Question for the Readers

I’m back from vacation. And now I want to get your input. Is there a campaign or issue out there that’s flying under my radar that I should be looking out? Let me know. It’s time to get engaged for the general election.


  1. commonsense says:

    Healthcare. The transition to CMO’s has been a disaster. Doctors who would support Perdue because of tort reform are thinking twice and every Georgian on PeachCare or medicaid is facing a daughnting challenge just to get what was provided to them mere months ago.

  2. Mad Dog says:


    Is tort reform a success or a failure?

    What would be the standards to analyze and answer that question?

  3. columbus06 says:

    Crime control, and how Georgia under Taylor and Martin arguably had the most pro defendant/anti victim criminal laws in the nation.

    How Taylor did nothing to change the laws and how Martin, whose business is a criminal defense shop, voted for defendants to have twice as many jury strikes as the State. And how Sonny came along and leveled the playing field so crime victims have a better chance of receiving justice.

    Overall, the voters will see Taylor talking about parole, but realize that if he and Martin had there way they’d keep hardened criminals OUT of jail in the first place by giving them unfair advantages at trial.

  4. Oh columbus06, with our prisons overcrowded (and the equal strikes bill only passing in the last two years) you can’t possibly tell me that the biggest problem with Georgia crime is that not enough people have been convicted.

    Give me a f break.

  5. Bill Simon says:


    This tax deferment on Perdue’s land is an issue that should be watched and NOT ignored. Because, had any Dem been caught doing it, you’d be all over them.

  6. It stinks the most because it is the easiest thing to understand about all of Perdue’s land dealings. One other thing – he initially said that he bought out of state to avoid the appearance of influencing the value of in state land he might buy. In a little noted story from last weekend, we learn that Perdue bought land in state (in his home county right near the land he sold) at around the same time. So if he has no problem buying land in state while he’s governor, there must be a pretty damn good reason to buy that Florida land – like he knows it is worth way more than what he paid to a state appointee’s company.

    Now, has anyone noticed the newest Zogby poll. The published one on the graphic (WSJ page) has Perdue up 52-37, but didn’t include the third party candidate. When the libertarian was included, Perdue leads only 47-35 and the libertarian gets 8. I think Zogby didn’t make a bigger deal about this because he doesn’t know that you have to get 50% to win outright now.

    I could very easily see Perdue winning the most votes, lets say something like 49-45-6, and then losing in a runoff. The Republicans may have been very stupid (and let their longheld grudges against Democrats overcome them) to change this runoff requirement law from 45 to 50.

    Interestingly enough, Texas doesn’t have a similar requirement. They have four candidates who it appears will each get at least 12%, which means the winner there could theoretically win with as little as 38% of the vote. Now, I’m not sure our winner take all style of elections work that great when the winner only needs 38% to win. But as that number approaches 50, I think we can scientifically feel a little more comfortable about the winner. 45% was a good compromise.

    A little research for you guys. Lest people think only the Democrats benefited from the 50% requirement,here are statewide candidates who won an election without a runoff but didn’t receive 50% of the vote:
    Angela Spier (R) – PSC 2002 47%
    Linda Shrenko (R) – Schools 1998 49%
    Max Cleland (D) – US Senate 1996 49%

  7. atlantaman says:

    “A little research for you guys. Lest people think only the Democrats benefited from the 50% requirement,here are statewide candidates who won an election without a runoff but didn’t receive 50% of the vote:”

    It was the Democrats who originally took away the 50% requirement because they saw the tide turning on the Coverdell – Fowler race (Fowler won the most votes in the General, but the Repubs were better organized and won the runoff). While there may have been Repubs who won without runoffs under the newer 45% rule, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that in close races Repubs generally do better in runoffs. The Repubs simply restored the orginal law back to 50% that the Dems temporarily changed for their perceived advantage.

    I don’t know if the Repubs would have an advantage (certainly not a disadvantage) in a Taylor / Sonny runoff, but if the Dems have other candidates in runoffs with Republicans they better hope Taylor is in a runoff because they are screwed without him.

  8. Atlanta,
    Everything we know about runoffs tells us that the challenger is favored. Back when Democrats were in charge, Republicans were usually the challengers. The introduction of statewide ballot access of the libertarians + 45% rule disadvantaged the challengers because they could make a good case against the incumbent (and cause people not to vote for him/her) and still lose.

    Now we’re the challengers.

    I’m just surprised. I mean, they embraced other tenets of Democratic control like partisan redistricting with such open arms, I’m amazed they stuck to their guns on the runoff stuff.

  9. Jason Rizner says:

    Absentee ballots – We recently had a couple of primary contests (on the D side) here in Greene County where over 60% of the winners’ votes came from absentee ballots. I’m hearing stories of people voting in church and candidates helping voters fill out ballots. We don’t have any proof of fraud, but it definitely smells funny.

    I’m all for making voting convenient, but this has gotten out of hand. The absentee ballot process is practically impossible to police, so I’m not really sure what can be done to ensure that there is less opportunity for fraud.

  10. Jackets over Dogs says:

    What is Ralph Reed up to? I saw him in Tunica just a few weeks ago and almost didn’t recognize the midget til he took his head dress off!

  11. Jackets over Dogs says:

    Here is THE HIDDEN ISSUE of the General Election:

    Will all the retarded jokes Sonny tells turn off enough voters to embrace Albany’s cellulite son?

    “…and she looked at me and said ‘Sonny you’re not in my wildest dreams'”.

    “But Sonny he’s left handed”

    “For the 9,333rd time Meatloaf you idiot.”

    Who stuck his whole arm up an Elephant’s butt? Sonny did!

  12. Big Mack says:


    You should take up the fact that if MT is elected that Fred Taylor will be the real governor. MT never made a decision in his life.

  13. Bill Simon says:


    That would be a possibility. HOWEVER, I imagine he owns some public stock of some company that could be liquidated for cash.

    Not having enough cash to pay taxes is hardly a good defense for getting a law changed.

    Of course, O’Neal would have been in the BEST position to know whether or not Perdue had the cash to pay……….

  14. ugavi says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the real issue yet. Sonny is doing a good job of positioning himself as the person who has changed Georgia.

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