Crocodile Hunter dead.

“Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was killed yesterday afternoon in a “freak sting ray accident,” in which the ray’s barb apparently struck in or near his heart, while filming a documentary off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. He left behind a wife (who, due to the fact that she was trekking in the mountains at the time, wasn’t notified until well after the rest of the world was), and two children.

Known for his risk-taking and daredevil antics around some of the world’s deadliest creatures, Irwin brought us all closer to wildlife, and made passing on the messages of nature and conservation a fun, interactive, and often adrenaline-filled pursuit.

Granted, it’s neither Georgia nor politics (although Steve Irwin did pay a visit to the Ranger school down at Ft. Benning once, to teach a class on poisonous snakes), but it’s still a big loss for us all. RIP, “Crocodile Hunter.”


  1. gatormathis says:

    Too bad for the ole boy. A hit of that magnitude, and underwater to boot, a most totally unexpected way to go. But then, the exit of life is almost always unexpected. He pushed the envelope to the max, and was no doubt lucky time and time again that he cheated the reaper for one more episode.One more example that those who take extreme chances can easily cash in on the big one.
    Surely it will be a big loss to his fans, and others such as non-relative Tommy Irvin who could use some of the name mix-up association for a boost in November. As for me, I’ll limit my high risk adventures to changing light bulbs or digging potatoes. Think about the family in this, as it is sad to leave a wife and kids behind anytime. They will have to endure without having his bright and shining face around. An adios to the big croc pond in the sky for ole stingray stung Steve. See ya in the reruns cuz.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I have watched this guy for years. It shows when it is your time to go, it is your time to go.

    i understand his death was caught on tape.Out of respect to him and his family, I hope it is never, ever aired.

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