Good Grief

If you haven’t been keeping up with the tax assessment issue in Bibb County, you should be. It could happen to your county too. My first reaction is that the county should have used the same old methods it always used. My second reaction is that they should just start over. But, I take Essie Herndon and Maurice Atkinson at their word, that it would be better to just plow on through.

What a mess.


  1. LINDA says:

    I had someone call me last evening to ask me if it was true that we would not get the homestead exemption on our property tax bills this year because the digest is not in order. I did not know if that was true or not. does anyone know the answer?

  2. stephaniemills21 says:


    that would seem to be bull. I do not know tax laws, but i really doubt the county cannot extend a state mandated tax relief measure simply because they are inept. I

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