Senate Changes

From the press release:
The Senate Committee on Assignments has appointed two Senators to serve in new roles on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Senator Greg Goggans (R-Douglas) has been named vice chairman of Senate Appropriations, while Senator Nancy Schaefer (R-Turnerville) has been named as a standing member of the committee.

Also, Tommie Williams is stepping down as Vice Chairman of Appropriations.


  1. Sandy Brothers says:

    Probably not the last changes to come either.

    Rumor I’m hearing around the capitol is this is all pre-emptive. Yes they need to help Mrs. Schaefer and Goggans is just a solid guy.

    But William’s giving up his vice-chairmanship and Balfour giving up caucus chairman is all part of their hope that Shafer, Mullis, Pearson, and Rogers do not try to push Williams out as Majority Leader and Balfour out of his Rules chairmanship.

    Cagle’s win has given this quartet a lot of unholy boldness and they plan a leadership coup following the election.

    Shafer wants to be rules chairman.

    Pearson or Rogers are likely candiates for majority leader.

    Mullis already has transportation and just wants to be a power broker so he can continue the good life he enjoys in Atlanta.

    But can they count on Cagle’s support?

    This should be fun to watch boys and girls.

    Even the secretaries at the capitol are talking about all of this.

  2. Mad Dog says:

    I heard that Tom Cruise is going to get a appointment just like Ms. Schaefer’s.

    It will be a sofa seat on the committee.

    Would be a shame if Cagle and Schaefer don’t win.

  3. lobbyga says:

    There are just a handful of Senators who want blood after the Cagle win. If they get there way Williams and Balfour may be in trouble, but the money is on Johnson to hang on as pro tem for one more term.

    We should know more after the caucus meeting this Friday. Lobbyists are wringing their hands waiting to find out what will happen.

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