Cathy Cox Loves those Dems!

I’ve truly got far too much work to do today to post but…
Via the venerable Mr. Cottingham,

When the Democrats gather next Saturday in College Park to hail Mark Taylor as their standard bearer going into the fall elections, Cox will be out of the country on a family trip, a knowledgeable source said.

“She and her sister have had it planned for a long time. She’s not trying to send a message or anything else,


  1. stephaniemills21 says:

    She also said the date has changed, which it has not. Her excuses for not going are almost as bad as her flip flops during the campaign.

    Seriously though, when you lose an election it is okay to be bitter, but she seems to be more bitter than most.

  2. ugavi says:

    I agree that you can be bitter after you lose. No body likes to lose. At some point you need to get over it and move on. Cathy needs to move on and support the party.

  3. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    It seems to me that all along she wasn’t ever on the “inside” anyway and perhaps she doesn’t feel there is anything to loose by not attending. I’ve seen the agenda is stupid as all heck, nothing to vote on, just endless rah rah about MT. Pulleze..

    Plus even if she won, there are no new votes for anyone at that dumb event. If Cathy want’s to stay in Politics that fine, but really drop all the nastiness already. The fake “East Cobber” is the worst. I’ve long had my doubts this is a astroturf blog anyway to “swift boat” Cathy. Let is go already. You all cry about ‘unity” then you do this crap, what a bunch of hypocrites. It’s all “unity speak” when it’s your events, but hell if I ever see them at anyone elses event.

    The Dem party seems to attract a large crew of koolaid drinking mouth pieces and fake bloggers who spew the “if your not with us your against us” mantra.

    Nice double standard, where is Denise? She hasn’t been to anything and she won…

    This is a non-issue except for anyone still wanting to hate on Cathy. Let it go!

  4. ugavi says:

    In the interest of full disclosure. I support Sonny, and would be very happy to see the Democratic party splinter.

    Rumor has it that Ralph Reed was at the Linder event on Sat. I also heard that he was supportive of Cagel, Handel and the rest of the republican ticket.

    Great question on Denise. The sad part is that she’s running for a job that she has no qualifications for. If I were her, I’d be spending time learning about the job, and understanding the issues before I went out. Maybe that’s what she’s doing. If I were a democrat, I would be disappointed that she’s the best that Bobby Kahn and the democratic leadership can recruit for an important statewide race.

  5. M.A.K.,

    Since you mentioned the Convention, I thought I’d weigh in and let you know that that’s all political conventions are…big pep rallies for the party holding the convention.

    As a delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, I did nothing but listen to speeches, go to luncheons and dinners sponsored by the various special interest groups, and toured the city of Boston.

    There wasn’t anything to vote on; John kerry had more than enough delegates to secure the nomination; the platform was a done deal before the fact, but I still went to the Democratic National Convention because it’s a big event and it’s an opportunity for the Democratic Party to showcase itself to the rest of the nation for a solid week.

    That’s what the State Convention is going to be this Saturday; a showcase of the Georgia Democratic Party to the rest of Georgia.

    This Democratic State Convention is about Georgia Democrats putting their best face forward and showing the people of Georgia that we’re united behind our strong Democratic ticket led by Lt. Governor Mark Taylor, and that Georgia Democrats have a vision and a plan for this state that will keep violent criminals off the streets, provide healthcare for every Georgia child, invest more in Georgia’s schools, teachers, and students, and keep taxes low.

    This State Convention is more than just “just endless rah rah about MT.” This State Convention is about showing the people of Georgia that Georgia Democrats are ready to lead again.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    “A Showcase”? Hardly. These state conventions never get any big coverage. I’ve been to the last 5 Republican ones, most of the time working for a candidate, and we never get/got any worthwhile press.

    These events are pep rallies for those who’ve already decided their votes, in order to get them fired up for grassroots work (of which half or less of the attendees actually participate) that needs to be done. It’s also a place for the large campaigns to attempt to suck good volunteers away from the smaller campaigns….

  7. gatormathis says:

    That Cathy Cox, now she is one smart bird. I’m sure she would rather be away on vacation than walking around the Ga Dem Con. It would be bad trying to dodge a bunch of venom spitting dems hissing and spewing rhetoric at you. What is to be gained, walking around with a fake smile trying to be nice to people who voted against you? Probably would just make more folks mad. Remember, this is people of the same party who stood up, and turned their back on a bunch of Boy Scouts of America. These innocent young kids got their first taste of people who could care less who they insult when you don’t cater to their agenda. I don’t blame CC, I bet Rio De Jen where ever will be much more pleasant and rewarding.

    A studious calcutition, CC has the odds in her favor. Numbers are big in her job, remember? First there is the possibility that mt won’t get to be Governor. He won’t be Lt. Gov., Senator, or any of his other past titles either. The Taylors, kinda like the Kennedys, have much disposable income with very few work days in their schedule. Hence, much time to party and possibly screw up. You can imagine how despairing it could be to have been the center of the limelight for so many years to suddenly have it come to an end. CC might just decide to wait him out. She seems pretty calm, probably won’t get into to much mischief. She got a nice husband, and probably will enjoy a little time off to get some shooga! She lives in Bainbridge, a pretty quite place also. She’s also got a nice neighbor lady who says she likes flowers and gardening, so her possibilities are endless.

    On the other hand, mt might not fare so well. So ends the many trips to the Depot for all you eat buffets, the big State dinners, the bar-b-ques. And you can tell, this is something he will probably miss sorely. He might finally benefeit from the removal of the grocery sales tax. You think CC is a sore loser, let’s see how pleasant ole marky mark is after he loses an election. He’s had a pretty good winning streak, but all things sometimes come to an end. It would be interesting to see how he would act today if the shoe were on his foot to endorse CC. He can’t even be nice about her avoidance of him. He is trying to blackmail her to endorse him, with words he might play against her in a later campaign.

    Cathy Cox, she’s to smart for all that. She’s been rode hard and put up wet. The dems wanted taylor instead of her, so enjoy. Go on to the dem convention, and party with mt. I bet he’s counting every free meal he is gonna get until election night.

  8. Melb says:

    Being bitter to your own party is different than being bitter to the party that opposses you. Taylor is not blackmailing anyone, he just wants her to do what he would have had to do if she had won. The only person that I see really trying to use Cox is Perdue hoping he can get just those votes and his greasy little fingers around her donors. I could see why Cox wouldn’t want to go to the dinner, but I think for the Democratic party she should. We need to form an alliance against Perdue and pull out a win for Democrats otherwise we are going to be walking in the dark for a long time to come.

  9. I love that I am the “fake blogger”. Don’t know what that really means but whatever.

    This is a very simple topic. We are supposed to show that the party is unified and ready to take on Perdue. Since she was the favored candidate of many individuals, she should now show her support for them as well. If she wants to have a political carreer in the future, she must show a strong face now.

  10. TPSoCal says:

    I find it kinda funny that Andre views the convention as an opportunity to show all the GA that the dems are ready to govern. Didn’t they have like 130 YEARS to show the good citizens of GA that?

  11. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    You know I learned a long time ago from my Aunt Margaret that you can go a lot further in life by being kind to people than nasty.

    Case in point…

    You wish for someone to attend an event that you know they might feel uncomfortable at, so you a) call them out as ungrateful, a liar and a chicken in public, in no less than 3 different places B) you respect their feelings saying graciously that you wish they would attend and you hope that their schedule allows for them to be there. c) you keep your trap shut, it isn’t any of your business..

    Perhaps seeing the dark under belly of politics was enough for Ms. Cox. Maybe she doesn’t want a future in politics, maybe she had a gut full of the stuff. Maybe with friends like these at the “party” who really needs enemies..

  12. RandyMiller says:

    Is it really any wonder with all the hate and venom spewed against Cox that she wouldn’t go to the convention? Hell, I’d say she was crazy if she did! After all of Rick Dents lies, inuendos, and vicious little quips here and there, ( you know…the kind that only have their full cruel impact hours later ? ) who in God’s name wouldn’t rather be in Tuscany, Alacante, or even Panama City Beach for that matter?

    And after reading all the articles in the ajc this past weekend about the big stakes invovled for the Taylor’s; if the shoe was on the other foot, I doubt very seriously he’d be there either.

  13. defnotrep says:

    CC is such a disappoint. She didn’t just lose….she’s shown that she’s a loser.

    She is hurting every woman running on the down ballot by not supporting the Democratic party.

    She doesn’t deserve any support from any Democrat ever in the future. She has handed Sonny Perdue this race and that’s unforgiveable.

  14. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Goes for her supporters too… yeah I heard MT could really use some checks from them right about now…

  15. A point that should be made, and I’m surprised that it hasn’t, is that after the brutal 2000 Republican presidential primaries where George W. Bush called John McCain everything but a child of God, John McCain did what was best for the Republican Party and endorsed Bush and campaigned for him.

    I mean we all know that McCain isn’t too fond of Bush, but he still supports him because Bush is the titular head of the Republican Party, and it would reflect badly on the G.O.P. if one of their national leaders wasn’t in support of the Republican nominee and the Republican president.

    No matter what Cathy Cox thinks about Mark Taylor personally, she should realize that as one of the leaders of the Democratic Party of Georgia, she has a responsibility to support the Democratic nominee and the Democratic ticket as a whole.

    I believe that Cathy Cox should follow the example of John McCain in this case…

    She may not have liked the campaign tactics of her opponent and she might have feld that some of it was uncalled for, but for the good of the Georgia Democratic Party, she needs to suck it up, swallow her pride, and support the 2006 Georgia Democratic ticket.

  16. RandyMiller says:

    Yes, Andre, good points. But being a McCain guy I can also say the most vicious rumors fell to Bob Jones University and not the Bush campaign per se.. As good as you follow politics you’ll remember it. The one where John and Cindy adopted a girl from Bangledesh and this professor ar BJU said McCain had had an affair with a “collored girl” and that was the offspring. The lie was one of the most heinous and distasteful ever. And Bush later (and rightly so) distanced himself from BJU. Later I remeber McCain making some apperances with Bush, but the damage was already done. It’s a shame all around our parties have sunk at times to this. Say what you will about a candidate, but let it be the truth, should be the norm.

  17. Melb says:

    Okay, the primary was hard fought with both candidates saying things about the other, but it was not that nasty. Taylor said Cox flip-flopped and she said that he was doing shady back room deals. I don’t think it was the nastiness of the fight, but the allegiances to one candidate or the other that was much stronger. Hecht said terrible false things about Martin and Cagle said terrible things about Reed, those were much nastier accusations than saying your opponent was against the hope scholarship and flip flopped on gay marriage.

    That said, the party needs to come together and stop playing these games. Cox IS hurting the party, she has a choice to stop or to keep going. Taylor is going to keep pushing forward and focusing on Perdue. Mrs. K. I understand that she may be hurt, but I also believe that she was not innocent in this race, she needs to remember that the Democratic party is the party she has chosen to belong too. If she still wants to be a part of the party, and she may not, then she needs to help support the candidate that the majority of Georgia Democrats chose. Maybe we shouldn’t say she is bitter, but for those of us that still want to win the Governor’s race and feel passionately about that, we can’t help but feel she is betraying the party right now.

  18. atlantaman says:

    “She is hurting every woman running on the down ballot by not supporting the Democratic party.”

    Come now, that’s not true – she’s helping Karen Handel.

  19. emily says:

    Everybody just back off of Cathy. Big friggin’ surprise she doesn’t want to stand behind Big Boy after his outright lies and smear campaign against her. It’s not like she’s out there bad-mouthing him, she just ain’t jumping for joy over him. Let’s be honest-these two have never been best buds. And why does Cathy have to swoop in and save the Party? If Mark Taylor’s such a great leader, let him kiss some more babies and let daddy pour in some money. Worked in the past right? Democrats of Georgia, you asked for it. Enjoy.

  20. RuralDem says:

    I’m not a big fan of all the “party unity” stuff. Vote the person not the party. Anyway, even though I feel that way I will say that Cox is being hypocritical. She goes throughout her campaign talking about how she’s going to unite the party and then she goes and pulls a stunt like this?

    I bet if she had won the primary, that vacation would be rescheduled or canceled in a heartbeat.

  21. emily says:

    She didn’t claim to unite the party. She claimed that she could, in fact, get beyond all the “party” crap and actually get things accomplished. Let Mark Taylor and his groupies whine to somebody else. His lips have been attached to the Party’s backside for years, so deal with it. He’s been talking about how he was the only one to keep the Party together after Barnes, so let him work with the super structure he created. What does he need with some girl helping him anyway?

  22. RuralDem says:

    Emily – The election is over so I doubt you’re still on the payroll. It’s ok to stop being the “Cox Talking Piece” 🙂

    You’re right. By saying things such as “Mark Taylor has my complete support”and touting a message all about unification she’s not trying to unite anyone!

  23. emily says:

    Melb–I’ve never been the spokesperson.

    RD–thanks for the heads up on the paycheck situation. I was confused. Seriously, though, not all campaign folk just jump from one bandwagon to the next for a paycheck. Some of us actually believe in the candidates we work with, win or lose.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll vote for Taylor, but I don’t have to like it. I sure as hell am not going to scream his name from the rafters. Sorry, just ain’t gonna happen. As far as uniting the party, that’s not Cathy’s job AT ALL. Taylor’s the great leader, right? Let him LEAD! Let him do the uniting. After all, if he’s elected, he’ll likely be dealing with a Republican legislature. If he can’t “unite” his own base by himself, how is he supposed to work with a whole different party to get any of his big ideas passed? He’s just being a big baby. “Daddy, Cathy Cox won’t play with me…”

  24. RuralDem says:


    Correct me if I am wrong but Taylor hasn’t made a statement yet about Cox dodging the DPG event has he?

    Also, sure that’s not Cathy’s job, but when she say’s she’s all about unity, I would expect her to act like it. It seems like she was just pandering on yet another topic. Guess by now I shouldn’t be surprised.

  25. emily says:

    As your venerable leader might say, “Cry me a river.” If he loses in November, lay blame where blame is due. Don’t use Cathy as a crutch–tell Big Boy to handle it himself. And I’m sure Rick Dent would be the first to tell you that the Cathy-hate doesn’t have to come directly out of Mark’s mouth. He can use any number of mouthpieces (ahem) to get the message out.

  26. RuralDem says:


    Reading is your friend. Try doing it before posting. This has nothing to do with the results in November. It has to do with Cox’s failure to do what she claimed she would which is unite the party and support Taylor.

  27. Emily, Emily, Emily,

    I don’t believe that anyone has said that it’s Cathy Cox’s responsibility to unite Georgia Democrats behind the 2006 ticket.

    I believe that the point that is being made is that Cathy Cox is creating the appearance of division within the ranks of the Georgia Democratic Party by refusing to appear at the State Convention on Saturday.

    I think this point has been made before by someone else, but I’ll make it again…if Cathy Cox was the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, do you really think that she’d take a vacation out of the country after Labor Day when the campaign is really starting to heat up?

    Excuse my french, but hell to the naw.

    So why is she doing it now.

    Cathy Cox got 44% of the vote. That means that 44% of Georgia Democrats wanted her to be the Party’s nominee for Governor. She owes it her supporters to come and speak at the State Convention and to say something to the effect of “We owe it to the people of Georgia to make sure that Mark Taylor gets elected Governor because Georgia needs change.”

    We’re not asking Cathy Cox to unify the party, Mark Taylor has already done that. In fact, from what I hear, the same two-thirds of the House Democratic Caucus that endorsed Cathy Cox several months back are now supporting and endorsing Mark Taylor.

    What we’re asking here is for Cathy Cox to stop being a sore loser and to encourage her supporters to channel their energy and efforts into getting a Democrat elected Governor of Georgia.

    Once again, I’ve got to harken back to 2004 when we Democrats had a spirited primary with nine great candidates for President, but only one could be nominated.

    After John Kerry secured the nomination, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and the rest all endorsed him and encouraged their supporters to work towards getting a Democrat in the White House.

    Why can’t Cathy follow their lead?

  28. GetReal says:

    I have a suggestion to every Democrat who is worried about what Cox is doing. Forget it. Ignore her. If she was going to exhibit any class (primarily for her own sake) she would have done it by now. She, her husband and her diehard supporters are not behaving rationally about losing the primary and there is nothing you can do to make them behave rationally about it.

    Let’s review the recent past:

    They act like Taylor was oh-so-negative in the primary. I recall weeks of positive Taylor ads about education, his kids’ healthcare proposal, etc. Cox went from an ad with her on a porch that said nothing to an ad with zombies following her down the stairs that said nothing to ads doing nothing but attacking Taylor.

    Now they are saying that they didn’t know when the convention was. Strange – there’s a post on the state Democratic Party’s website dated June 1 that announced the State Convention would be held on September 16. Her excuse doesn’t even make sense – she says her trip has been planned for a long time – was she planning to leave the country for vacation as the Democratic nominee for Governor?

    During a debate BEFORE the primary, she claimed there is some law that prevents her from endorsing candidates. That is flatly false. If that is true, how could she run for office as the sitting Secretary of State and certify her own election? The paper reported that there is a law that prevents her from taking a formal role in someone else’s campaign (like Chairman or something). Such a law doesn’t prevent her from saying “I endorse Mark Taylor for Governor.” Even before she lost the primary, she was grasping for some excuse to get out of endorsing Taylor.

    She doesn’t want to support Taylor, and she wants it to be known that she won’t support him. There is nothing that anyone other than Cathy Cox can do about that, so you might as well quit worrying about it.

    And on top of that, we already found out what the voters of the DEMOCRATIC primary think – 56% wanted someone else to be the Democratic candidate for Governor. She got beat badly. She can sit around moping and expect everyone to come knocking on her door, but if she was such a vote draw, how come she got trounced?

  29. emily says:

    Andre, thanks for the pedantic tone–very helpful for our discussion. The point is this (as you like to point out what has already been stated): IT’S NOT HER JOB, IT’S HIS. The freakin convention is a sham to the insiders, of which you think you are a member. Nobody cares! Gosh, I can’t believe Cathy would choose a vacation over hanging out with the people that screwed her over. Surprise surprise. I know, I know…it’s very very important. Especially since you’ve been a delegate for the last 500 years, so you would know, right? It’s crap, man. We’ve all been there for the last 8 or 12 at least, OK. Way to waste resources, DPG. You want to really be an “insider?” If you were, then you’d realize how ridiculous most think it is. It’s an exercise to keep the loyals loyal. I truly do wish you good times, but let’s be realistic about Sec. Cox’s time–WHY would she bother?

  30. defnotrep says:

    First lol @ atlantaman re Karen Handel…you are very funny. Made me chuckle.ou

    Get Real and Andre you both made excellent points. Bottom Line CC doesn’t want MT to win. Thank goodness with CC’s lack of integrity, she didn’t win

    Emily you seem to hail from the school of logic…don’t confuse you with the facts.
    Facts are CC hit MT much harder than he hit her. She even resorted to race-baiting. How pathetic is that.

    FYI for everyone…Shirley Franklin, Nan Orrock, Stephanie Benefield, Lisa Borders, Michele Henson, Nancy Boxhill, Kathy Ashe, the list goes on and on are all supporting MT.

  31. Emily, Emily, Emily,

    As Ronald Reagan once said, there you go again.

    You say that nobody cares about conventions anymore, well, I can tell you from personal knowledge that people most certainly do care or else they would not have participated in this year’s delegate selection process.

    I’ve seen the complete delegate and alternate list for the DPG State Convention and what’s more important is that I’ve seen the $40 checks for convention fees come in as well.

    I find it very intriguing that folks would spend $40 on an event that they don’t even care about.

    I think what it all comes down to is that several folks in the metro-Atlanta counties (you know who you are) don’t care about the state convention. But then of course, these are the same folks that sat back and complained about pushing the State Party elections back until after the November election, but then voted for the change or didn’t show up for the vote at all.

    But Emily, since apparently no one cares about conventions anymore, I highly suggest that, in 2008, you attend the 5th Congressional District caucuses in which delegates are selected for the Democratic National Convention, observe the process, observe how many people are there, observe how many people are vying for the very few delegate & alternate slots, and then come back here and say that no cares about conventions anymore.

    And one more thing, since no one cares about conventions anymore, then tell me why most of the delegates and alternates to this year’s State Convention wanted to be on the platform committee. If they didn’t care, then they wouldn’t have bothered making their committee preferences known, right?

    This is all public record, by the way, so I can back up what I’m saying with some cold hard facts.

    Lastly, Emily, you say that “I can’t believe Cathy would choose a vacation over hanging out with the people that screwed her over,” and in that statement, you imply that the Democratic Party of Georgia had something to do with Cathy Cox’s defeat in the primary.

    Well, I’ve got to dip into my trusty bag of facts and debunk that theory.

    If you look at Cathy Cox’s June 30th financial disclosures, on page 58, there’s an in-kind contribution made to the Cox campaign by the Democratic Party of Georgia totaling an estimated $5,000.

    What was that in-kind contribution?

    The voter-file. The State Party gave Cathy Cox the voter-file. Does that sound like people that screwed her over?

    As state Sen. George Hooks would say, “That dog don’t hunt.”

    Cathy Cox lost the primary because A.) she waited 4 weeks before airing her first campaign ad; B.) She had to fire her campaign manager over the Wikipedia incident; and C.) She got on Fox5 and said, “I never once said my name.”

    My aunt was leaning towards supporting Cox in the primary (I know this because everytime I talked to her, she said she was probably going to vote for Cathy Cox) until she saw the Taylor commercial with Cathy Cox saying “I never once said my name”, and then she changed her mind and decided to vote for Mark Taylor mainly because, and these are her words verbatim, “If you’re going to lie about something as trivial as saying your name in a commercial, then what else might you lie about in the future.”

    Emily, personally, I’m done with trying to figure out why Cathy Cox decided to leave the country instead of sticking around and helping Democrats get elected.

    She’s made her choice and she’s going to have to live with it.

    However, Cathy Cox still is Georgia’s Secretary of State and she’s still Georgia’s chief elections official, and there’s a statewide election coming up on November 7th. So my question is if Cathy Cox is out of the country on vacation, who’s running the Secretary of State’s office?

  32. emily says:

    OK pumpkin, this is how it works. As I stated before, conventions keep the loyals loyal. It’s a waste of time for the people that are strapped with orchestrating this charade, especially considering the well-known lack of resources the party has at this point. I’m not saying people aren’t interested and/or writing checks, but, rather, that it’s still the same devotees whose votes our candidates will still receive. It’s a joke, man.

    I admire the sincerity and tenacity of your devotion to this process. If you do become “in the know,” you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Until then, your self-rightousness is fun to watch.

    As for the “I never said my name” comment, it was taken out of context and you know it. The statewide commercials were the subject of the question and Cathy’s answer was accurate. She held local sessions and the name saying was on LOCAL networks announcing meetings that actually helped people. That MT commercial was tasteless and a flagrant lie (again). Shameless. At least CC’s ads were backed up with real facts not pieced-together garbage. I guess when there’s nothing to really attack, Dent et. al just make it up.

    And PLEASE don’t try that “who’s running the SOS office” garbage. Who’s running the all important LG office right now? Wait, Mark also has his regular job to do back at the truck company. Oh wait yet again, he doesn’t actually do any work there–just collects paychecks (and houses, etc.).

    I hope your big convention is fun, I really do. Wave your flags, but make it quick. There is actual work to do if our people want to have a chance.

  33. Emily, sweetheart,

    I like you, I really do, but come on…Mark Taylor’s only duty is to preside over the Georgia state Senate.

    The state Senate isn’t in session, but when it was, Mark Taylor did his job and presided over that distinguished body.

    In other words, the “Big Guy” fulfilled his constitutional duties from day one to day forty.

  34. emily says:

    It’s a full-time, year-round paid position. His constitutional duties do not end on day forty. Senators’ duties do; LG do not. He barely even presided this session anyway–ask Eric Johnson who got all that nice free press for his starring role as Pres pro-tempore.

  35. emily says:

    I didn’t realize I needed to answer each riduculous attack, especially in outline form. Race baiting? Really? Did you see the leaflets flooding the African American community spewing from the Taylor camp? Cathy may as well have revoked every black voter’s registration as these pieces accused. Pointing out the truth and race baiting are vastly different items. Mark Taylor pandering to good ole flag lovin boys one day and the Andy Young crowd the next is just irony. Cathy just pointed out what anyone who knows the facts already know. “Race baiting” implies that information is blown out of proportion, which it was not. Pictures worth a thousand words and what not.

  36. rugby_fan says:


    please tell me, what exactly is the LG supposed to do after day 40 when there is no Senate to preside over?

  37. Mad Dog says:


    When you say, “There you go again,” look down to the left, shake your head very slightly, and let your voice trail off to a lower volumn while shifting tone from high to low.

    Just some helpful stage directions from the “gippers” script.

  38. atlantaman says:

    “please tell me, what exactly is the LG supposed to do after day 40 when there is no Senate to preside over?”

    Read the obituaries every morning and make sure the Governor hasn’t died.

  39. rugby_fan says:

    Oh and emily, another question.

    Are sens. supposed to stop listening to constituents’ complaints after the 40th day?

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