An open letter to Cathy Cox and her supporters…

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During the 2004 Presidential primaries, I was an avid Howard Dean supporter even to the point of traveling to Columbia, South Carolina twice to campaign for him prior to the South Carolina primary.

After John Kerry defeated Howard Dean, I’ll admit that I was extremely upset and even considered voting for George W. Bush or not voting at all just so that I could say after the election…”See, I told you so.  We should’ve nominated Howard Dean because he would’ve beaten Bush in November.”  But then, my mother had a talk with me and appealed to my logical side. 

She said, “Andre, don’t you remember what you told me?  The ultimate goal is to get Bush out of office.  I liked Dean too, but I’m voting for Kerry in November because we’ve got to stop Bush.”

Today, I’m going to appeal to the logic of Cathy Cox and her supporters.

I understand how it feels to give your heart and soul to a candidate only to have that candidate lose, but now is not the time to allow your anger to take down the entire Democratic ticket. 

We Georgia Democrats need to unite behind Mark Taylor and the rest of the Democratic ticket because that’s the only way we’re going to beat Sonny Perdue in November.

Immediately after John Kerry wrapped up the Democratic nomination for President, the Democratic National Committee had a “unity” dinner fundraiser where all of the former Democratic presidential candidates, including Howard Dean, endorsed Kerry and encouraged all of their supporters to do what they could in getting him elected President.

I’m suggesting that Cathy Cox, Bill Bolton, and Mac McCarley do the same.

Endorse Mark Taylor and encourage your supporters to work hard to get a Democrat elected Governor.

We had a primary and Mark Taylor is our Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

On Sept. 16th, we’ll have the opportunity to put our best face forward at the Georgia Democratic State Convention.  I’m hopeful that Cathy Cox will be one of the speakers and that on Sept. 16th, she’ll announce her support for the “Big Guy” and bring some unity to the Democratic community.



  1. Bill Simon says:

    There certainly would not have been no “Swift Boat” issue with Howard Dean, nor would there have been the prolific “I voted for it before I voted against it” problem.

    So, John, except for the “battle cry” issue of Dean, I do think Dean would have been able to put up a much better fight than Kerry.

  2. gatormathis says:

    After watching all of the late night speeches on runoff night, it was evident that the Taylor/Dean Scream & Whoop Summit training had went rather well. Maybe he can use that skill after Nov. at hog calling contests. Look for more training sessions to follow at the dem convention, along with macarana dance training from Cynthia, and a call-out to all the peeps who gave em Hecht. Makes one wonder with all the whooping, hollering, flashing ads and such, if mt’s car dealer donations were cash or in-kind-donations of training seminars on advertising techniques. We will definitely be getting the hard sell after that convention when the dems narrow it down to the final seventy-five different strategies of campaign rhetoric to spew. One thing they always promise is to take your pocketbook and fix all your problems, whether you knew you had them or not.
    Reference point:
    Howards Dean is the former Guv of Vermont. A place so desolate the younger generation is wandering around much of the area naked.

    They are saying it’s artistic liscense, but I suspect they are ashamed to admit Dean has left them so broke. Donate to this worthy cause if you can, clothes, cash or whatever. It will be cold up there soon, and they need assistance.
    Now who would want to go back to something like that?

  3. Rick Day says:

    We Georgia Democrats need to unite behind Mark Taylor and the rest of the Democratic ticket because that’s the only way we’re going to beat Sonny Perdue in November.

    umm..unless you vote for Garrett Michael Hayes for governor?

    I love it when Democrats and Republicans insist that avoter only has two choices.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Not a support of Cox, Taylor, Perdue, or any member of the ruling elite,

    I am Rick Day

  4. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Bill S..greetings from the Dexter Lake Club…lol

    Andre as usual, is making this into a bigger issue over Cox than it needs to be.

    Disgruntled Cox supporters may stay away from fundraisers and “unity” dog and pony shows, but they’ll punch the machine for Taylor in Nov. Unless the Taylor trolls make this into a Cox issue, but damn a month and a half after the primary, sheesh let it go… lordy at this point it just looks whiney.

    Taylors problem always was going to be selling himself to swing voters and R cross overs to win, and not pissing off the D’s who do show up. Focus people focus.

  5. Big Mack says:


    This fine christian woman Cathy Cox from Bainbridge, Georgia should not forgive the Fat Guy for all of the bad untrue things that he said about her. She would be compromising her own integrity if she forgave him and I don’t think that Worthless Jimma or anybody else should be trying to get her to do this. If she were just the ordinary run of the mill democrat then it wouldn’t make any difference; but she is a woman of integrity who would certainly lose a lot of self respect and the respect of others if she forgave and endorsed Fatso.

  6. ColinATL says:

    This Cox supporter is slowly coming around to Mark. No question whether I will vote for him, just questioning whether I will actively support him. Regardless, I hope these two can come to some kind of detente.

    In other news, Andre, when are they going to add you to the list of Contributors to the Pundit? 🙂

  7. Big Mack says:


    Andre has already been added as a contributor.

    I would like to know how you can compromise your integrity and vote for MT after he treated CC like he did in the primary. The Fat Guy came off looking like a typical political hack who would do or say anything to win. I just can not vote for or support him or anybody else that conducts a campaign in the manner he did.

  8. one big D says:

    And CC looked exactly like what? An inexperienced novice who couldn’t decide if she really liked women or not (her no go on the Emily’s list money and obvious absents at pro-choice marches). Don’t hate on Mark because all his consultants were a) from Georgia and knew the lay of the land and b.) were older than 35 years old and had some real experience with Georgia politics.

    Between Linda Schrenko and CC, how many more people are going to line up behind a woman candidate for Georgia Governor. Shining examples set by both women.

    Andre and the rest of the “we need CC to beat Perdue” crew – let it go. She’s taken her toys and went back to the funeral home, let her be. Her supporters are not staying home and they will be voting for MT because they are die hard Georgians who know that Sonny and his crew completely suck.

  9. RiverRat says:

    The only folks (other than Andre) that I know still bitching about the Cox campaign are the media and republicans. Dems – drop it. I can’t believe this is still a story.

  10. rugby_fan says:

    This fine christian woman Cathy Cox from Bainbridge, Georgia should not forgive the Fat Guy for all of the bad untrue things that he said about her.

    As opposed the the bad untrue things that she said about him?

  11. SkylerA says:

    Big Mack,
    You’re very biased on the issue. The negativity was thrown from both sides. Cathy and Mark both threw some pretty big punches at each other, however , The primary is over so it shoudn’t matter. Four years of Mark Taylor is going to be a hello of a lot better than four more years of Sonny ever could be.

  12. Jeff says:

    It is called politics, not polite-itics. If cox cant handle negative publicity she should have never run. I do think that all Democrats need to put their support behind Taylor. This is the south, it is an electoral red sea, and if we can get a Democrat Governor here in these desperate times I think it will send a message to the rest of the US. Regardless how the election swings, Perdue is going to jail for his land deals. I think Republicans in the state should support Taylor, if only it is to save their Party from having another leader get penned up for abuses of power. For those that do not think that Perdue is going to jail…pay close attention to the papers in the coming weeks.

  13. rugby_fan says:

    if only it is to save their Party from having another leader get penned up for abuses of power. For those that do not think that Perdue is going to jail

    If the DPG had any info on this that could seriously damage SP, they should have tried to get it in the news cycle weeks and weeks ago.

  14. TPSoCal says:

    Hey, I missed this wonderful primary for the dems since I moved to California. But my mom still lives there and she is a pretty good measure of what “normal” voters are thinking. She is not active in politics and votes pretty much for the man not the party. She supported Barnes. She cannot stand MT. From what she has told me it seems MT was pretty nasty. She is now solidly in Perdue’s camp (which I for one could not be happier). I get to choose between two hardcore libs, one RINO and a socialist. At least both of your candidates seem to want the middle. Ours are running to the moonbat destroy the economy left. Oh how I wish I had your choice.

  15. gatormathis says:

    Maybe they better find a xxl cell for taylor. Anyone, most especially a lawyer knows you don’t try to influence a juror, judge or any other court officer while they are in deliberations on a ruling. So taylor just ignores all protocol and decides he will call the judge and lean on him for his friend. Lock him up for bothering the judge and good riddance. Pity the prisoners where he winds up, they will be getting a little less on their plate while the “big guy” visits.

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