A Word on Mark Taylor

&#8220To say that Taylor has collateral damage from Cox and that is why he is behind does, I think, a disservice to the outstanding campaign Taylor ran and does a disservice to Governor Perdue. &#8221

There’s been a lot of speculation this week that one reason Mark Taylor is behind Perdue in the polls is because of lingering ill will from female Cox supporters. On August 25th, Mat Towery wrote of their new poll showing Taylor behind and females supporting Perdue, “I think that is absolutely, positively collateral damage from Cathy Cox. If he doesn’t find a way to kiss and make up with Cathy Cox, then the rest of this is all moot.


  1. RandyMiller says:

    The biggest reason Mark Taylor is behind is too many people see through him for the liberal he really is. He kisses up to the ultra left in Atlanta, then goes to rural georgia to go huntiung on his plantation like he’s one of the boys. People can see when something doesn’t add up. It’s the general consensus he wears too many hats.

    Add this to who runs the democratic party in America now. Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean…it’s a who’s who of left wing nut cases with little to no tolerance for middle of the roaders and zero tolerance for conservatives. (some big tent!) Throw in people like Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belefonte and other ” I hate America” types and this is what the democratic party is today. This, my friends, is why Mark Taylor is lagging behind.

  2. Also, I don’t know how much anyone trusts the insider advantage numbers, but Sonny needs to do a lot better than 60% with white male voters (may have seen that wrong) to get re-elected. Even the Survey USA approval polls show Sonny only getting 69% approval among white voters — very close to the threshold of what he needs from them (probably around 64%). As the pros know, when someone disaproves of you they are very likely to vote against you, but approval does not necessarily translate into a re-elect vote (ie he’s doing an ok job but my big issue is children’s healthcare and taylor would do better etc).

    Well put, Erick. Vocal Cox supporters on the blogosphere and elsewhere are fond of picking their big pet peeve with the primary and pretending like the whole world cares/knows about it when it’s very likely they don’t.

    The biggest mistake Cox made was assuming that the vague “soft” feelings that people had about Cathy (huge approval — mile wide and an inch deep) would translate into support they wouldn’t have to purchase in the primary through campaign funds. Whoever her pollster was seriously f-d that one up, allowing Taylor to get a massive headstart on television advertising that drained that inch deep pool pretty quickly. Just imagine if Cox had been the first on TV, according to all internal polls she was well above 50% at that point!

    I can’t figure out why Sonny’s running all these positive ads, but I doubt they are having much traction. Probably trying as hard as they can to hold on to what they’ve already got (in an anti-incumbent year, how many undecideds come back to the incumbent as the campaign wears on). I’ll close with this — ask Roy Barnes how much having a big lead but dangerously close to 50% gets you on election day.

  3. kspencer says:

    At this point, I figure as long as the economy stays decent Sonny will win. That said, I disagree with the economic foundation Buzz posted about recently – I think things are going to be a little painful, and the only question is how soon and how deep.

    But the economy’s really about it. He’s slipped away from the corruption tag that’s hurting Republicans in most of the nation. He’s not made a hash of the budget. He’s kept several promises. He’s only lost some of the teachers – the ones who are normally Democratic voters – and I only expect a small proportion of the flaggers to go against him in November. Yes, he’s ‘barely’ above 50, but I think he’s real close to his floor. Assuming, again, the economy stays up.

    By the way – the key isn’t going to be how the economy looks to businesses. It’s going to be how it looks to Joe Public. That means the 5+% unemployment rate and the 4% total inflation rate and the declining real household wages are worry points for Sonny. When housing falls off a cliff and most of the people who make their incomes on building and selling houses follow it, things will be worse. But for the last time, the when is uncertain. And if it can wait another three, maybe two months, Sonny dodges the economy hit.


  4. rugby_fan says:

    “I can’t figure out why Sonny’s running all these positive ads”

    BEcause he is gearing up for a veritbale onslaught of negative ads against MT. Go positive build your lead, then go negative and keep undecideds from voting. Simple as that.

  5. atlantaman says:


    I think you are dead on with your assesment of the Cox campaign and the reliability of the IA numbers. While Sonny could do a little better with the white male voters, Taylor is hemoragging pretty badly with the white female voters.

    As far as crticizing Sonny for running positive ads, objectively I’m not sure what you think he should be doing instead. I don’ think there is any dispute (by anyone’s numbers) that he is ahead in the polls (yes I’m well aware of what happened to Barnes) and he’s the incumbent, in that position you don’t come out swinging. Taylor is going to have to be the one that gets dirty first and then Sonny might follow suit.

    Until we start hearing something different from Taylor in a substantial media buy (who knows how his fundraising is going) we are going to keep hearing the, “Why would we ever go back?” commercials.

  6. The problem for Sonny and his “why go back” is that Taylor’s record is primarilly Zell’s record. Do people want to go back to Barnes? Maybe, maybe not. Do they want another governor like Zell? You bet you, and Sonny is no Zell!

    Thanks for the comment on the Cox analysis. And if I were Sonny I’d come out swinging.

  7. emily says:

    Chris, you’re right inasmuch as IA numbers are historically not to be trusted. And Perdue definately should come out swinging and soon if he wants to secure this thing.

    As for the Cox collateral, I don’t think it’s a female thing. I think it’s the whole way the race went down. Mark hit below the belt and it worked. Fine. Cox tried to energize disaffected voters and it didn’t work as well as hoped for. Fine. But for the populace that was, in fact, energized by Cox, they may vote for Taylor, but it will be begrudgingly. I’ll do it, but it will turn my stomach.

  8. whitemalevoters says:


    You are right. Sonny will need 60% of our votes to pull this off. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. Our votes are going to the big guy–all 100% of them. The big guy is the only one in the race that has dedicated his entire political career looking out for the advancement of the white male voter in Georgia.

    No one has done more for us than Mark Taylor. He wants the flag back!

    White Male Voters for Taylor ’06!

  9. RiverRat says:

    As far as Sonny’s ads right now, it is worth remembering that Bush blitzed Kerry negatives (and the whole Swift Boat thing) at a pretty similar stage in that campaign. Kerry was just off a some-what surprising win in the Dem primary, and had to save money and went dark until the fall campaign really ramped up. So Bush threw the kitchen sink at him, and it worked.

    Instead, if Mark gets a chance to cut his message to the right groups, Sonny could be in trouble fast. I really don’t think that Sonny will be able to just call Mark a liberal and be done with it – Mark has cut more taxes for regular folks than Sonny has! And yeah, Mark will be running some negative advertising, but I’d expect him to run a fair amount of positives, too. Mark has to both convince voters that Sonny is no good AND make the case that MT is a better alternative – that means running some positive ads. Sonny could just follow Bush’s example and convince people that MT is not a good choice, regardless of whether Sonny is getting much done. By not peppering MT when he can’t respond, Sonny may be letting MT have a much easier time convincing people he’s a better alternative than he could be.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I was invited to attend the Democratic Caucus. I did and enjoyed meeting everyone. Mark is working F/R daily and adding high density voter stops in conjunction with other candidates. He has publicly offered Cathy Cox any position she would like to have in his administration. She has
    yet to reply – recovery can be painful in many instances.

    Sonny’s positive ads – perhaps “gentle propaganda” so as not to offend voters at this early media phase of the race. Polls in GA have indictaed that voters will turn away rather than vote for an antagonistic candidate, lobbing negative verbal bombs.

    River Rat: your statement that says: . . .”Sonny could just follow Bush’s example and convince people that MT is not a good choice, regardless of wether Sonny is getting much done.”

    Definite Republican strategy!

  11. Mad Dog says:


    Why not vote absentee in Florida, too?

    Don’t you have a vacation home there?

    I bet some members of my extended family ( in CA, IN, KY, MA, DC, IL) could vote absentee in Georgia. I think they have a vacation home (MY HOUSE) in Georgia.

    Motel Mad Dog. I can’t keep the lights on cause the power costs too much.

  12. Mad Dog says:


    I think Kath-er-ine Harris is a handsome woman. Very handsome. I don’t understand why my friends think thats so gay.

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