Taylor takes to the air.

Mark Taylor has launched his first two post-nomination TV ads:

Mark Taylor today launched his first television ads of the General Election. The first ad, Big Priority, features Mark speaking to camera about his record on crime including the creation of the DNA database of violent criminals and passing the Georgia’s “two-strikes


  1. atlantaman says:

    “How would he pay for this?”

    Great question, but not one that is typically asked by a regular voter (especially the Democrat base) and not one that politicians normally have to answer. I hear he’s offering the teachers a huge pay raise as well. With his physique and gift-giving attitude folks need to start calling him Santa Claus.

  2. RandyMiller says:

    I don’t care what spin Taylor and his fan club throw around, his plans for health care and education can’t be accomplished without raising taxes. And the great majority of us here in Georgia can’t afford high profile tax attorneys to tell us how to hide our money like some of our politicians can and do. I think the “spiritual” side of MT thinks, “God must’ve loved the tax payer…he made so many of them….”

    Also, an interesting note, I was in Cordele Georgia this afternoon calling on a customer and Casey Cagle had dropped in for a rally at a park. For a 1400 hour rally on a weekday he had a pretty good crowd. All the cars had Sonny stickers on ’em. Also noted Sonny signs going up in SOWEGA. Cordele Georgia folks is only 30 miles from Albany…home of the whopper!

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Casey Cagle is really exciting the electorate. He is genuine and sincere about serving Georgia and folks are responding to this.

  4. GetReal says:


    If protraying Perdue as soft on crime is so hard, why did he stand by when his parole board adopted a more lenient policy on the release of violent criminals?

  5. RiverRat says:

    Not to mention that Taylor got some air time earlier this year with that news story about how many people arrested for violent crimes were getting out on bond because Perdue hasn’t spent enough money for prison space.

    And Mark has been clear on how he will pay for his proposals – by setting priorities. It is entirely possible to do everything he is talking about without raising taxes. In fact, I recall that Mark has pledged NOT to raise taxes, something Sonny can’t say (since about the first thing he did in office was raise taxes). The way Sonny has managed to “find” billions of dollars this year for teachers and gimmick gift cards, I think Mark will be fine with his budget.

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    Let’s be clear: Sonny raised taxes on cigarettes. While I don’t like raising taxes, you Dems cannot simply say “he raised taxes” as if it was an across the board tax increase. Also, raising taxes on cigarettes is a policy that is praised by many as good public policy.

  7. Jack S says:

    Uhhhh, buzz, let’s not dig our hole any deeper. Sonny proposed the largest tax increase ever on his first day in office. It was our good legislators like westmoreland who talked him off that ledge (actually forced him off it). He settled for a tobacco tax increase.

    But taylor is no different. We had a deficit. We were in tough shape and all taylor can say is he wouldn’t cut this and he would spend more here. But he never explains how he’ll pay for it or how he wouldve done it different.

    Taylor can’t deliver on his promises without raising taxes. Sonny managed things well but he’s no champion of tax cuts.

  8. RiverRat says:

    HA! If a dem had raised taxes on cigarettes you wouldn’t have problem with my language at all. You’d be complaining every chance you got about how it will hurt our tobacco farmers.

    Taylor IS different. Its not like he doesn’t have a record – the evidence is there, so you just look like an idiot when you try and portray him as someone who will raise taxes. Taylor sponsored the largest tax cut in GA history. His entire career, the GOP has tried to say that his proposals won’t work, etc. – and every time he proves em wrong.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Since it was the Dem Party of Georgia who actually paid for the ad about getting rid of parole for violent felons, one should ask the DPOG if they are really signing onto THAT goal?

  10. RandyMiller says:

    When the tax increase came about during Perdue’s term do any of the dems remember what was going on…namely a national recession…all the companies that laid off workers or closed in Georgia 5 years ago after 9/11? Tax revenues were at their lowest. To keep the state going and pay state employees modest tax increases were implemented on things like tobacco and alcohol. Sonny could’ve dug us into debt, but he didn’t.

    Dems have blown it (thanks to Cathy Cox for revealing the truth) with the Mark Taylor invention of Hope…now they’re trying to make it look like Mark Taylor’s this big hero of the working class (which he knows nothing about) saying he sponsored the biggest tax cut in Georgia history. Taylor’s commercials need to begin with…”once upon a time.”

  11. gatormathis says:

    Let’s talk about that cigarette tax. I would have expected the candidates running for office to expand on this, but in the essence of time, I won’t wait for them. I must go on. The cigarette tax in GA was raised by 25 cents per pack. It was raised from 12 cents per pack to 37 cents per pack. A “whopping” increase. If you are lucky enough to be in New York state, that charge would be $1.50 per pack. If you were lucky enough to be in New York City, located in New York state, they would tack on an additional $1.50 per pack. That is $3 per tax, taxes paid to New York up there. Pretty good for a state who dosen’t raise tobbacco.This is in addition to federal and other taxes. An acre of tobbacco produces about 100,000 packs of cigarettes, so New Yorkers reap about $300,000 (U.S. Dollars) per acre of Georgia grown tobbacco. I remember a heifer named Nirta Lowery or such, democrat from New York used to complain that “fahhh-mmers” here were making tooooo much mon-nney off of peanuts and tobbacco. The gross sale of tobbacco to the farmer here runs about $2500 to $3000 in a great year.You live and pay all your bills outa that, which are considerable. But Lowery says it was bad for fah-mers to get 3 grand per acre at the best, while her and her cronies made $300,000 per acre for tobbacco, tobbacco they never saw, sweated over or grew. They simply were able to charge for it. On the contrary, ole Sonny, Georgia’s “greedy” guv gets .37 x 100,000 which equals $37, 000 per acre. This is still a tidy some, but way less than New York’s government. All of this information can be ascertained by simply using your internet, going to a few agriculture site, and some tobbacco company sites that list the per pack taxes for each state.
    People, the BS is over. Read up and educate yourselves. With the information at hand there is no need to cry ignorant. Sonny, a staright up guy for Georgia and you.

  12. I don’t really understand your point, gator. Are you saying if Sonny was smart we could make a lot more from cigarette taxes, or are you saying if tobacco growers were smarter they’d cut a deal to have the government pay them now to grow, or something?

    Randy, Mark may not be the most working class guy in the world, but neither is Sonny “$8 million net worth” Perdue.

  13. columbus06 says:

    As a prosecutor, I can tell you that Taylor was good on criminal law only for the criminals themselves.

    In fact, Taylor allowed the laws to stay as backward as they could be, making it harder for prosecutors to get convictions in Georgia than in any other state. His talk about no parole for violent offenders and a DNA database is fine, but its lip service at best compared to Sonny’s accomplishments.

    Taylor would not give Georgia prosecutors equal jury strikes (under Taylor the defense had twice as many as the State, a terribly unfair advantage that the criminals enjoyed), and we had no chance of that happening until Sonny came along.

    Under Taylor we could not let the jury know about the defendant’s prior convictions, no matter how bad they were, but Sonny changed that and allowed us to impeach defendants with their prior convictions.

    Under Taylor, the defense had the last word in closing argument 99% of the time, and Sonny changed that so that the prosecutors, who have the burden of proof, get the last word everytime. Once again Sonny changed the unfair advantage Taylor had given to the criminals and made it the way it should be- in favor of the victims or at a minimum a level playing field.

    The fact is that Taylor is just giving lip service to the issue while Sonny actually made sweeping changes, helping prosecutors and victims tremendously, and doing what Taylor never would have done. Dont let Taylor fool you here.

  14. gatormathis says:

    OK hoss, follow my lips real slow now………. I/we are explaining how smart your Governor of this state really is. He( him and our legislature) meaning he really is a team player and makes no Saddam Hussein type dictatorial laws because he hasn’t that authority, is a smart and fair cookie. He used a figure based on a modest increase to the cigarette user, to a) raise a few more dollars for the state budget, b) possibly make the user question paying the extra tax, and maybe not smoke at all., and c) probably a few more reasons. New York taxers should be showing a profit for as much as they charge. There is a folly about how much money farmers are reaping from society, The aforementined Nita Lowery cried foul on every ag bill as if people were hauling off trucks full of money. The ag wholesale buyers of goods have become so consolidated that prices have been artificially deflated and flat for years now. Example: tobbacco acreage (33,000 to 15,000 acres) and number of tobbacco farmers has been cut in half the last two years. The yield dropped from about 2400 lbs to about 1950 lbs per acre. And the price has dropped from about $1.75 to $1.47 per pound. This comes to about 3 grand per acre to the farmer who produces it, which is a far cry from the approx. $37,000 that GA gets or the $300,000 that New York State/ New York City gets. Sonny is not taking advantage of a situation, he is simply just raising the bar a little, at a necessary time. Which brings about another question to me. The great “tobbacco settlement occured during our previous president, Bill Clinton. Billions were negotiated by lawyers, mostly democrat trial lawyers and such democrat backers. At the day’s end when all the settlements were figured, the lawyers fees were estimated. Any percent of these billions would be major monies. And I’m sure a check was written from the Treasury in a timely manner, not slow like the tax per pack on units sold would come in. So, where is the website where I can go to find out how much government money each one of these lawyers received? It should be readily available. The Enviromental Working Group could post that if they would.
    Or another question, how much money did companies in which Mark Taylor was a principle receive from the Solid Waste Management Authority of Crisp County? You see, this was submitted to the SWMACC in a Freedom of Information Act document, and never was answered. It was submitted in July of the year that Roy Barnes much touted sunshine law went into effect on July 1 of that year. You know, this law required proper and timely answers to such questions. After a month went by, with no answer to the question, it was then forwarded on up to Attorney General Thurbert Baker’s office. No satisfaction was received from that office either, which makes me hopeful Perry McGuire can soon attain that office and run it without covering up for people who have more power than brains. If you worry about Sonny having a few million, go back a couple years and reread a Georgia Trend article on how close to $750 million your taylor friends are worth.
    Then go search your EDGARS database back to about Sept 1998, look up the deal between Waste Industries and TransWaste Services (a trash company highlighted in Cathy Cox’s ad in the primary) , and you do the math. All this has been covered up and hidden for years, and political players always look out for one another. But once a person is out of office, somehow your friends don’t have any problem rolling over on you. So if the big guy misses the boat this time, folks might not be afraid to go digging around in his bizness. And work? MT probably hasn’t worked since his maid started drying his little behind.

  15. RiverRat says:

    columbus, I’m not sure where you are getting your idea about Taylor’s record on victims or prosecuting crimes, but I think you’ll find you are way off the mark. I’m pretty sure the guy had a big hand in passing the victims bill of rights, for example. I mean, the guy sponsored the two-strikes law (which by the way included convictions from out-of-state).

    I don’t think you’ll find that Sonny has a better record on crime than Mark, but you are welcome to argue it. I’m not sure which specific bills or such you are refering to, but I’d be VERY surprised if the Perdue camp felt that confident about his record on crime, and I’d put money that they couldn’t cut a commercial using the language you did.

  16. rightofcenter says:

    People, don’t you get it? The Fat Guy isn’t going to have to raise taxes because of his PRIORITIES. Okay, then, Taylor Junior, tell us what programs you are going to CUT to pay for your new programs. Throwing around “priorities” may test well in focus groups, but it doesn’t mean squat unless you tell us what you are going to “de-prioritize.” Well?

  17. RiverRat says:

    Hey, I’m not a budget expert. I just know that I’m going with the guy who was able to increase teacher pay while cutting taxes for regular folks over the guy who cut billions from schools while raising taxes.

    I know those were different economic times – Democrats were in charge both in Georgia and in the White House, cleaning up from the GOP disaster of the early ninties. That is one benefit of having a record like Taylor’s – when he says he’s going to do something, I can look at his record and see that he actually does it.

    And a little more directly – you ask what I’d cut. I honestly can’t tell you that (again, not a budget expert), but we KNOW what Sonny cuts – he cuts basic education funds for our schools and he locks folks out of insurance for months if they are a day late in payment (even after they pay). I know that Taylor won’t cut schools and he won’t punish children for having struggling parents. And that answer works pretty well for me, and I’ll bet for most of Georgia.

  18. CobbGOPer says:

    Typical Democrat talking points: HE’S PUNISHING CHILDREN!

    People, this thing is way over. Sonny would have to do a naked jig on live television to lose this thing. Mark Taylor is not going to find anything in the next two months that will stick. This is a Republican state now, everyone needs to start getting used to it.

    And if you want proof: Sonny is actually going to be seen IN PUBLIC with Dubya. Despite the fact that Dubya’s negatives are huge nationwide, and few other Republicans want him around.

    So you Dems can bitch and moan all you want. It won’t matter one bit. This state is Republican. And after November, our Governor? Will still be Republican.

  19. Big Mack says:


    Once upon a time, there was a Fat Mama and Fat Daddy living in Albany, Georgia who were very, very rich. They decided to have children and pretty soon a little Fat Boy was born to them. When the little Fat Boy was school age, Fat Mama and Fat Daddy said to each other, “We are going to send little Fat Boy to a private school because we don’t want our little child to be corrupted by those poor trashy children in public school.”.If private school is good enough for the Kennedy children it is good enough for ours. So Fat Boy started his education and finally graduated from college. He came back home and started helping Fat Daddy in his very profitable business but it was not long before Fat Daddy knew that Fat Boy was not capable of running the business. He did see a licentious streak s in Fat Boy and told him,”Son you need to get into politics. You can then get our businesses into good positions to make real money. So Fat Boy ran for the senate from Albany, Georgia even though he lived in the West Paces Ferry area of Atlanta. It was good for the Fat Family’s business to have Fat Boy in a high place. Their garbage businesses and transportation business flourished with legislative help from Fat Boy and Fat Daddy became arguably the most wealthy man in South Georgia. I have heard many times in my life that if you work hard, are very careful and make no mistakes in your South Georgia business life, you might wind up rich; but you will never be New York rich. Well Fat Boy has helped Fat Daddy get New York rich. Now Fat Boy wants to be governor of the State of Georgia and Fat Daddy wants him to be governor. In fact Fat Daddy doesn’t want him back in Albany so he would be willing to spend any amount of money to see that Fat Boy is elected governor. November 7 will be D-Day on this subject but I suspect that the end of this fairy tale will read “and Sonny and Mary lived happily ever after”

  20. RandyMiller says:

    Stephanie, Mark has lived in Buckhead since he first got elected to the Georgia senate; back in 88 was it? People say he keeps a home in Albany that Big Daddy Taylor bought him (part of the Taylor compound) but it’s just for show so he can say he’s not from Atlanta.

    Also…check out what some of our fellow dems are saying over at BfD re: the new Taylor add “deserves”. This guy Smitty has a good point and what he says is true.
    The comments are at the bottom of the blog.


  21. stephaniemills21 says:

    Randy and BM,

    The house that Taylor lives in was bought in 97. I had heard that before and checked it out myself before I posted. Now, if he lived in an apartment here in Atlanta while he was a legislator and that is the standard you are using then about half of our legislature would be considered as Atlanta residents.

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