Sharks sink teeth into tank mates

I saw that headline and thought the legislature had convened while I was on vacation, but apparently not. It seems the article refers to the aquarium, a place I have not yet been, but do intend to go see.


  1. gatormathis says:

    The word is out on the stingray that attacked Irwin. It seems he was in a tank located in upstate New York or somewhere. The tank was located in a biology class, and the class watched a lot of Animal Planet which features Irwin’s show. From his nearby seat, the ray watched show after show where Irwin exploited and made fun of the animals. “Crikey,” he would say over and over again as he moved in closer to whatever animal he was harassing.

    After years of feeding, the ray was to big for his tank. The students had fed him well and out of mischievous behavior dropped some pychcodelics in from time to time, which might explain more of the ray’s behavior. The class had a big release ceremony and returned the ray back to the ocean.

    The ray saw a lobster and asked where he could find this TV man with the aggravating voice. “I think he is way down south somewhere”, said the lobster, “I heard a killer whale talking about him the other day”. “Well, I gotta find him”, said the ray,”I hate that bastard the way he embarrasses us animals on TV”.

    The ray then headed south. As in the beggining of ‘Conan the Barbarian”, when young Conan was strapped to the turnstyle and his strength grew, so it was with the ray. After swimming so far for so long, eating smaller fish as he went, he had also grown very large. And with his every minute focused on Irwin’s demise, had became mean and cynical.

    He arrived off the coast of Austrailia, and after asking around, located the TV shooting site. He then just slipped into the filming area, unbeknowest to the crew of his hidden agenda. Irwin, who had no idea was simply swimming along making the show when the ray came up from underneath and “WHAP”, stung ole Steve with his barbed stingray tail. The ray was captured and thats when the imbedded computer chip from the school was located. Dr. Dolittle questioned the ray exstenively, until he confessed his motives. But being Irwin was the only personality he was obsessed with, the PETA attorney convinced everyone to put the ray on probation. He was returned back to the ocean to fend for himself. More later as this story continues to develop.

  2. gatormathis says:


    Dang, I wish I would have thought of that:

    Sonny, the Stingray that Stung ole Steve in the Sea and Sent him to Seclusion.

  3. RuralDem says:

    I haven’t been to the Aquarium either Erick but I’m hoping to go sometime. My parents have visited and said it was amazing. On another note did anyone read this part:

    “The aquarium initially had two great hammerheads — a 7-foot-long male and a female — but the female died recently from a severe blow to the head, possibly after crashing into a rock while pursuing a meal.”

    It must get crazy in there!

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