1. blazer says:

    I like the ad overall, but I still am not a fan of all the jumpshots going back and for… it damn near makes me dizzy watching it…

  2. rugby_fan says:

    GREAT JOB of using MT’s criticsims against SP and negating them with “investing 1 billion” into schools.

    And he is correct, our test scores have gone up, but we’ve fallen in the rankings.

  3. blazer says:

    We’ve fallen in the rankings???

    I thought we are now at 49 in the nation… I do believe we were 50th when Sonny came in…

  4. Sandy Brothers says:

    With the demographics of this state and the demise of the family, particularly in the Black community, we should never expect to have much higher scores.

    In fact, the way we push kids to take the SAT who never should just skews our scores lower.

    We need a track where we push some kids in the direction of vocational and technical training and forget this crazy idea that everyone should go to college.

    And if the Black community does not do something about the 70% illegitimate birth rate and children having children then our scores will almost certainly stay near the bottom.

    There is nothing or very little Sonny or Mark can do about this problem and throwing money at it as we have for decades is not the answer either.

    I wish Sonny had not spend or wasted another billion on education.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Listen up 1st District bloggers: According to “Bucky” Burnsed, part of the ranking numbers are attributed to the SAT scores which students in the first district are REQUIRED to take in order to graduate. In other states, this is NOT the case so the “ratings” are not based on equal cirteria. Further, Savannah Arts Academy has the highest SAT scores in the Peach State – higher then schools in Buckhead, etc.

    What is SAD to know is that in rural Georgia (and God knows there is a lot of rural area), 63-65% of the students pass their middle school proficiency tests. High school test scores fluctuate but the numbers are poor in rural GA.

    Sonny DOES NOT care about education or he would have fought AGAINST the cuts that keep Georgia’s students competitive with other states educationally. His commercial is marketing bunk aimed at schmoozing complacent voters.

    I appeal to all Georgians to research any incumbent’s voting record to decipher which candidate is truthful. Americans have suffered under the Republican led administration and Georgia is no different. Stagnat wages, outsourcing of jobs, loss of benefits, slashed pensions, escalating fuel costs, education cuts, etc.

    It should be PEOPLE FIRST.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    Stagnant wages, outsourcing of jobs… Hang on, I thought we were one of the fastest and strongest growing economies in the country….? Where exactly are you getting that from? Hell, it’s hard NOT to have a job in Georgia right now…

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    blazer I agree on the cinematography — what’s up with all of the quick-cuts and handheld shots these days, including in these commercials? It’s like having a little ADD with your TV.

  8. I’m surprised no conservatives on here have criticized Sonny for “throwing” money at the problem. It seems to me that people who are upset about education beind underfunded (about half of the spectrum) will never believe Sonny’s claims about doing more for education, especially as he continues to cut QBE.

    On the other hand, conservatives (also upset about the state of education) can’t be bought off — in many cases they think the problem is too much of the same and just throwing more money only furthers the problem.

    On a side note, the funniest thing to me is that Georgia has a Quality Basic Education formula (which Sonny cuts) that dictates how much is to spent based on the number of students enrolled in the state. The number of students went up, and the formula amount went up by about a billion dollars. So it wasn’t like Sonny had some sort of wonderful idea to do this, he had to whether he liked it or not. I guess maybe Sonny’s ads should end with Joe Frank did, since he was the one that passed the QBE formula law back in the ’80’s.

  9. dingleberry says:

    On a side note, the funniest thing to me is that after November 7th, we’ll all get to start another 4 year cycle of hearing Chris whine, moan, and complain about issues that he’ll never have a firm grasp on. All the while, the state will continue its improvements on all fronts!

  10. stephaniemills21 says:


    I rarely, if ever, post anything on here without checking out the facts first, and this morning when i read what you wrote, I CHECKED it out. In 2005, the last year that we have data for, Georgia is indeed tied with South Carolina.

    And here is a sentence from today’s Insider Advantage you might want to read: “Georgia students were tied for South Carolina students for last place.”

    I also checked out AJC stories from the last year, and they also said the same thing. I had trouble finding the college board info on the issue, but felt that the news stories from various sources sufficed.

    So, why don’t you use the computer you are sitting in front of, do a google search, and look up the facts on your own, and stop using phrases like, “….I believe.”

    It is hard enough to be a democrat on this board, I do not need to make it harder to make my case by making bullshit statements like you do.

    And as for your article that you posted, I would agree that SAT scores are not the end all be all of ranking in education. The system is flawed. BUT, it was Sonny Perdue who called SATs the “gold standard” of educational achievement when he criticized Barnes in 2002.

  11. CobbGOPer says:

    Yeah, well Ford, GM, and McDonald’s aren’t the only employers in this state, pal. Small businesses account for something like 60-70% or more of employment in this country, and Georgia is no different. Small businesses are opening all the time here, creating jobs.

    What we need to be doing is re-structuring our tax system so that small business owners receive more incentive to invest in their business and create more jobs, and better jobs. No offense, but I’d rather have more white-collar jobs coming here than blue-collar factory jobs like GM and Ford. Good riddance.

    But if it’s factory jobs you want, factory jobs you’ll get. While it’s not settled, I’m confident Kia will get their plant opened. And let’s see, right next door in Coweta County a company is opening a condiment production facility (condiments as in ketchup packets) that will bring over 200 jobs.

    Whine about GM and Ford all you want, but we are replacing those lost jobs with more and better ones.

  12. TigerLily says:

    To both Stephanies, you are wrong:

    To say GA is 49th is incorrect. You are not comparing apples to apples. When The College Board presents SAT scores to the State School Board, they tell them up front, DO NOT RANK. Why? Because one state may only have 10% of their students taking the SAT while states like GA allow anyone who wants to take the test to do so (i.e. because everyone wants to receive the HOPE scholarship and go to college even if they haven’t been college prep bound).

    The media and politicians are the ones who “rank” SATs because they feel the need to compare, have headlines, mail pieces, finger pointing, etc.

    Are we still where we need to be on the SAT? No. If we only allowed college prep students to take the test, would we fare better? Probably. Will this ever happen? Nope. We have the HOPE scholarship and it is available to anyone who can make the B average and get into college. To do that, you have to take the SAT.

  13. caroline says:

    I saw this ad on tv. It made me laugh at Sonny. Once again, his ads are really bad. I guess he thinks that he is hitting some big demographic on FoodTV because that is the channel that I’m watching whenever I see on of these ads.

  14. caroline says:

    I usually watch Paula Deen. Tonight the ad came on during an Alton Brown show which I usually like his shows but this was some kind of Iron Chef program. My favorites are the 4pm-6pm block-Paula Dean, Giada DeLaurentis, The Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten) and Almost homemade with Sandra something.

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