LA Times on Burns and Collins.

LA Times: 2 Georgia Races May Threaten Democrats’ Struggle for Power

This year, Barrow, a former county commissioner from Athens, and Marshall, a former mayor of Macon, were left with districts that had fewer registered Democrats. Barrow even had to leave Athens, his longtime hometown and, as the home of the University of Georgia, a Democratic redoubt, because it was left out of the boundaries of his redrawn 12th District. He moved to Savannah in January.

In November, Barrow will again face off against Max Burns, a conservative farmer who served in the House for one term before being defeated by Barrow in 2004. In the 8th District, Marshall is facing Mac Collins, a trucking entrepreneur who was a congressman from 1993 to 2003 and lost a bid for U.S. Senate in 2004.

Barrow and Marshall call themselves conservative Democrats — and point to their routine flouting of the party line. Both voted for the strict House bill addressing illegal immigration, both oppose gay marriage and both oppose set timelines for a withdrawal from Iraq.

Perhaps as a result, their Republican rivals have emphasized the bigger picture in their campaigns — namely, what would happen if the Democrats took control of the house. In a recent Collins TV ad, his opponent isn’t mentioned at all. Instead, the ad targets House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), who would presumably become House Speaker with a Democratic majority.

The ad says Pelosi would give “amnesty” to illegal aliens, doling out “welfare, food stamps and free education.”

“How do we stop her?” the ad says. “Elect Mac Collins.”

In a recent news release, Burns’ camp also points to the alleged perils of a Pelosi-led Congress, noting her opposition to the National Security Administration’s wiretapping program.

“At a time when our country needs to clearly remain on the offense against terrorists, John Barrow supports leaders who want to retreat and take away the programs necessary to win the global War on Terror,” Burns said in the release.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    The only way Republicans will still control both houses after November is if all the Dems

    A) say they are endorsed by Osama, or
    B) vanish.

  2. dingleberry says:

    Um….Rugby, you may want to listen to the Vice President every now and then.

    According to him, the Democrats are endorsed by Osama Bin Laden.

    After all, isn’t it Cheney who called Ned Lamont the “Al Queda” candidate?

    I’ll take Smoking Dick’s opinion over the “Media’s” opinion ANY day. 🙂

  3. Loren says:

    Ah, to see my name in print, only to learn that the article is about the other Collins running for Congress from Georgia.

    “You raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly sir!”

  4. Stephanie says:

    Barrow’s opponent has heeded the GOP strategy to market Democrats in a smear campaign with Pelosi. What else could Burns do? Barrow projects himself as a “Republican Democrat”: pro-oil, anti-Gay, anti-withdrawl, etc. He is in an early Lieberman-esque stage, collecting from both sides of the fence.

    When will any of these guys have the guts to talk about the relationship of the Office of Special Plans and GOP neo-cons run amuck? Is it okay with all of you that AEI members consulted with Pentagon officials to falsify documents to justify war in Iraq?

    Does it bother you that thousands have died needlessly in an attempt to stabilize price volatility in the energy sector? $313 B have been spent to access a natural resource that does NOT belong to us: money that should have been spent on alternative fuel R & D and bolstering the security in this country: ports, nuclear power facilities, chemical plants, etc.

  5. rugby_fan says:

    Does it bother you that thousands have died needlessly in an attempt to stabilize price volatility in the energy sector?

    Actually it was about democracy.

  6. atlantaman says:

    “money that should have been spent on alternative fuel R & D”

    I’m curious if you have have an electric car, take public transportation and/or ride your bike everday to work. Because if you own a fossil fuel burning car then you are a bit of a hypocrite. The quickest way to get the energy companies to start researching and offering more alternative fuels is for the demand to change. Government incentives are nice, but nothing changes the marketplace more then consumer demand.

    Even if your premise is correct, and this war is all about oil – wars have been fought for a lot less. It makes for a nice knee-jerk statement, “Nobody should die over oil” But the reality is our entire economy is dependent on oil and the country would grind to a halt without it. You would have massive job loss (and the resulting lack of basic needs such as food and shelter), our defense would grind to a halt and there would be mass hysteria as our country fell into chaos.

    Nobody hates giving all those wack-jobs money for their oil more then me, but the issue is a little more complex then that. We can research fission power cars, etc. all we want, but until the demand is there you won’t see a whole lot of innovation. The irony is that the recent spike in oil prices will cause more research, less demand for SUV’s and help the environment.

  7. Thig says:

    Stephanie, you make the assumption that if we had not spent the money on the war, we would have used it for R&D. The truth is we have money for R&D and we also have sources of oil on US property. Ever heard of Anwr? Our not drilling there has nothing to do with the war.

  8. RuralDem says:

    If I lived in Barrow’s district, I can’t say that I would be disappointed to have either Barrow or Burns as my representative.

    Now as far as the Marshall/Collins race:

    Has anyone read Collins’ blog? He needs to hire some new staffers. It screams “hey vote for me simply because I am a Republican and I am endorsed by Bush, Saxby, Isakson, and Sonny!”. He has no substance. Sure his new ad (currently I live in the district though in November I’ll be voting in Bishop’s district due to redistricting) touts his support for abolishing the death tax but his other ad portraying Marshall as a McKinney, Pelosi, (and someone else) liberal is pathetic. Collins knows he cannot win on the issues because Marshall is not your lunatic Democrat, he’s actually got some sense. I’d much rather have someone who votes for their district over someone who simply votes for their party and not their constituents (Democrat or Republican). Also Collins’ entire “send a working man to Congress” phrase is equally pathetic. Collins is a working man but um so is Marshall.

  9. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    Even after reliving the 9/11 attacks, the terrorists work to destroy western civilization, people like Stephanie still trot out the worn out (and dangerous in this day and age) democrat talking points that Nancy Pelosi would enshrine on the walls of the House.

    I have an idea Stephanie, lets just try to either just be nicer to terrorists or hide under the bed. Either way, they leave us alone, right?

  10. jsm says:


    Bringing lame arguments from the other Jim Marshall thread to this one is not going to make them any better or make them true.

    You’ve been debunked over there already. Spare us the re-hash.

  11. RuralDem says:


    Please point out which argument is “lame”. Are you so partisan that the you’ll freely evade the truth? I guess so. I have not lied at all but if you think I have please point it out. Marshall is not perfect but at least he’s better than Collins.

  12. jsm says:


    Mac may need to hire new staffers, but he has more substance than Marshall could ever hope for. You obviously know nothing of his record, his intelligence, or his stance on the issues. Collins CAN win on issues because he has the best grasp of key items and the influence that can make a difference in Congress.

    I’d rather not re-post from other threads, but since your memory is so short:

    “[Mac] has not been known to tow the party line, but rather to direct the party line and lead others. Mac Collins will stand for hard core conservative values when others in the GOP would cave.

    “Mac is one of the most respected congressmen to ever grace our Nation’s Capitol, and he’s one of the strongest conservatives to ever hold the office. With his influence, he has the ability to change the speaker’s and the GOP caucus’ stance on an issue. Marshall could never do that within the Democrat Party.”
    “Mac Collins would still be a more effective congressman than Marshall, even if he were in the minority. As stated before, I don’t think Marshall will ever be able to affect the agenda of the Democratic caucus in the House. Even in the minority, Collins will be at the center of the fight on critical issues and will affect the leadership and agenda of the Republican Caucus.

    “Others on this board have in the past mentioned Mac’s detailed knowledge of our difficult and complicated tax system. He can easily go toe-to-toe with any liberal on tax issues and their affect on our Nation’s economy. He’s also well-versed in foreign affairs, military issues, and agriculture, and he will fight for conservative change.”

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