Democrat cries wolf

Gwinnett Daily Post: Candidate’s residence in question

LAWRENCEVILLE – Elections officials say Gladys Harris is ineligible for
the November election, where she was slated to take on three-term
incumbent School Board member Robert McClure.

But Harris, the only minority who qualified for local office this year,
missed a Thursday deadline to withdraw from the race and allow the
Democratic Party to place a replacement nominee on the ballot.

Harris was a leader in easing racial tensions in the Shiloh school
cluster in the Centerville community several years ago, but she now
lists a Lawrenceville address, which is in the 5th school district.

The article doesn’t mention it but I can tell you that until a few days ago Harris was blaming “racism” for her ballot problems. She apparently has said that people in the Gwinnett Elections office told her she did not have to live in the District she desired to run for, and now they want her off the ballot because she’s Black. The Elections Office denies this.

When the problem was discovered, Gwinnett Democrats tried in vain to get Harris to drop out in time to replace her on the ballot, but apparently her desire is to fight this.

If Gladys Harris does not drop out, the Gwinnett Elections Board will almost certainly remove her from the ballot. The only question is how ugly will this get.