MT reaped millions from state leases

Thus the AJC:

Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor’s family has secured leases totaling more than $2.6 million with state government agencies in the past 30 years.

The long-standing arrangement continued after Taylor became lieutenant governor in 1999. And more than half of the family’s state rental income has come since Taylor took office, records show.

One wonders, will the illustrious chair of the DPG continue his meme of blogging about gubernatorial candidates using their office for personal gain?

Frankly, if something illicit occured in either of the two cases, MT’s seems to be the worst, only because it is much easier to explain to voters and will therefore be easier for the Dent Taylor campaign to go off message.


  1. atlantaman says:

    My favorite line is how Mark Taylor is going to put all of his money in a blind trust. What money – he’s never worked a day in his life, the only assets he has is whatever Daddy gives him in allowance money. Perhaps the one who needs to put his money in a blind trust is Daddy.

  2. gatormathis says:

    A good investigation was ran on Charles Walker a few years ago, turning up all kinds of ways he was digging money out of the state’s coffers. I still can’t figure out why the same hasn’t been done on taylor’s affairs, starting way back with the old man. Along the line of titles, do we call him the portly taylor, the porky taylor, or the portly pork-barrel taylor with the big ole toothy asinine grin………

  3. Is Bill Bozarth on the Perdue payroll? Another misleading line from the story – more than half of the money has come since Taylor took office. Well, over the last 30 years Taylor has been in office for 20 of them – 67%. Wouldn’t it make sense that about 67% of the money has come since he’s been in office?

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    Bozarth is hardly on Sonny’s payroll, he was quoted in the articles on Perdue’s tax/property kerfuffle. At least he’s consistent.

    However, I do wonder whether this will stick more easily than the allegations against Perdue? Or no? What doth the PP populace think?

  5. RiverRat says:

    The AJC put it at the end of the article, but the Taylors have actually been saving the state money by charging less than market value for the spaces. Let me repeat that – he’s saving the state money! Oh no! Not to mention that all these leases have been disclosed previously and are 100% legal. What a B.S. boogeyman.

  6. rightofcenter says:

    Oh yes, RiverRat, Fred and Mark did these things because they are altruistic!

    I think the relevant part of this discussion is what possible difference would a blind trust make for the Big Guy unless his daddy put his assets in one too?

  7. Bobby Kahn says:

    Posted on the original thread:

    The finger-pointing is being done by Republicans, namely the nominee for Lt. Governor. The lynchpin in this whole deal is Larry O’Neal, who until 3 months before was Perdue’s floor leader. He was the lawyer on some of the Georgia real estate transactions, is Chairman of Ways and Means, and is very familiar with tax law, as well as Perdue’s tax situation.

    I find it interesting that most of the responses to the original post are non-responsive. They deal with me, the Democratic Party, etc. I can take it, but why has no one defended the Governor on the merits? Why is it OK for him to be actively involved in the management of his INVESTMENT assets, and deal with a guy with interests before state government? Did he pay estimated taxes on the Georgia capital gain? After all, the law didn’t change until April 12, 2005, just two weeks after it passed and one day after it landed in his office (most bills sit for at least a week).

    As for Mark Taylor, he has received no benefit from those leases, which pre-date his public service and in some cases, even his graduation from college. The Lt. Gov. has specifically responded, and indicated he has not benefited. Perdue, on the other hand, was cut in a deal that will make him 10s of millions of dollars, and signed a tax bill which allowed him to pocket 100k. That’s the difference, and that is a specific response.

  8. RandyMiller says:

    Another “defining moment” in the Taylor campaign. While there may be nothing illegal here, the dems now have no ammo in regards to Perdues’ land deals.

  9. LINDA says:

    I want to hear from the Garrett Hayes supporters! Does he have any skeletons in his closet? Maybe it is time that all of us that are too used to voting along party lines to send a message and vote for a Libertarian! I am against the “fair tax,” simply because there is no such thing as a fair tax! Just as there is no free lunches either (NSTAAFL). It is time for people to wake up to the fact, that the Democrats and the Republicans have equally abused their offices for POWER AND GREED! Getting back to Hayes’ support of the “fair tax,” at least he will not be able to make some stupid moves with taxation without the rest of the legislature. I am willing to take that chance with my vote, and vote for real change. If any of you on this blog really want change in government and are tired of the status quo, then help push people to not vote partisan this November.

  10. atlantaman says:

    “but the Taylors have actually been saving the state money by charging less than market value for the spaces. Let me repeat that – he’s saving the state money!”

    Of yes, the Taylors are saving the State money – what noble people they are. I’m sure you are defending Sonny and the fact that he paid far more then the appraised land value in FL as well.

  11. RandyMiller says:

    And people like RiverRat say we’re the one’s drinking the kool-aid???

    Wait, lemme guess…Cathy Cox broke this news to the AJC.

  12. atlantaman says:

    “Why is it OK for him to be actively involved in the management of his INVESTMENT assets”

    Because he has another branch of government to contend with – a check in the checks and balance. He’s not a dictator – the legislature, and a majority of Democrats, voted for it.

  13. Bobby Kahn says:

    On the appraised value of the land, you are talking about the tax assessor’s value — which raises questions about how SOME land is valued for tax purposes. The property is on the I-4 corridor — right next to I-4. Worth 10s of millions — read the news stories. As the Governor would say, Google “Sonny Perdue” and “Stanley Thomas” and Florida, and you will see both news stories and opinion pieces.

  14. atlantaman says:

    “On the appraised value of the land, you are talking about the tax assessor’s value”

    I agree with you, but I was only making the point to illustrate the fact that the Taylor’s are not reaping millions of dollars from the State to save the State money. I don’t know where they came up with the per sq. foot rental appraisal, but I wonder if it includes all the vacancies. I know in South GA there are a lot of vacancies and most landlords would be glad to have a GUARANTEED income flow from the State every month. The Taylor clan have basically figured out a way to get the equivalent of Section 8 housing money from the state, but without the headaches of folks trashing your properties.

  15. rugby_fan says:

    Mr. Kahn,

    in the interest of helping Democrats win an election, I kindly suggest that the DPG spend less time trolling Republican leaning blogs and more time getting people to vote for your party.

  16. dingleberry says:

    Bobby Kahn,

    I think I mentioned this yesterday….

    I bet the DPG is pissed that it didn’t allow you to resign. Now they have to put up with your inadequate leadership during an election year where the Democrats have their best shot at winning something in a while. But, hey don’t sweat it. You’re the best player on our team!

  17. Bobby Kahn says:

    From Houston County records. Value when the property was transferred to the family partnership from of the state of Mr. Perdue was $1,044,200. The sales price ws $4,419,781. Gov. Perdue’s share of the gain (1/2) was $1,687,791. The Georgia tax rate puts the benefit at just over 100k. Knowing he would be paying that, he should have paid estimated taxes in 2004. Or did he know he would change the law to save himself 100k?

  18. rugby_fan says:

    “simply because there is no such thing as a fair tax”

    Ladies and Gentelman,

    I believe with enough coercion, Ms. LINDA could take Peach Pundit down its first thread about Anarchism…

    (She would be pro-Anarchy).

  19. gatormathis says:

    Atlantaman, Randy Miller, and others:
    Allow me to simplify things for you, which will boost your blogging and deciphering skills. When you deal with portly one, almost always(to the tune of one hundred and twenty six percent…lol) follow the money. The questions around the issues need no rhetoric, simply identify where the money flows from and to.

    The question of such a good deal to the state. The square foot price, is that what all 30 or 40 year old buildings in Albany that the tenants complain about maintaince problems receive? How many building owners would love to have such a long term lease that always pays the rent? How many state employees have to worry about complaining to their landlord, afraid that they might get fired or demoted? How long is this lease or the original lease?

    The garbage plan they had for the recyling center were municipal 25 year (no-bid) contracts with cost escalators galore. The trucks (featured in the Cox campaign ad) were leased from the taylors to the Authority, then the Authority leased the trucks back to the trash company, complete with gov’t tags and all. How much is a semi-truck and a semi-trailer these days? How much is common carrier insurance? All this began to come into fruition in 1994 so you can imagine the revenue has been “off-the-chain” so to speak. Are the Taylors connected you ask? When the garbage hauling contract with the 70 million dollar plant was signed, it was signed by the elder Taylor.And in early on in the gathering of municipal contracts mt would sometimes attend meetings of different city or county boards when they were voting on or discussing the waste contracts. Hands off management style, huh? Make up your mind.

    The trash trucks haul loads in excess of 100,000 pounds on a regular basis. While log trucks get weighed by the D.O.T. at the gate of the International Paper/Norboard plant on west Cordele, almost never was a DOT wegh point established by the waste plant, just a few miles away.. But there are plenty of weight tickets to verify this activity. Funny how someone who gets to vote on regulations that affect the trucking industry for the state of Georgia, dosen’t have to adhere to the same rules. How much are overweight fines on semi-trucks these days?

    I’ll pinch it off here in the interest of space and longevity. I hope the paragraphs are acceptable towards the call for proper form. I am usually more interested in content than context, so my information of a serious nature will definitely follow facts. Nice thing about taylor, his facts are usually a lot more interesting and mind boggling than fiction could ever be.

    Besides, I ain’t never saw anyone who could move their eyebrows so far up and down and still be on their forehead.

  20. Mad Dog says:


    Nice call for content.

    Is this the Halliburton of Georgia?

    A lot about nothing or a lot about a lot and nothing changes?

    I wish you hadn’t mentioned trucking. Insurance for a single long haul trucker is more than the average insurance bill for a doctor’s malpractice.

    When are the Republicans going to write some legislation to cut trucking insurance rates? There’s more truckers than doctors in Georgia.

    Did I confuse the issue enough, yet?

    It’s all about the TAXES idiots!

  21. atlantaman says:


    I agree and that’s the point I was trying to make. Even if the Taylor family properties are being rented to the state at a discount, which I’m not prepared to accept yet, what kind of a discount would a landlord be willing to give to a tenant that had guaranteed on-time payments without any of the traditional tenant problems.

    I think if one is going to start to throwing stones one must rise above even the hint of impropriety and with the Taylor family reaping millions of dollars from Georgia Taxpayers there is far more then a hint – it’s a like a garbage truck coming straight at you going 100 miles an hour.

  22. gatormathis says:

    a lot about a lot and nothing changes?

    It’s a lot about a lot, and hopefully it is all about to change. Once the umbilical cord between the State and the taylors is broken (hopefully in Nov.) one of the last good ole boy connections will dry up. To them it is imperitive to maintain this connection. You mention the difference in truck insurance, the tags for each one are expensive also. The thing about the trucks with the gov’t tags leased by the taylor’s to haul the municipal garbage, they used them on their own commercial routes also. Those tags along with the fuel taxes help pay for road improvements and support infrastructure. How many truckers would have more money in their pockets if they could forgo all these expenses in their businesses? How can you use a vehicle tagged for gov. use to service a private for profit account?

    To have a revenue stream such as this, devoid many of regular Georgian’s expenses, with the basis being long no bid contracts or captivated tenants, has to be a wonderful setup. Not to mention that mt used all of the trash company collateral, leased from the lessee who leased it from them in the beginning,(as you can tell lawyers made a LOT of money on this project) to defend a simple one page one million dollar promissary note in his 1998 Lt Gov campaign. An ethics complaint was filed questioning the beneficial treatment of a candidate by a lending institution.

    This was the very detailed answer given the Ethics Commission. A long report saying that if mt’s interest in the trash hauling firm was sold/merged or whatever, he would have sufficent monies to repay such loan. No collateral was mortaged, attached, or otherwise secured by the document. Ease on down to your local bank and try to get one of those type loans, no strings or paper attached. Or do like mt, ease on down to a small town bank like the one he used in Alma, GA
    Seems like he didn’t even sign it, a campaign worker did. The ethics complaint was in Douglasville at the Ethics Commission office when I saw it, probably is still there. The author of such is still around and can vouch for its existance. That was a few years ago when the dems had a lock on everything and excuses were made while the money flowed. Go to the blog for democracy where a few days ago they were bemoaning how hard it is to raise money and fund campaigns without the draw of the Gov.’s office. They are beginning to realize the predicament Republicans have been in the past decades.

    Haliburton? Haliburton could use some of these folks creative thinking. Cathy Cox new all this because her office files the corporate liscenses and such. She knew how many shells were being switched around. It was more than the usual three. She tried to tell folks, but only a few listened. She probably just sat back and laughed, thinking all this info will come in handy one day, one day soon enough. Well that day is here folks, and as the saying goes, how long, how long must this bull____ go on.

  23. RandyMiller says:

    Yeah Gator, I agree, this is way too fishy and there’s obviously more to it than we know and are being told. They can drop the “big guy looking out for the little guy”, as well as that “party of the people” b.s.

  24. falco says:

    Hey gatormathis-

    Didn’t you end up in court the last time you used website comments to push false dirt?

    What are you driving these days?

  25. Bill Simon says:

    I have to say, nothing I’ve heard from the governor’s campaign has eased my concerns of this smelling way too dirty to overlook.

    If this late insertion in the bill was truly “clean,” then it would have just been retroactive to January 1, 2005, not deliberately go back to January 1, 2004. That is just TOO convenient a time period or aftivation to have NOT been done to deliberately help someone special or a group of someone specials.

    OR, an even cleaner bill would have been set to take effect on July 1, 2005 when most new bills that affect the populace of Georgia take effect.

    True, MT doesn’t smell too good either, but I am troubled by all of these facts coming out about O’Neal being the one who inserted it into the bill and being the one who just happens to be Perdue’s tax attorney.

    This thing doesn’t just have legs; it has wheels and may damn well turn into an Abrams tank.

  26. Mad Dog says:


    I don’t know who you are, but when you’re dishing it out, you’re honest about spreading it around.

    But, I don’t know why our state can back date legislation. It’s not real world.

  27. LINDA says:

    Well Mr. Rugby,

    If I were living in another time period, say for example 1850, I would provide the strong ropes to hang some politicians inthe public square. If that is an example of an anarchist to you, then so be it. I happen to think of myself of the “lone voice crying in the wilderness” for the corruptness in government. Actually, I enjoy being fair part of these partisan debates. Most of the time, I am ignored by both sides. But, I hope to make you think! What I mean about “no such thing as a fair tax” is that never, and I repaeat never trust a Libertarian crack pot radio personality to know anything about taxes! If someone tells you a tax is fair, get out a jar of vaseline because you will be needing it! LOL

  28. LINDA says:

    Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors. I have just finished working on tax returns (about 7 hours straight for one client). This poor guy owes close to what Perdue deferred! I will take something for a headache before he comes to my office to pick them up! I say we impeach who ever gets elected to the Governor’s office this November! We need a good impeachment in the peach state!

  29. gatormathis says:

    falco said,
    September 8, 2006 @ 6:25 pm

    Hey gatormathis-

    Didn’t you end up in court the last time you used website comments to push false dirt?

    What are you driving these days?

    Hey falco,

    Nope. Never pushed no false dirt.

    I do drive a Ford Dually from time to time, among other things.

    So, how you be?

    Falco, that’s polish for “Dude whose breath smell like dog dung.

    Here I am gone just for a few, and here comes some lil piss ant wanting to jump on me. I ain’t done nothing to him or never heard of him, yet he attack-ted. Oh well, it’s the ways of the blog they tell me. I never pay any of it much attention.

  30. rightofcenter says:

    Thank you Bobby for confirming that the figures the media has been using came directly from the DPG. Of course, the figures have no bearing on reality. His basis in the property would come from personal records, a certified appraisal of the property, etc., in information provided to the IRS, NOT from the tax assessors records. You do know that tax assessments are often wildly inaccurate and quite often way behind market rates? Of course, it’s possible that his basis in the property was below your estimates; it may have been much higher. The point is, WE DON’T KNOW! And that includes you and the DPG.

  31. Bobby Kahn says:

    Maybe Governor Perdue needs to come clean on all of these issues — what the basis was in the property, what he and his lawyers knew and when they knew it on the secret, back-dated tax break, his dealings with Stanley Thomas, etc…

    In reporting on the 100k tax break, the press has attributed the estimate to the Democratic Party. Gov. Perdue acquired the property through the estate of his father. Given his history on taxes, and the fact that the estate tax was still in effect at the time, my guess is the basis is much lower than our estimate.

  32. Mad Dog says:

    So just to put this in some temporal perspective.

    The Taylors own some office space that is more than 30 years old.

    The Taylors, (Not Andy and Aunt Bea), leased these buildings to the state.

    These leases are worth a retail value of over $2million during the 30 years.

    Perdue buys and sales some land over a period of one year (?), and in a stroke of a pen, covers his tax issues with used cat litter?

    I’d say we’re thirty years too late to whine about the leases.

    NOW is the time to ask for a public accounting of the three W’s on the tax deal, the land deal, and the appointment of Thomas to a position that can only appear to be a conflict of interest for him and his tastes as a developer.

    I’m not that interested in old buildings and old leases.

    I am interested in what, who, when of this year’s General Assembly.

    If Cagle thought it was a clean deal, why did he out Perdue?

  33. GetReal says:

    The difference between Perdue’s retroactive tax cut and every other charge made against either Taylor or Perdue is that no one has a plausible explanation for it that clears Perdue of wrongdoing. Bart Graham told Jay Bookman that he was told about it when it happened, but that the Department of Revenue didn’t request the change. Cagle, the Chairman of the Finance Committee that made the change, denies involvement in it. Larry O’Neal flatly denies Perdue’s involvement, but won’t give an explanation that passes any sort of scrutiny about why it was done (a task obviously complicated by the fact that the Revenue Commissioner denies requesting the change to his department’s bill).

    On Taylor’s leases, no one can truthfully claim that the Taylor family suddenly got into the business of leasing to the state when Taylor became Lt. Governor, or even when he entered state politics with his election to the Senate. The AJC story states that the leases started in the 1970s, when Taylor was in high school. No one has produced any evidence that the Lt. Governor used his government position to influence leases of his father’s property by state agencies.

    I think the Perdue land purchase stinks to high heaven, considering the amount of business a developer like Stanley Thomas has with state government agencies. If it’s not criminal, it’s at a minimum a case of extremely poor judgment on Perdue’s part. But even this isn’t as bad as the Perdue retroactive tax cut. At least in that case, Perdue and Thomas can issue denials (which may or may not stand up over time) that Thomas was given any favortism by the Perdue Administration. That tax cut, however, just doesn’t make sense in any way other than with the explanation that Perdue was using his government office to give himself a tax break.

  34. Harry says:

    I’m shocked. Daddies and friends are there for you. Could be a trend. Google on Bill Clinton, Mochtar Riady, and Grand-Escalante .

    So where’s the beef?

  35. bruce benidict says:

    Hey Bobby,

    This is good info, but if this is all you have got then Perdue will spend 4 more years in office. The public likes read meat, this story is more like potted meat.


  36. atlantaman says:

    “On Taylor’s leases, no one can truthfully claim that the Taylor family suddenly got into the business of leasing to the state when Taylor became Lt. Governor”

    What difference does it make whent the family starting leasing properties to the state. I’m more interested if the rents were increased while Taylor was a state elected official. There is a lot of hypocrisy coming from the Taylor campaign and I’m quite sure the last thing they would like to see is a rectal exam of his family’s finances.

  37. Mad Dog says:


    If we’re going to dig up musty old rumors and conduct a “rectal exam,” you can have my share of the fun.

    I still want to know if the tax deal was so innocent Why did Cagle out Perdue?

  38. Bill Simon says:

    Why doesn’t the Legislature address issues like the Taylor land leases by banning any elected official from having ANY business relations with the state or municipal government in which they are elected to serve?

    That way, either the Taylor family would not have these leases OR MT certainly would not have a position in his dad’s company and being paid $100,000 per year for “an hour or two a month.”

  39. atlantaman says:

    “Why doesn’t the Legislature address issues like the Taylor land leases by banning any elected official from having ANY business relations with the state or municipal government in which they are elected to serve?”

    Just because there is not a law against it doesn’t mean that Mark Taylor and family couldn’t have avoided this mess by avoiding the conflict of interest to begin with.

  40. atlantaman says:

    “MT certainly would not have a position in his dad’s company and being paid $100,000 per year for “an hour or two a month.”

    Just out of curiosity what does he do for that $100,000 a year – mow the lawn and take out the trash?

  41. Mad Dog says:


    How many Georgia legislators serve on various corporate boards?

    The squeaky clean Mr. Cagle who outed the governor was Chairman of the Board of Directors of a bank while on the Banking Committee.

    His bank holding increased 900 percent. Reed brought that out.

    No one cared because Cagle is a Republican.

    So what did Cagle, the former tuxedo salesman, do to become Chairman of the Board of a bank – keep a clean desk and turn out the light in his office every night?

  42. Bill Simon says:


    Perhaps Casey worked 12 hours a day and studied his ass off.

    OR, if you’ll permit me to speak for the neo-Nazi idiot on this board, “LINDA”, perhaps Casey is really Jewish and he stole that money from a church to accumulate it, eh?

  43. gatormathis says:

    Again, as the ol’ boy in McClintock hollers out…..”People……..People………PEEP PUHL!!!”. We got one side wanting to investigate this and the othern wanting to investigate that. So while we investigating, why don’t we just go ahead and do a good job of it. According to the AJC today, it looks as if the one with the most money is the oldest one at the table. The man who has been playing the game the longest, can afford to pay his son 100 grand a year to do nothing. Well, let me rephrase that, uh….be the next guv. of the Great State of Georgia. Hardly a small task, to read the article, you would think ole marky mark had simply wandered outa the back yard, and off to Atlanta. Sonny’s the elder in the race, but I might think he was stretching it a little bit, if he said he was dishing that kind of money out to his kids every year.

    In Atlanta, lil marky mark hid out in a house his dad had up that a way (just simply happened to have mind you), And he met nice folks in the neighborhood. If you drive down West Paces off I-75, in an easternly direction, you’ll notice nice houses. After a lil bit, somebody that knows would say, that house on the left is Taylor’s, this one here on the right up yonder on that hill is the woman who owns the AJC, and a lil farther down, that one over yonder on the left, that’s the Governor’s mansion. If you dig where I’m coming from, this is hardly a castaway’s hangout, not even a “little guy’s” neighborhood.

    Daddy’s good ole freind, the Governor, he would let lil marky mark come down to his house and play from time to time. But he couldn’t even tell his freind, Daddy, that lil marky mark was up there or nothing , you wouldn’t want the appearance of conflict of interest or such, besides they was just good freinds.
    Rumor has it that lil marky was playing in the office one day while visiting, and he was scared by a big spider. He grabbed up the gavel laying on the desk and whapped that spider a couple of times. He liked the way that gavel sounded and whapped it some more. He said,”Hecht, I might wanna do this here one day. I’d betcha then I could whap that gavel whenever I wanted”. Whap….whap whap ……whap whap whap whap. “Oh yea, I like that.”, marky said, with a big ole asinine toothy grin. Daddy’s freind walked in to see what the commotion was. “Hey Guv”, marky asked,”How much more I gotta do, than I’m doing right now, to do what you are doing now?”. The Guv said, “Well you probably wouldn’t have to do much, which would be good, you being kinda heavy and all, you wouldn’t wanna strain yourself. Heck, you might could handle both jobs smart as you is, besides Daddy handles all the buisness. You probably would meet a lot of nice folks, too.”

    Lill marky liked it up there, met a whole bunch more of dem guvs, and even a Republican one came along, whom we’ll just call “Sonny. The days of spider whapping fun was over. Sonny noticed a crack in the gavel and put a stop to that mess. Marky brooded, “I liked that ole gavel whapping, maybe I oughta call Daddy”

    “Daddy”, the voice said over the phone, “I wanna run for Governor, can you loan a big man a dolla?”. “Who is this, and where you at marky mark? I knowed it was you when you asked for money.”Daddy said. “In Atlanta, Daddy, you know I came up here years ago”, whined marky. “Look marky, if I send money, will you stay up there, cause I can send money easily”. “Yea Daddy, and I appreciate it too, that way they won’t be the appearance of conflict of interest or nothing,” asinine toothy grinning profusely, knowing the check would soon be in the mail.

    So little marky mark, he is hanging out at the Atlanta House, while living in the Atlanta house waiting to find out how the gavel whapping is gonna go. His website proclaims, Ole Daddy started out with 95 dollars, and he done done good here in this state of Georgia. The article seemed almost sure Daddy being Chief Of Staff to his ole freind could have in no way increased Daddy’s potential, him being such a good business man and all. He musta been Forrest Gump’s mamma level of smart. “He is a smarrrrrttttttt Daddd……deeee!!”, lil marky would squeal, knowing the checks were always coming. 100 grand is like 2000 bucks a week, or something like 275 dollars a day, all seven days of the week. In addition, marky has side incomes like trust funds, other businesses and millions made in the trash business. So, he really is like a “big guy” to a “little guy”. It kinda makes that 1000 bucks a day for life-lotto game sound puny.

    If he dosen’t win, marky thinks he might just give up politics and move back home. There he can practice his Taylor/Dean Whoop & Holler Summit training without bothering no one. He might even attend some festivals and enter some hog calling contests along the way. Pretty soon he will be bitten by the crowd’s attention, and be craving gavel whapping again. In 4 years, I’ll bet he might reconsider retirement, decide to go back to work, not working again, and make another run at Governor. Especially when Daddy tells him he missed making a lot of money when he didn’t have nobody in the guv.’s office them few years.

    Nothing could be worse than the fear of having to go back to work and work, especially when all you’ve had yo do is go to parties and such for so many years.
    And every once in a while, give a big ole toothy asinine grin. Ahh, those were the days!

    Go read the article in the AJC,

    Taylor patriarch pivotal in campaign for governor

    It dosen’t take long to wonder whose running the show on the democrats side of the fence. Wonder or know, you be the judge of that.

  44. Mad Dog says:


    I just don’t know which is more shocking.

    Linda as a Nazi or Casey as studious Jew.

    I must say those Nazi’s had great looking school uniforms for the kiddies.

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