Remembering 9/11 is replaying the events of September 11th in real time starting at 8:30am. You can watch them here, you’ll see the link at the top.

[UPDATE] Fox News is doing the same.


  1. LINDA says:

    Please remember all of the victims’ families in your thoughts and prayers. Do not forget for the families that have lost soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and pray for those defenders of freedom that slept in sweltering tents last night in the Middle East. We sleep in our comfortable beds every night, while our defenders of freedom give us that comfort. God Bless.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    Friends, I hope all of us have had time today to reflect on events that happened
    to several thousand human beings 5 years ago, and to keep our thoughts and/ or prayers with the victims and their families of this horrific tragedy.

    It is unfortunate that today there are people who really do think it was all staged by Bush & Co. in order to raise defense spending and create excuses to go into Iraq. Last weeks Time magazine had an article on these conspiracy theorist, they also made a film called “Loose Change”, In it they claim the WTC were imploded by charges, the pentagon was hit by a cruise missile, and United 93 was landed in Cleveland and the passenegers off boarded. I first found out about this film after seeing it advertised and talked about on myspace pages of several members of the young democrats. While the guys who made this certainly have the right to their opinions, and are vastly proud of their work, we should urge them to go show this film to several of the ladders of NYFD; as well as some precints of New Yorks finest, to get those guys opinions!!!!!

  3. Jace Walden says:

    The people who promote the 9/11 conspiracy theories, regardless of the preponderance of evidence from Popular Mechanics and Scientific American to back up the official story, are a bunch of dumbasses looking for attention. Period. No discussion.

  4. gatormathis says:


    Maybe they’ll drop your ass out over there for a couple of weeks and let you look through the hills for Bin Laden awhile. They have a hard time finding the Eric Rudolph/Unabomber types, you think Bin Laden is going to be a piece of cake. “America’s Most Wanted” and “amber alerts” just ain’t quite the same over there. Also, everybody isn’t money hungry to sell out their brother like here.

    The guy with enough thought and ability to carry out the 9/11 attack isn’t your average sheep herder. It don’t take Starbucks to get him going in the morning. He sleeps where you wouldn’t want to take a pee. What I ain’t never figured out, why doesn’t the paparazzi have pictures of him? Topless or something. Dropping a bullet. With a different girlfriend or a new camel. They don’t mind chasing these actors and such folks around.

    The big question, ISSSSSSSS America safer TODAYYYYYY? Think about trying to hijack a plane today, you wanna make a run for the cockpit? Think you’ll make it alive? And you wanna know why? Cause you’re in America DAMMITT!!!

    Flight 93 is a prime reason the Japanese Navy didn’t sail on to America after Pearl Harbor. They didn’t want to wake a sleeping giant. A giant pile of people with guns and an attitude. We don’t take but so much of anything over here. Because we ain’t got to. You simply look around, form a committee, take a vote, and you’re off to the front of the plane. It’s democratic process, Robert’s Rules of Order sanctioned ass kicking. No doubt faster than a neighborhood rumor. And people are alive because of it, because that plane took a dive into a field instead of another targeted building.

    It’s called mass destruction. Three thousand is a mass of people, Katrina got 1300, another mass of people. If someone is on a rampage and kills 3 or 4 folks, it’s called a massacre. There were mass graves of hundreds in Iraq. People that were killed any ole which a way.
    That ain’t nice, we don’t like that. We don’t even like killing premeditated murderers over here, yet they killed innocent women and children. Next time you’re in a parking lot, what if you had to wonder if the next car over was a bomb, and then look at your kids in the rear view mirror. Nobody can want to live like that, like Iraqis live. And here in America, we ain’t going to put up with that crap. There are too many folks to tell, too many folks that will do something about it. Too many folks that will fight for what they believe.

    It’s been that way ever since Plymouth Rock. You realize quickly that your first responsibility is to self. You prepare yourself to do whatever you have to do everyday, and then carry it out. As soon as you are up to steam and going, you begin to take on other’s concerns, in however way they affect you. Then somewhere along the way, we become involved. It’s like we can wrestle and argue, but ya’ll can’t mess with us. I wonder if “us” existed as a word before the United States was formed?

    So, do we feel more safe today, five years later? We never will feel “more safe,” because on the morning of 9/11, we had no idea we needed to be afraid. We are still more afraid of the local thugs and thieves than alqueda and all it takes is the local police to handle them.

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