Congratulations, Will.

Atlantan Will Warren, who for reasons known only to himself and the higher power left the Peach state to attend college at Wake Forest of all places (where he is currently a student), was the winner of the AJC’s editorial cartoon contest, held this summer when Mike Luckovich was on vacation.

Over 200 cartoons were submitted, and Warren, an extremely talented freelance editorial cartoonist, won a 17.1% plurality of the 3,158 votes cast in the contest by AJC readers. Congratulations, Will.

A compendium of his work can be seen at I highly recommend surfing on over there to take a look; it’s quite impressive.


  1. DeacfromGA says:

    Go Deacs! Wake is a great school and could probably recruit a third of its freshman class every year from the Atlanta Metro area.

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