Johns Creek has lost that loving feeling.

AJC: Johns Creek gears up to battle adult businesses

The new city of Johns Creek is on track to start the same way that Sandy Springs did — with a fight over adult entertainment that will likely put the city in court.

Mike Bodker, who is unopposed for mayor, declared at a Town Hall meeting last week that as soon as the City Council is official in November, it will adopt adult entertainment ordinances to regulate places like the Love Shack, an adult video chain trying to open in the heart of this north Fulton city.

Voters approved creation of the city in July. After elections in November, the city opens for business Dec. 1.

“I’m going to introduce ordinances, and they will be [the] strongest ordinances allowed,” Bodker said to a cheering crowd of 1,000 or more upset residents. “On Dec. 1, if they open we’re prepared; if they don’t, we’re prepared.”


  1. ugavi says:

    Fulton County is already fighting this in court. Right now Johns Creek can’t do anything about it. The Sandy Springs ordinances are currently facing a court challenge.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    The Love Shack is not “adult entertainment” in the same vein that a strip club is.

    It’s a store where they sell erotica. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with that. Are they trying to makeout like this new city will be the New Quakers or something?

    If you want to start looking at retail operations to ban that really DO impact a lot of people in a very negative way, they should ban the sale of beer and liquor from the city limits completely. More people get killed by DUI drivers or become alcoholics every day than get damaged by the sale of a sex-enhancing device.

  3. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Since I don’t have front page posting privileges, I’ll have to complain here that the following story in today’s AJC did not merit a thread and/or serious policy discussion:!-354554954&UrAuth=%60NYNUO%60NTUbTTUWUXUWUZTYU_UWU^UWUZU%60UcUcTYWYWZV&urcm=y

    It’s a good thing we’re dedicating blogspace to the intricacies of love shackery.

  4. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    The reason these places exsist as free standing stores is no one believes that if they purchase online or by phone/catalog their names won’t be accessable and used against them. The days of the “brown paper wrapper” are over. So the consumers who wish to purchase these products go to a shop like this, pay cash and leave. It’s meeting a supply demand criteria.

    If “privacy” of purchase was actually guarunteed., free standing stores wouldn’t be necessary. The Love Shack could exsist strickly in cyberspace along with all the other porn.

    I thought Republicans were all about the “free market” economy?

  5. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Buzz, I’m with ya, but someone must be planning on shopping in the store? No business person opens a store and plans on zero customers. It’s probably the same parents who just dropped the kids off at the dance studio.

    Frankly, going by what I see on MTV, the dance studio kids probably as many moves as the video’s at the Love Shack.

    What I prefer to see this energy spent on is the marginally legal “massage parlors” all up and down the street, and operating one step ahead of the law. These places do real damage to communities, use girls and women as actual sex toys and discard them when done.

  6. atlantaman says:


    I thought it was quite a coincidence that in the same paper one article listed Georgia as having the fastet growing number of uninsured and then another article has Georgia with the fastest growing illegal immigrant population. It would be interesting to have the writers get together and compare notes.

  7. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    I bet one of my friends a Chick-Fil-A sandwich that none of the responses to posting that article would be relevant to the topic of somehow finding a way to insure uninsured Georgians. Looks like it’s on him.

    Listen, I would to start a vigorous debate, but due to a perfect storm of circumstances, I’ve got to go to work now so that I can pay for my health insurance.

  8. atlantaman says:

    “I bet one of my friends a Chick-Fil-A sandwich that none of the responses to posting that article would be relevant to the topic of somehow finding a way to insure uninsured Georgians.”

    You shouldn’t be using something as important as food in a frivolous bet. You should take that Chick-Fil-A sandwhich and give it to a homeless person that cannot afford to eat.

  9. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Jace: I agree, and I do. I merely meant to communicate that at the moment, I had to go to work. Work, you know, where people earn money to buy things?

    Atlantaman: wtf?

    I’m exhausted and going to bed. Cheers!

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