1. atlantaman says:

    Well as our SAT scores continue to move forward, hopefully we’ll get more folks from Georgia going to Emory.

  2. Know Nothing says:


    I hope so, because my friends there complain that the guys there won’t even open doors for them. Emory does need a little southern hospitality there, but until then, we Georgians will just have to keep sending our kids to UGA, Georgia’s real university. Just ask Bill Simon.

  3. mercergirl says:

    We have a “drunk bus” at Mercer, and I think its one of the best things to have happened there. I havent read that article yet so I have no comment on that as of yet

  4. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Maybe Sonny should drive one of these buses and hand out Apple Juice all night. Then the AJC can get a picture of him dancing like they did at the Prom he went to last Spring.

    Who made a fool himself with his wonderful campaign slogan? Sonny Did!

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