Discontented Democrats?

Dana Blankenhorn has a roundup of negative comments on Mark Taylor’s campaign plans by some local left-leaning bloggers:

Javier Brown, A Mad Democrat, sums it up. I’m Disgusted is his headline. Blog for Democracy says Taylor’s crime message “doesn’t resonate.” Young Democrats of Fulton claim Taylor’s troops are “the JV team.”

Instead, the bloggers want Taylor to take on Perdue directly. Women Know When They’re Being Lied To, writes GeorgiaWomenVote, adding that the growing disaffection with the Bush Republicans can be used against Georgia Republicans as well. EastCobber is also angry with Perdue’s ads, believing that calling Perdue a liar, when more people feel Bush is a liar, could be a winning strategy.

What about this? Is there really all this discontent amongst Taylor supporters? What impact will this have on Democratic turnout in November if Taylor doesn’t change course?


  1. Rusty says:

    Dana quoted me as a “Democratic blogger,” which is a little disingenuous as I technically am not a partisan (though I don’t vote for many Republicans these days), and ripped my screen grab without telling me he was going to. The dude plays loose with facts and partakes in sensationalism for the sake of sensationalism.

    While I don’t much care for Taylor, these ads had no real effect on me one way or the other than to make me laugh and make smart ass remarks about them. So, my opinion was misrepresented.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    What this is indicative of is the fact that the two major parties represent a diverse group of people.

    These people as a result, generally have differing opinons on how to run a campaign.

    Moreover, the people questioning MT’s campaign are bloggers. Campaign after campaign has shown that bloggers (for either party) are hardly represntative of the population.

    If MT loses, it will not be for any of the reasons that the bloggers whine and moan about.

    The end result of all this complaining? Bupkes

  3. HeartofGa says:

    The sentiment that I am hearing from many voters is that they feel as though, on the issues they care about most (education, healthcare, jobs), they have been sold a bill of goods. I do think that Georgia Democrats can benefit from this trend among female voters and from calling Georgia Republicans on it when their rhetoric does not match their actions. With female voters, maybe all voters, news stories like the ones we saw today are not likely to push them into the Taylor camp unless they’re already there.

    There are candidates who are already benefitting from this trend. Jim Marshall is one, and so is Lauren Benedict, down in HD 140 in Middle Georgia. Lauren’s support is surprisingly diverse. All you have to do is check out the host list for her Macon fundraiser next week to see what I’m talking about. (I posted it over on Georgia Women Vote!) Democrats are not going to skate into office, but in seats like this one, Republicans are vulnerable, especially to moderate female candidates who are working hard, knocking on those doors and raising the money they need to run a credible race. It also helps to be an outstanding candidate, and she is. Several of the women interviewed for the AP article are among her supporters.

  4. CobbGOPer says:

    I’m just surprised they’re spending time blasting Mark Taylor. Normally they’re blasting Jews over Lebanon and Palestinians, and Bush for 9/11 conspiracies (Moveon.org). I sure as hell hope THEY don’t reflect the majority view of Democrats…

  5. gatormathis says:

    After visiting over at the Blog for Democracy (drum roll please) the biggest bemoan I read over there was from bloggers decrying Taylor’s use of an African-American set of hands sticking from within a prison cell. Much blogging on the subject followed and much explaining away on how it wasn’t African-American hands, it was grimey white folk’s hands sticking through the bars. So much blogging occurred, that way towards the bottom, they decided that it simply couldn’t be African-American hands, not in a taylor ad anyway.

    They decided also that taylor would never show his “people” in such a bad light. I was thinking, I haven’t saw the ad yet, somebody just made a mistake. Well lo and behold a few minutes ago as I was watching the news, here comes that ad. Now, I submit, we don’t have the most expensive television Wal-Mart sells, but it gives a good picture. Good enough myself and the others watching had no trouble distinguishing which ethnic group taylor’s ad was targeting. You know he paid big money for the ad, and for the time to air it. It looked like the same ethnic group taylor was trying to seperate himself from when he attended the Deerfield-Windsor private school in Albany.

    It has always been funny to me that Democrat politicians, who bemoan how they are in touch with, understand, and feel the pain of the minorities, never attend school or have hardly any other association with these groups. Yet they pander around with, give lip service to, and attend a few church services during campaign times. And all this hollow talk is received with so much fanfare.

    I guess my point is, keep it simple folks. There is no need to spend so much on here trying to blog away the fact that taylor used a minority in a less than flattering manner to get a few votes. Turn on your TV. Watch the TV until you see the ad come on. I’m sure the 11 o’clock news will run it some more. There is no question that the dem voters have been had again. So tote ole mt a bunch more fried chicken and ‘maters, only to have him wipe his butt on you when you’re finished. Remember, Everyone who smiles at you ain’t you’re friend and you’ll find out what they want soon enough. Taylor wants you to keep him in the government so he won’t have to go home to work. The taylors need the connection to keep the money flowing. One thing for sure, Georgians don’t need the taylors for squat.

  6. Melb says:

    The only thing that has been shi**ing on GA for the past four years is the Perdue administration. Taylor is tough on crime, get over it. I’m sorry if Perdue is letting violent convicted criminals out on the street and you want to try and defend that, but Mark Taylor will not. You must be really proud of that one. Violent criminals should stay in jail and Taylor is going to put a stop to them getting out early. That is a promise that I am sure he will keep to the citizens of Georgia. Unlike Perdue who just lies to get elected, raises taxes, and flip flops on immigration. The flaggers probably understand this better than anyone.

  7. Mad Dog says:

    OUCH! Those flaggers have long memories. Some of them claim to have seen Moses part the Red Sea. (My dad claims he marched with Sherman through Atlanta. Heck, I know he was riding a horse cart.)

    Don’t forget the flip flop from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. His excuse? The party changed, not me!

    (Just mocking the whacko conservatives) Weak on crime? Must be a traditional Democrat, eh? RINO!


  8. atlantaman says:

    “Don’t forget the flip flop from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. His excuse? The party changed, not me!”

    What’s so odd about that reason? From a national standpoint Al Gore, John Conyers and Nancy Pelosi are a hell of a lot different then Tip O’Neil, John Kennedy, and Richard Russell.

    From a Georgia standpoint the Dem Party has already gone through a major upheavel and after the November elections the State Dem Party’s leadership is going to be overthrown. From Party Chairman to Caucus leader the urban liberals will finally take their seats and the few traditional Southern Democrats left will be on the outside looking in.

  9. Big Mack says:


    Fat Boy is going to get beat so badly that he won’t even be allowed inside the capitol building after November 7. People are not going to vote for the rich Fat Boy. The fat bastard talks like a man with a paper ass hole.

  10. AnnRose says:

    Alot of Georgians are overweight, including Sonny Perdue. So, when you insult MT, you also insult a good crop of Georgia voters. Attack MT on the issues if you can, but cut the childish schoolyard banter.

  11. atlantaman says:

    I agree that calling Taylor the “fat boy” is a little childish, but obviously you haven’t seen Sonny lately – he’s not overweight.

  12. Big Mack says:


    I quit taking orders a long time ago. I’ll say whatever I want to say about Fat Boy and I don’t care whether you like it or not.

  13. gatormathis says:

    Big Mack,

    It’s not nice to partake of puns on the portly premeir Perdue opponent who, in the past, procurred much pork project payout to the patriarch pappa, which in turn pays him plenty to perform practically no physical practices at a part time party position. Pretty good plan as it pleases their needs. Peach Pundit Ponderers wanna know, how long, how long must this poo-poo go on?


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