Balfour to receive honor.

From the Gwinnett Insider:

State Sen. Don Balfour (R-Snellville) will receive a 2006 Legislative Service Award because of his work this year on a resolution.

Yes, a Senate resolution,

Scraping the bottom of the barrel, are we?

Actually, officials at the Association County Commissioners of Georgia believe Balfour’s resolution is an important baby step for counties like Gwinnett, whose leaders are worried about cities annexing unincorporated land.

County leaders complain the annexations ruin their land-use plans, because cities sometimes allow land to be more densely developed. Developers turned down for a project in the county often convince a neighboring city to annex its property and rezone it. The developers get their zoning while the city increases its tax base. The county, meanwhile, still has to provide some services to the area, which has more residents or workers than originally planned for.

City leaders say they have every right to annex property held by landowners who want to be tied to a city. Annexation advocates argue cities provide a strong sense of community that counties often can’t offer.

Balfour’s resolution, in effect, told city and county leaders to get together and work out a compromise, or state legislators will do it for them.


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