ways.

    To try and cover up mt’s screw up with the parole commercial with a cheap voice over on Sonny, that can easily be done on any cheap computer is silly. It is pitiful, and the lowest form of campaigning possible. Try to pick better ways to highlight your career.

  8. stephaniemills21 says:


    Are you a F-ing idiot or what? Seriously, can you read? The gov’s own people admit he said it. In fact, the Political Insider piece that first reported the story includes the audio provided by the dems, and the republicans, as well as assurances from WAOK that the clip is real.

    And the hands in the MT ad are white. You have to get a life.

  9. atlantaman says:

    The Governor is obviously being sarcastic, which in hindsight he probably regrets. I really don’t think this is going to be a major issue, because the only folks not able to detect the sarcasim are the same people who think Bush blew up the dams in New Orleans and wouldn’t be voting for Sonny to begin with.

  10. Decaturguy says:

    That is a as pitiful a voice over as I have ever heard in my life.

    Gator, you are a real idiot. The Governor has admitted that is what he said, the Republicans have produced their own audio recording in which the Governor said what he said, and the radio station has acknowledged that the audio is authentic.

  11. gatormathis says:

    And after all that jazz, Stephanie needs a new television so she can clearly see that the hands in the ad are black. Has anyone else saw this ad besides me? If Sonny admits he was being sarcastic to someone who was needling him, so be it, the phone call was live, and his reaction time was only a second.

    So please explain why your fearless dem leader, who had all the time in the world to make an ad, and chose to humiliate the African-American population by stereotyping them as prison population.

    You tell me to get a life, you need to get a TV with a proper picture on it. It’s funny how dems can interpret what anyone says or thinks in a clairvoyant manner, yet won’t admit the dark hands, Andy Young’s comments, Bill Campbell and Bill Clinton and their indiscretions.

    If you guys are going to stick up for these sorry b_ _ _ _ _ _ ds, then I’m sure as heck going to stick up for Sonny.

  12. RandyMiller says:

    The hands thru the bars look like they belong to a black guy…if they indeed do not, the picture looks toyed with to promote that image. At our office we watched it and everyone thought they were black arms/hands…many african americans that have seen it are really ticked off and now won’t vote for Taylor. Can’t say I blame ’em.

  13. ugadog says:


    With the knowledge that the Sonny Perdue team believes that the tape of Sonny is not a voiceover, do you agree or do you still believe it to be a voiceover?

  14. Melb says:

    gator, you are psychotic. The hands are white – clearly white – and I have seen the ad on different tv’s at school, home, and a friends house. Get over it.

  15. Mad Dog says:


    I can loan you a Beltone.

    If you’re too young, that is/was a brand of hearing aid.

    The governor had his silver boot in his mouth, again.

  16. gatormathis says:

    The trash company featured in the Cathy Cox ads…….


    Item 2. Acquisition or Disposition of Assets.

    Pursuant to an Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of September 9, 1998
    (the “Merger Agreement”), by and among Waste Industries, Inc., a North Carolina
    corporation (the “Registrant”), TWS Merger Corporation, a Georgia corporation
    and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Registrant (“Subsidiary”), Trans Waste
    Services, Inc., a Georgia corporation (“Trans Waste”), the Thomas C. Cannon IRA
    and MML Limited Partnership, a Georgia limited partnership, as the sole
    shareholders of Trans Waste (the “Shareholders”), Thomas C. Cannon and James F.
    Taylor, the Registrant acquired, in exchange for approximately $10.0 million in
    cash plus 706,370 shares of the Registrant’s Common Stock valued at
    approximately $14.7 million, all of the outstanding stock of Trans Waste
    effective on September 10, 1998. Trans Waste is engaged in solid waste
    collection and the development, ownership and operation of four transfer
    stations and a landfill in Albany, Georgia. The source of the funds for the
    acquisition was the Registrant’s $60.0 million revolving credit facility with
    BB&T, $50.0 million of which is available for acquisitions and capital

    MML, LP…a Georgia limited partnership, consisting of Mollie, Mark, and Linda.

    Coffee County
    3.8 Real Property

    Except as set forth on Schedule 3.8A, Trans Waste does not own any real
    property or improvements. Set forth on Schedule 3.8B is a description of all
    leases (written or oral) of all real property leased or used by Trans Waste (the
    “Real Property”), or any portion thereof. The New Coffee County Landfill, if
    permitted by applicable Governmental Entities and constructed as set forth under
    Section 7.11 hereof, will have the waste disposal volume availability indicated
    in the

  17. gatormathis says:

    Maple Hill Landfill in Albany, Georgia

    ) Maple Hill Landfill. At or prior to Closing, Trans Waste will enter
    into an agreement with Maple Hill Landfill, Inc. providing Trans Waste (and
    Waste Industries as its assignee) a guaranteed tipping fee of $17.50 per ton for
    disposal of C&D material at the existing Maple Hill landfill located at 900 N.
    Maple Street, Albany, Georgia (“Maple Hill”) for the period beginning at the
    Closing and ending the earlier of (a) three (3) years from the Closing Date or
    (b) the date when there is no longer any capacity for disposal of C&D material
    at Maple Hill.

    6.3 Conditions to Obligations of Trans Waste

    The obligation of Trans Waste to effect the Merger is subject to the
    satisfaction of the following conditions at or prior to Closing, unless waived
    by Trans Waste:


  18. Mad Dog says:

    Does any of that prove that “Sonny, Georgia’s Governor,” isn’t using his government pen to write himself tax refund checks?

  19. gatormathis says:

    It proves what lengths people will go to too vote themselves money when they have absolute power.

    To get to the figure arrived at above, the beginning was the USDA designating several areas “Empowerment Zones” This was about 1994, also the time it was mentioned in the AJC that Pres. Clinton was in town for a visit to some prominent people. This was a Federal Program of interest it seemed. So 70 million dollars was loaned to a small community to build a recyling center.USDA government guaranteed loans. Then a bond was floated on such facility, all this time many lawyers and other people making way to much money. Miracously, a trash company was needed, and suddenly one appeared. Contracts was gathered up and signed, and a few years later it was sold/mergered as in the above paper. A lot of folks made killer money off this deal, and used very little of thiers for anything. It’s gotta be nice to have that kind of power.

    So be it.

  20. gatormathis says:

    d) Coffee County Landfill Revenue. If annual revenue for the New Coffee
    County Landfill, after obtaining the EPD Permit, does not average Fifty-One
    Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Dollars ($51,740) per month (the “Average Expected
    Monthly Revenue”) for the second, third and fourth months of operation (allowing
    the first month of operation after permitting to ramp up), the shortfall from
    such Average Expected Monthly Revenue will be multiplied by ten (10) and the
    resulting amount will be subtracted from the Holdback Amount. If the Holdback
    Amount is exhausted or insufficient to cover such resulting amount, the
    Shareholders shall reimburse (or Cannon and Taylor shall cause the Shareholders
    to reimburse) Waste Industries immediately in cash for any deficit over and
    above the available Holdback Amount. Any adjustments to the Holdback Amount
    under this Section 9.2(d) are subject to Cannon having control, authority and
    resources with regard to the New Coffee County Landfill’s operations consistent
    with Cannon’s past business practices as an owner and operator of Trans Waste;
    provided, however, that Cannon’s employment has not been terminated for Cause,
    as defined under the Employment Agreement between Subsidiary and Cannon.

  21. gatormathis says:

    Where you living at? They might be filling a landfill near you. Ya’ll ain’t the liberals of the old days, they would be protesting and marching all over the place on a trash dump candidate. Ya’ll done sold out, now everyone just wants to stand by someone with money, regardless of how they got it. A lot of work went into putting a regional in Lincolnton,Ga a few years back.The citizens fought and stopped all that mess. They haven’t forgot who it was neither. Ride around up there and see if there are any signs that aren’t Sonny’s. Stop and ask what folks think.
    And as always, have a nice day.

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Ummm…Gator? You just said exactly what people are thinking when it comes to Sonny:

    It proves what lengths people will go to too vote themselves money when they have absolute power.

    In essence, Sonny wrote himself a $100,000 check when he signed that bill in 2005.

  23. atlantaman says:

    “It proves what lengths people will go to too vote themselves money when they have absolute power.”

    I think something to consider is neither Taylor or Perdue had absolute power when it came to benefiting from their respective situations.

    I know in Taylor’s situation the L.G.’s office over the last few years has been a far cry from absolute power. In Sonny’s situation both Houses signed off on the bill with a big chunk of Democrats voting for it.

    I hope neither becomes a major campaign issue, because then it’s going to be a real boring tit-for-tat slew of commercials.

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