More on the Taylor-Cox peace treaty.

Erick posted this earlier, but my local paper had a much different report. I couldn’t find a link to it, but the Savannah Morning News has some of the same information. It doesn’t appear to me that Jimmy has brokered much of a peace, and the Taylor and Cox camps appear as divided as ever:

“This agreement had been in the hands of Ms. Cox’s husband for a long time,” said Taylor campaign spokesman Rick Dent. “We appreciate President Carter intervening to get Ms. Cox’s husband to agree to have the settlement signed.”

Mark Dehler, Cox’s husband and Jackson’s attorney, did not return a phone call Friday.

But Dehler told the InsiderAdvantage politics newsletter that Carter asked about the dispute when he and Cox attended an event Wednesday in Columbus.

According to the newsletter, Dehler disputed Dent’s statement that Carter persuaded him to accept the settlement as proposed by Lee Parks, the plaintiff’s attorney.

Dehler said the talks Carter initiated led to a settlement only after “three or four” important changes were made in the proposal.

Parks said the changes were “not substantial.”

Is the lawsuit settled or not? It’s not clear that it is.

They also can’t even agree to get Ms. Cox to campaign with Mr. Taylor:

Dent said the Taylor campaign looks forward “to meeting with and campaigning with Cathy Cox at her convenience.”

But Dehler suggested to InsiderAdvantage it may not be convenient just now.

“We have other things going on in our lives and Cathy’s professional career,” he said. “If they want to invite us to something, we’re glad to consider it on an event-by-event basis.”

Dent said Taylor was to call Cox late Friday and invite her to campaign with him Monday at a Labor Day picnic in Hapeville.

I’m not sure if Cox did in fact appear with Taylor today but it sure doesn’t appear to be peaches and cream with the Democrats.


  1. gatormathis says:

    Lemme get this straight, Cathy Cox “needs” to get herself straightened out, and prance around like she is just mt’s favorite supporter. Jimmah done sed so hizself. Why? I thought mt said she was a liar, and paid money to show it on TV real big several times. Now he desires her every word to be about him. Look hoss, the people who pay her salary,(Georgians), expect her to get back to her job and concentrate on what she does for the state. She knows that, and has a big task to attend to for a few more months. She willingly gave up her office for higher aspirations, and the kind of gal she is, will leave it tidy and ready to move on under her successor. Hers was a fulltime position, that requires constant day to day direction. mt’s position was mostly ceremonial, so he had plenty time to campaign, and call CC a liar. He won, she lost, but both are still out on a limb.
    Should mt wind up in office, he will have found him a perch for the next 4, and possibly 8 years. He’d be swole up like a big ole tick and embedded by then……yukk. On the other hand, if he dosen’t, he’s out on the same limb CC is for a while. On runoff night, you could tell ole CC had had a rough day. After a while here came taylor out, sporting that big ole toothy asinine grin from jowl to jowl. Whooping and hollering like daddy done bought him a brand new bicycle like no one else on the block had. I’d just as soon hear wailing and gnashing of teeth from him in November. At which point, he also will be out on the limb. CC can sit at the SOS office, wait and see, and start over fresh in 4 years if mt dosen’t win. If he does win she would have the possibility of him being harder to beat in 4 years. He offers wordly positions, but it is easy to see the hollowness of those, simply reference Cynthia McKinney, not in any way to compare her with CC.
    CC is shrewd and has just completed step 2 in politics 101, gaining I’m sure, significant insight on how things really go on this level of a campaign. Good training ground for her, why waste all that knowledge and not be able to use it in 4 years against a weaker opponent. Besides, mt is like the Kennedys, a big ole spoiled rich brat, hanging out in upper elitedness, that once he is sprung back out into the real world, he might have a tendency to self-destruct. 4 years is a long time to get grouchy over folks not kissing his ass and smiling and saying, how are you today mister taylor, just you ring if you need anything. Let him pay for all that kissing-up outa his own businesses, instead of holding a state paycheck over their head. We now have a Governor who realizes the full potential of the Great State in which we live. He is astute in technology, business sense and morality. What ever his land deal in Florida is, he is doing it with his own money.
    On the other hand, masses of mt’s wealth is tied to special governmental contracts and special situations afforded them by manipulation of governmental rules and connections. 25 year no bid governmental contracts, trash trucks riding around with government liscense plates on them, renting buildings to governmental agencies and the list goes on. That’s why BK(Bobby Kahn, not Burger King) was posting on here so big and bold the other day about Sonny’s BIG land deal. It is simply a diversion in case someone really gets nosy and goes poking around in mt’s business. How does this tie in with CC you ask? She has been in charge of the SOS office for all these years and watched all these shell games go on year after year. Her office registers them, then she kinda lives in the neighborhood of southwest GA. And like any of the other females on the planet, yes hell, she KNOWS what is going on, they always do. That in itself tells you why that trash truck ad of hers wasn’t a lie, but some dems were duped anyway and voted for the self-centered taylor. Taylor, he will tell you anything, and expect you to be stupid enough to beleive it, without ever checking. He used to tell the folks in East Albany that he had nothing at all to do with a landfill in their area. They all wised up though when an SEC document( Securities & Exchange Commission, not South Eastern Conference) was dug up that mentioned him, his 2 sisters, approximately 3 million bucks apiece, even bigger amounts to other cronies, Maple Hills Landfill, Coffee County Landfill and many others across south Ga, in the same document. It even mentioned the CC ad trash trucks. Everybody is jacking SP over a land deal, this deal was in excess of 325 million over 25 years. Figure the math on that one……lol. All you Enviro-Dems, you better check up on who’s water you carrying, you might be suprised.
    Think about it, CC is a class act, why would she want to endorse, much less hang out with someone who was/is such a trashy bassard. Give Jimmah another peanut.

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