1. mikeK says:

    Gosh this ad looks familiar




    Who done gone did copy California?

  2. RuralDem says:

    Alright someone explain this to me about the “why would we ever go back” thing. If I remember correctly Sonny was a Democrat up until the Republican tide came in correct? Also, while he was a conservative Democrat I don’t think he ever openly supported the Republican Party until his switch.

    Basically, I feel the “why would we ever go back” point is moot. If Sonny had been working to better the Republican Party before the tide came in then I’d say the phrase is valid.

    Also, balancing the budget is in the Georgia Constitution is it not?

  3. RuralDem, I believe since running against Roy Barnes worked so well in 2002 that is the only way Sonny knows how to run a campaign. So of course, “back” means 1999-2002, not pre 1999 when Sonny was the President of the Senate in the majority Democratic Party.

    From a strictly critical viewpoint, why not have Mark eating a hot dog in reverse or something. Then the Republicans on here would love it since they seem to be afraid he’s going to eat them too, or something.

  4. atlantaman says:

    “why not have Mark eating a hot dog in reverse or something. ”

    I’m not sure if the film technology is available to slow that process down enough for the human eye to see it.

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