Fines, Fines, Everybody Fined

The State Ethics Commission has released its report of who has been fined for late filings and no filings. You can see the list here.


  1. GeorgiaBoy says:

    Yeah but some of the people listed aren’t late. I found a couple people so far listed as late who filed on the last day of the grace period. There’s no fine listed but why include people who filed within the time fram you specified? Can we please go back to the SoS’s system now?

  2. In the era of electronic filing, is it necessary to require candidates to file a duplicate with their county elections board? Can’t the county just download the electronic version?

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Chris…I see two problems with that idea:

    1) The ethics commission’ system is pretty difficult to navigate to derive the answers when you want them…and

    2) Most counties still do not have what you would call “personnel of a high enough computer proficiency” to “download” anything to their system.

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