Cagle to kick off “Hope and Opportunity Tour” Tuesday

The Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor campaign, having rested up since July 18, will be hitting the campaign trail again beginning this Tuesday, when he plans to visit 25 counties over the course of his four-day “Hope and Opportunity Tour.”

According to AccessNorthGA, Cagle’s focus during this time will be “better jobs, improved educational opportunities and more affordable healthcare in places outside metro Atlanta.”

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  1. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    Republicans should do very well in Georgia in November. But only if Republicans get out and vote. State wide offices that have never been GOP before should be after this election, one Congressional seat that we havent had in several years should also become GOP again in middle Ga. But again, only if Republicans vote.

    If we want the hard core liberals running both the state capitol and US House, just stay home Nov 7 and depend on your neighbor and friends to carry the day for you. Let them do the heavy lifting of touching a voting screen. Then when Jim Martin and Gail Buckner take office in Atlanta as the most liberal democrats ever to have state wide office, sit back and watch the changes. And if you dont think that would be interesting, take a look at Nancy Pelosi as US Speaker of the House. Impeachment of Bush, cut off of funds to the Iraq war effort (as they did to the South Vietnamese), massive increase in welfare spending and on and on.

    Republicans and common sense conservaitve Democrats: Vote November 7. Your state and nation are depending on you.

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