This Democrat and those taxes…

If y’all remember correctly, in my first front-page post here, I revealed that the first vote that I ever cast was against a SPLOST referendum for the Fulton County School System in 2002.

I voted against renewing the 1% sales tax because at the time, I was still a student within the Fulton County School System, and when I looked around at what Fulton County had done with the extra 1% sales tax that they’d been getting for the past several years, I asked myself where the money was going.  My school, Creekside High, was over-crowded along with the other three high schools in South Fulton; my school was the only school in the county that didn’t have lights on the baseball field; and my community was (and still is) waiting for a new high school to be built while watching the Fulton County School Board go way over budget in building two new high schools in North Fulton.

After looking at the way things were within the Fulton County School System, I decided to vote no on extending the 1% SPLOST because I didn’t think they deserved to get more of my money when they were being good fiscal stewards with it in the first place, and I don’t regret casting that vote.

Well, this morning, while reading the AJC, I came across a story (Atlanta wary on school sales tax) that said “Decatur is going for it, and so are DeKalb and Fulton. But Atlanta school officials won’t say whether they will ask voters to approve another four years of a 1-percent sales tax for school construction and renovations.

The law requires the four systems — Decatur, DeKalb, Fulton and Atlanta — to seek the tax together. The other three systems say they will pose the question to voters on the March ballot.” 

It seems as if the Fulton County School System is trying to raise the sales tax in Fulton County again to 8% (it’s currently 7%) or they’re trying to renew the current SPLOSt for an even longer period of time.

Either way, if the vote were held today, I’d vote against the sales tax again because South Fulton’s schools are still over-crowded; South Fulton is still in need of another high school; but, on the bright side (no pun intended), Creekside finally has lights on its baseball field.

And my reasoning behind voting against another sales tax increase remains the same as it was in 2002…I don’t see where my tax dollars are going.  All I see are promises that this, that, and the other is going to be done for Fulton County Schools, and yes, I’ll concede the point that things are getting done on the northside of the county, but on the southside, we keep getting the runaround from the school board.

If the Fulton County School System succeeds in raising taxes again, it’s going to be without my vote until I can see some substantive results, from the extra tax revenue, in my community.