The new SV Poll

According to Strategic Visions Sonny would beat Mark 54-41 with 5 undecided and Casey would beat Jim 49-21 with 30% undecided.

Rudy and Hillary lead for Presidential preference.

Mark’s approval rating is at 53% and Sonny’s is at 56%.


  1. educatedvoterga says:

    At our local party meetings in my county there is still a lot of hurt and pain I have found regarding the Cagle/Reed race.

    I still find Reed supporters who say they will not vote for Cagle.

    I think, in spite of these numbers, Cagle really needs to reach out to the Reed folk. He will need them in November and after this really heats up.

    Everyone expects a dirty race between Perdue and Taylor and it will probably be that way with Martin too. He is sure to repeat many of the charges against Cagle and his ethics lapses.

    Yet several key Republicans who backed Reed say they have heard nothing from the Cagle campaign. Are they so arrogant? My fear is that these numbers may lead them to further arrogance, but they should not take this for granted.

    That’s my opinion, anyway.

  2. jsm says:

    Those sour grapes Reed supporters that won’t support Cagle need to get over themselves and get with the program. Their disappointment and/or bitterness won’t change this race. Casey is the exact opposite of arrogance, and I have no doubt that he will welcome them to his team. Reed’s folks shouldn’t expect him to beg them for support.

  3. Sandy Brothers says:

    Sour grapes? How about at least expecting Cagle to ask. I am still getting the cold shoulder from Cagle people in my area. I support Stephens, but Handel has asked for my support.

    My opinion is Cagle can afford to be kind and gracious. He won. He needs all of us, but his campaign is as arrogant as ever at least in so far as his local supporters are concerned.

    I want to support him, but it was a bad campaign and he needs to work the Reed crowd. Not beg, but ask and let them know they are needed too to get him across the finish line.

  4. rightofcenter says:

    A Reed supporter I’m close to who was upset with the Cagle campaign is now excited about the Cagle campaign after a couple of conversations with Casey. He was very humble and welcoming. A candidate can’t control his “local supporters” and he certainly can’t make a personal appeal to everybody who voted for Reed. It seems like some people on this board have a greatly inflated opinion of themselves. Park your ego and get onboard the R team!

  5. rugby_fan says:

    If people are actually concerned about the welfare of the party they will get on board the CC campaign.

  6. CHelf says:

    If people base their opinion of a candidate solely on their supporters, then they need to just give up voting. You’ll find some arrogant and nasty supporters in EVERY crowd. If that is the only thing you look at, you’ll find them, and then complain as if ALL a candidate’s supporters are that way. I’ve yet to find a candidate who has nice, polite, and friendly supporters across the board. Frankly I’m not voting for the supporters. I’m voting for the candidate and the ideas.

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