Are Taylor And Cox Third World Despots?

Apparently so. I thought those were the only people Jimmy Carter ever helped.

Former President Jimmy Carter mediated a Middle East peace accord. Now he’s stepped in to help broker a truce between two titans of Georgia’s Democratic Party.

With an assist from Carter, a lawsuit that has kept the camps of Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor and Secretary of State Cathy Cox at odds has been settled.

Taylor and Cox were rivals for the Democratic nomination for governor. The campaign became rough, and a Taylor supporter sued a Cox’s press aide, Peter Jackson, for libel.


  1. Big Mack says:

    What else do you expect from ex-prez Carter. He went all over the world mostly uninvited I suspect attending to the business of honest elections in countries that wouldn’t know an honest election if it slapped them in the face. All that was to build up brownie points with the Nobel prize committee in an effort to win the Peace Prize. They finally gave it to him and I can’t recall him making another “honest vote” trip since. He travels around making disparaging remarks about our president, George W. Bush, and plays right into the hands of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Actually, he should be tried for treason but that will never happen. His entire administration was a failure and now he is just a worn out old man who is as useless as teats on a boar hog. At 82 years old, he will be pushing up daisies before long and then we can all say good riddance.

  2. gatormathis says:

    Cox is the caliber of person who should never bow down to an imbecile such as mt. She has class, is a person who answers to and for herself and has many accomplishments to be proud of. Her’s is an intellectual banner, mt’s basically is one of girth. Carter’s “Rodney King” whine of “Why can’t we be freinds?’ is simply a misguided ponderment which is none of his business. Why dosen’t he shuddup his continued drivel drool and kiss GW’s ass for a while? He won’t so he shoudn’t be poking around in other’s affairs. Everyone on here surely has common sense enough to know that the much touted Nobel Peace Prize was simply a begged and whined for trophy. Acadamia and liberalism proponents put out much comment and paper supporting ole gomer until he finally received his peanut. I haven’t even paid enough attention to notice the revalation in BigMack’s comment about the unattending of “problemsome” elections. But as he mused once Carter got what he wanted, he was finished with those folks.
    It is also funny how the AJC dwells so intrinsically into SP affairs without so much as a question into what mt does. When CC spent substantial monies on ads featuring mt’s connection to the trash company that earned him, his sisters and others millions, they never alluded to what that was about. The company in question was formed about the same time the democrat controlled legislature passed a “25 percent waste reduction bill”. All of the sudden communities were told they would need to jump through many hoops to be in and frens surely made moogoomillions off this endeavor. In another “timed coincedence” , I would suppose, mt became a principle in an equipment supply business for the gas station and petroleum industry. Amazingly, this was about the time a law came about mandating all underground fuel storage tanks had to be dug up, soil tested, and removed. If you were an ongoing business, then you were also faced with a “cost of equipment replacement”. Poor ole SP, he cuts a little deal and is scrutinized from the time he first grunts til the paperwork is done. mt and frens have been nursing at the state’s umbilical cord for decades, raking in millions upon millions. Cathy Cox called him out fair and square with her ads, ads that were true whether folks beleived them or not. And it is still amazing to me that bill shi** can run column after column of democrat endorsement ads and not have to pay for the space or put them on anyone’s disclosure statement. The vast left wing conspiracy….it goes on and on……
    Happy Labor Day Weekend folks. Let the games begin!

  3. rick thompson says:

    gatormathis, you are right on. The ajc also never delved into the manner in which Douglas Company started paving driveways in Douglas and then became one of the largest highway contractors in Georgia during the Barnes administration.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    Big Mack,

    I am loathe to stand up for ineffectual self righteous presidents, but DO NOT call Pres Carter “useless” when he has worked to erradicate several dozen diseases that have perenially plagued Africa (or about 1/5 of the world) and can count that as just a small part of his life’s work.

    Frankly, he has done more than you or I have ever done in our lives combined, despite the fact we may disagree on some 80% of his political beliefs.

  5. Melb says:

    Gatormathis, Nice to see SP supporters still trying to get CC supporters and drive a wedge between MT and CC. They must be concerned that they are not going to get all those republican votes. From what I hear, Republicans don’t have anything good or bad to say about Perdue. And the ones that do have an opinion, don’t like him. I have yet to hear, other than on a blog, someone who just really likes Perdue. I don’t think that the trucking thing is true or holds weight and you are going to have a tough time selling yesterday’s news. CC supporters are coming back to the Taylor camp. The primary was bad, but it wasn’t that bad, and nothing that can’t be overcome. I think that Cox will come out and support Taylor eventually. She wants Democrats to be elected and she wants what is best for Georgia.

  6. gatormathis says:

    Melb, you state “I don’t think that the trucking thing is true or holds weight “. Madam, whether you beleive something or not has no bearing on the facts. It won’t make true things false or vice-versa. Cathy Cox ran a truthful ad, you chose to be duped and not beleive her. Now ya’ll want her to kiss the big guy’s fully postured rumpus, and seem to get mad if she simply decides to follow her code of office and steer clear of endorsements. Think about it, Cathy Cox, who has presided over years and years worth of campaign disclosures, corporation filings and numerous other aspects her office deals with, how would she NOT know what was going on. And you should have based your vote on facts, not the fact you were star-struck by taylor’s big ole toothy asinine grin. CC is a female, I suppose with a name like “Melb”, you’re a female, I have to wonder if you voted for CC or were duped.
    You also state , “From what I hear, Republicans don’t have anything good or bad to say about Perdue.” When you sit in a room and mumble something out loud, that dosen’t constitute that you “heard” it. I “heard” Andy Young and Cynthia McKinney dissing several different ethnic groups as of late. I “heard” what they said via several different news clips, read it in the touted AJC, and have saw numerous other accounts. But dems act like they ain’t “heard” it. A few hollow apologies were “heard” and seemingly accepted. I wonder did you “hear” all that? The problem you guys have with Sonny is that he is a genuine man. He loves his wife of long years, loves his family, and carries a lot of respect for fellow Georgians. He attempts to govern Georgia fairly without just laying his head over in the trough and putting money in his pockets. He sees people out on the campaign trail, smiles, squeezes their hand, calls their name (that they know he knows). It is just different than squeezing the sweaty palms of a guy with a hollow message of vote for me so I can make more money off of sweet government connected deals.
    So once more now remember, What you beleive has no revalance on the truth or facts, and what you “hear” is the same way. Ya’ll want to rail on Sonny about integrity? Mark Taylor’s integrity weighs less than Sonny’s hairdo!
    lawd hav mercee on us all

  7. GetReal says:

    I have to ask whether the Rick Thompson commenting above is the same Rick Thompson who left as U.S. Attorney for South Georgia after the Bush Justice Department found that he had violated the public trust while in office.

    If so, a bit ironic for him to be taking shots at anyone else’s ethics.

  8. atlantaman says:

    The day Carter got the Noble Peace prize was a happy day because the rest of us could finally stop seeing him go around begging for it.

  9. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    Lets not forget that Pres JC also cost Georgia 2000 high paying jobs when he wrote to the Base Realignment and Closure Committee to ask that the Groton CT submarine yard stay open rather than move to Georgia.

    Another smooth move by the only man to be a worse ex pres than he was pres…..and considering how bad he was as pres, thats saying a lot.

  10. gatormathis says:

    I still think that the 2 stories reported years ago about Jimmah and the fishing trip bunny, and him lusting after women was really only one story.
    Jimmah just talks soooo slowwww that what he said was he was lusting afterrr huge playboy bunnies and sometimes after trysts with them late at night, the S.S. guys would have to beat em back with a boat paddle ratherrr thannn shooooottt themmmm. This activity usually occurredddd onn fishinn tripssss.
    The poor reporter obivously bored and nodding in and out probaly thought it was just two different stories and wrote it as such. Inquiring minds used to want to know, but not any more……yuck.

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