1. foray says:

    It it funny but doesn’t sound like anything that would come out of Gary’s staff- they are professional and have the utmost class.

    We need to realize the only way to beat Tommy is to honor his past service and beat him in the world of ideas. By attacking him and making him look stupid will alienate anyone who has voted for him the past 30 years.

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    blazer — yes I do, but my lips are sealed 😉

    foray — you are correct; Gary Black has been nothing but respectful of TI and his service in every conversation and encounter I have had with him. He has carried himself with class, and I see no sign that that will change in the future.

    This was my “quote of the night” because it made me laugh out loud — I thought it was great.

  3. Mad Dog says:


    Even professionals make mistakes. I’d cut them some slack. A comment meant to be funny has to fit the audience. I’d bet there was a larger content and something of an insider joke going on.

    I don’t know Irvin or Black. I would like to see how a respectful campaign can be used to win.

    Professional but human.

  4. BulldawgGirl says:

    I was there when the campaign worker said this and it was hilarious. I am sure that it was just meant to be funny. And it did fit the audience.

  5. LymanHall says:

    Stay classy, Commerce. Expired milk will carry the day in Nov. Gary Black can go back to being a lobbyist.

  6. UGAMatthew says:

    Just a side note, has anyone checked Irvins’ ego lately?
    I pulled this straight off his campaign site; article published July 20th 06 in the AJC:

    “‘He says he is proud of his reputation as, “advocate for Georgia farmers and guardian angel of her consumers.”‘”

    Irvin is my guardian angel. Yeah right.

  7. Mad Dog says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeah, Matthew.

    At least he’s not saying God confirmed him in the job… or other wonderful language that implies God picked him out of a line up.

    That would be Reed, Chambliss, Cagle, Bush…

  8. Mojo says:

    Since Gary Black first entered the race I have seen many farmers in my area, south Georgia, supporting Black and this made me wonder that if they are so quick to support Black, farmers in general, then why has Irvin been the Ag. Comm. for the past few decades? Any ideas?

  9. Mojo, farmers make up what, 2% of the state population. How many farmers are there in Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb, Fulton, Clayton and Henry counties?

    I propose a novel trade, however – only farmers can vote for ag commissioner and only people on unemployment insurance can vote for labor commish.

  10. Big Mack says:

    Gary Black is the only credible and knowledgeable opponent that T. I. has ever had.
    To my knowledge, T.I. does not have one employee that will vote for him. I see some them every week and their comments are similar to ” Don’t tell anybody this, but I am voting for Black.”. T. I. has the real bad diabetes and is no longer wearing the cowboy boots. He should have quit when he was ahead and could have retired gracefully.

  11. stephaniemills21 says:

    I do not see what the big deal is about the comment. I am a dem and TI supporter and I laughed out loud. Political folk make jokes about their opponents all the time.

  12. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Mad Dog, “Reed, Chambliss, Cagle, Bush,” have all said that “God confirmed [them] in the job”?

    Last I checked, (1) Reed lost, so he doesn’t have a job for God to confirm him in, (2) Cagle’s running for office — he hasn’t won yet — so I’d bet he’s holding off on crediting God with him already having the job, (3) What did Sen. Chambliss say to give you that impression? (serious question there — I just haven’t ever heard anything from him like that), and, finally, (4) True, President Bush is vocal and outspoken about his faith, and about his belief that God puts people in certain postitions, and that He oversees all affairs of men. If you want to take that as him saying that “God picked him out of a line up [sic],” then I’ll give you thart point, and save my energy to engage on another at a different time. Cool?

  13. LymanHall says:

    Quote of the Day, taken from the Athens Banner-Herald:

    My friends and I constantly lament the lack of high-quality people running for public office. But we see why that is, given the Aug. 17 column by Jeff Emanuel on the race for state agriculture commissioner (“Black will be tough competition for Irvin in agriculture race”).

    Brian Kemp, the state senator from Athens who left that office to run for agriculture commissioner, but lost the Republican primary runoff to Gary Black, has served our community well. Kemp decided to run for agriculture commissioner because he believed there needed to be some change in that department and he offered a clear plan for what he would do and how he would do it.

    In the end, the Republican voters in Georgia decided to nominate someone else. That’s how our government works, and I think it works well. While I think the voters made a bad decision and lost out on having a great leader in this office, the race is over, and all candidates who ran should be commended for having the guts to offer themselves for public office.

    Instead, the Kemps have to endure Emanuel, a college kid who has never run for anything or done anything productive for this community, mock them and question their motives. Why do good people not run for office? It’s because they have to endure being kicked while they are down by wannabes who don’t have the guts to offer anything other than arrogant criticism.

    Thank you, Sen. Kemp, and all the other candidates for having the guts to run. And shame on Emanuel and his kind for mocking that.

    Amanda Brown


  14. Mad Dog says:

    Jeff Emanuel,

    Cagle is quoted as saying to Reed that God confirmed him, I’ll get the date for you if you wish. It’s in more than one version covering the meeting between Cagle and Reed, where Reed allegedly tried to talk Cagle into dropping out.

    The concept of having a calling from God comes out of Martin Luther and Jean Calvin. Calvin being the more notable.

    Chambliss spoke at NGCSU when I was a reporter for the Voice, the college’s student newspaper. The editors and I recorded his comments with approval from Chambliss’s staff. In those remarks, Chambliss talks about being called to the job.

    The school may still have the tape. Why don’t you ask them?

  15. Know Nothing says:

    A quick lexis-nexis search confirms what maddog has said. The headline is “Lieutenant governor’s race grabs spotlight; ‘Ambitious’ Cagle goes toe-to-toe with Reed.”

  16. dingleberry says:


    Maybe if you weren’t such a dumb ass, you would have read Jeff’s column yourself, instead of listening to some idiot like Amanda Brown.

    In that Column, Jeff referred to Kemp as such “Kemp – who has pledged his support to Black in the general election – will be back in the Georgia political scene sooner rather than later. He is too bright, with too much to offer, to remain out of sight for long.”

    Get off the meds retard.

  17. UGAMatthew says:


    Your blind adherence to an opinion piece in the Athens paper makes suspect your general ability to qualify truth and fiction. This Amanda Brown, who naively asserts Jeff Emanuel is “a college kid….in this community” certainly hasn’t a clue as to what she’s talking about. I should only hope she considers years of honorable military service a service to the community; the nation. In that, I defend Mr. Emanul.

    And lastly, don’t copy and paste large text pieces as “the quote of the day.” It really makes you seem unintelligent; that would have been “the opinion of the day” even though it clearly hasn’t the merit to be titled such. And if you want to copy paste los of text, just link the page instead. It’s not hard.

  18. AtomSmasher says:

    LymanHall, it’s so easy to do. If someone has an orange name here, it’s a link. Click it and go to their website. If you do that on Jeff Emanual’s name it takes you to his, where at the top is a bio and the third post down from that is the column Amanda Brown writes about. Read the column for yourslef. Also read the bio–you wil see that he has been recognized for giving a whole heck of a lot t the Athens community. Here’s part if it:

    “Emanuel has been recognized…by several communities (both foreign and domestic) for his endless dedication to volunteer service, including establishing a School of English for orphaned children in rural South Korea, and serving as an officer of the Juvenile Court representing underprivileged children in abuse, neglect, and custody cases in Georgia. He has been the recipient of Rotary Club awards for local and international community service, and was named the Athens-Clarke County, GA and University of Georgia “Pillar of the Community

  19. Cotton Boll says:

    Saw Comm. Irvin today in Perry at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce event. Man, he needs to get some updated photos in the newspapers! Time to go home Mr. Irvin.

    Saw Gary Black too. He is still working hard.

  20. LymanHall,

    Amanda Brown’s ad hominem attack on Jeff is absolutely outrageous. I think you should apologize for indirectly slandering a man who, in addition to fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, has spent countless hours doing community service in ACC.


  21. Mike says:

    Just Damn. I bet little Miss Mandy will do a bit of research before attacking someone in the future.

  22. foray says:

    I saw Commissioner Irvin two days ago outside the Capitol- first time in 37 years did I see him getting in a car with a driver.

    Rumor is he was admitted to the hospital today for an eye infection.

  23. Jake Tullman says:

    She was wrong to say those things about Jeff Emanuel, because he is obviously more involved in his community than most people are.
    However, Emanuel was also wrong. In his article, he said Kemp wasn’t qualified for the office and essentially had no business in running for it. Who is Emanuel to question Kemp’s credibility as a candidate, especially when considering the great amount of service and representation that Kemp has brought to his district? Just as, who is Amanda Brown to question Jeff Emanuel’s community serivce, and credibility as something more than a college kid?
    Additionally, Kemp was involved in Agriculture from the time he arrived at the Capitol, immersing himself in the subject because he was truely interested in it. Additionally, when he was at UGA , he studied agriculture, and has been an active horse farmer. Emanuel obviously didn’t know how dedicated of a public servant he was as a Senator, and how much Kemp did truly care about running for this position.
    Emanuel did say Kemp shouldn’t fade away because he has so much potential, which is true. However, Emanuel didn’t have any reason or right to question Kemp’s qualifications or motivations to be in the race, just as Amanda had no reason or right to question Jeff’s integrity.

  24. Jack S says:

    No, youre defending a guy who kicked another when he was down. It was a really silly editorial that frankly was pretty classless. Someone calls him out for it and now you college kids freak out.

    If jeff or anyone else wants to opine, go ahead, but don’t expect others won’t criticize you – especially when you engage in cheap shots.

    On the larger issue, good luck gary! I hope you win – as do the kemp, greer, and strickland supporters.

  25. David Kirby says:

    Jack S,

    Jeff’s point that Mr. Kemp is underqualified for Ag Commissioner is a fairly common point. I am ashamed to admit that I don’t know much about either candidate, something I hope to change shortly. What I can say, though, is that Jeff’s statement about Mr. Kemp’s inexperience in agriculture is one that I have heard voiced by a number of prominent members in the agricultural community, among others. Jeff is not alone in this assessment.

    And, I don’t think it was classless or a cheap shot. He analyzed the race and the candidates and this was one factor in the race. ‘Nough said.

  26. GAWire says:

    Jack, I guess the question is, why are you attempting to jump on the bandwagon of bashing someone who has had pretty darn accurate analyses of the political landscape this year?!?

    I also don’t understand why we shouldn’t question Kemp’s qualifications for running for Ag Comm. I questioned them, and as a matter of fact, I questioned his qualifications enough not to vote for him. I do agree he has a lot of political potential, but ag comm was not where it was. Move on.

    As far as questioning Jeff, he can take the criticism … I mean, the whole getting shot at while serving in war thing probably has a way of giving someone thick skin. But, that’s neither here nor there … the bottom line is that he has been accurate in his analyses. Regardless of whether you like him or his viewpoints, he’s been dead on. Get over it!

    Sure, you can disagree with him, but that sucks for you b/c it only makes you wrong.

    I’m sure this Amanda person is very smart and experienced in politics (by “smart,” I mean “she doesn’t know her a** from a hole in the ground”), but she was off here. The joke is on her, though (and you, Jack) b/c she sounded off her opinion to the public, so now everyone knows that she is an idiot – not just that silly voice in her head.

    This is funny: “””Emanuel, a college kid who has never run for anything or done anything productive for this community””” — geez, what’s a person got to do to get a little respect?!? There’s a group protesting at soldiers’ funerals roaming the country that I’m sure Amanda would just love to join!

    Btw, I’m not a college kid, nor was I ever a CR … I think everyone who reads PP knows my feelings about CR’s (with a few exceptions, of course).

  27. Jack S says:

    Ga – I’m jumping on the bandwagon of let’s move on from the primary. Black won, the others didn’t. And the last time I checked kemp endorsed black and so everybody is unified and moving forward. Everybody but college kids who think its cool to keep kicking a man when he’s down.

    The time to question kemp on anything related to that race is long since past. And jeff’s editorial, regardless of its merits, was a classless cheap shot of just kicking a guy who has already lost. Jeff couldve just focused on black and irvin, but instead dragged up all the primary infighting again….in kemps hometown newspaper….in a pathetic “I’m so smart and I’m such an insider” editorial.

    And then when someone points out that some punk college kids is out of his league criticizing an elected official who served his community well and made a decision to try for a higher office – suddenly he’s a victim because he served in the army? Spare me. Kemp should be commended for his service and his willingness to run. And jeff should be commended for serving in the armed forces. But that doesn’t give him a pass fo being a jackass.

    Jeff may have had some points and he may have articulated them well, but he proved he’s just a silly college kid with his needless, classless cheap shots on kemp.

    Grow up, show some respect, and realize that our party moves forward when we leave the primary fights to the primary – not when we engage in a bunch of “see, see, I’m really smart and I know something about politics” monday morning quarterbacking.

    Now I’m through arguing with the little kids. Back to law.

  28. GAWire says:

    “Grow up, show some respect …”

    Son, first, your firm is going to get real tired of you missing those billable percentages from your commenting. Second, let’s talk about respect when we talk about something other than politics and media. You’re showing your naivete and lack of experience when you tell someone who is writing about a political race to show some respect. And, btw, calling it like it is, is not necessarily lacking respect. Finally, I don’t want to say that “that punk college kid’s” remarks were just to get ratings/attention, but I will say that those of us who are involved with media and politics, typically address items that are of interest to readers/viewers. Obviously, his story/comments had some interest. As far as moving on, we’re all doing just that — Black is great, Kemp is great, and all that stuff …

    NOW you can get back to being a Junior Associate. But, leave the real work to us “little kids.”

  29. David Kirby says:

    This doesn’t have much to do with the original subject, but I want your thoughts on it anyway. Some on this blog make it a point to blast the CR’s, but beyond that, “college kids.” Certainly, some college students in politics think they know more than they do, and they need to be put in their place. Some CR’s are so hyped up and aggressive that they tend to ignore the wisdom of the more experienced. But, the generalized attacks on students can be repulsive, and I’m telling you this as a student leader.

    Jack S, these “little kids” are going to be running this state. In fact, some already are–i.e. Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson’s new Chief of Staff Josh Willis is only 26 years old. Jeff Emanuel (correct me if I’m wrong) is also 26. So what is it about Jeff that makes him a “little kid” and Josh not a “little kid?” If Special Ops military service doesn’t make you a man, then dear God, please tell me what does.

    My point is not that you should “go easy” on students, because we need a wake-up call and sometimes need to be slapped in the face–just end the over-generalized stereotypes.

    We students have the drive to get things done, thus why politics is now called a young man’s game. Countless battles are being fought on the college campus. The ideas that students form during their college years are the most likely thoughts to stick with them for the rest of their life, and our conservative students are being faced daily with countless numbers of challenges to their ideology. If our students believe everything that is taught in class, conservatism is lost. The conservative ideology rests on the backs of conservative students that have the courage to speak out and challenge the liberal status quo of the university. So instead of spending so much time criticizing the CR’s or other students, thank them for believing what they do and for having the courage to speak out for what’s right.

  30. AtomSmasher says:

    Jack(as)S you are digging a hole you fool. “the last time I checked kemp endorsed black and so everybody is unified and moving forward. Everybody but college kids who think its cool to keep kicking a man when he’s down” I guess you’ve never heard of analysis. You don’t think it’s fair game , when writing about the general eklection, to mention that Black has 13% the amount of money on hand that Irvin does BECAUSE of Kemp? Hopw’s that a cheap shot? ANd how old are you, to be calling an adult a “college kid”? And don’t even start with me, I’m probably older than you.

    He wrote a “pathetic “I’m so smart and I’m such an insider

  31. HowardDawg says:

    whoa now, if you wanna blame someone for the primary in the ag or sos race, blame the Gov. he couldve ended those primaries before they began but he didn’t. kemp personally told me that the he went to the gov twice before deciding to run and told him he would bow out if the gov wanted that and sonny said do what what’s in your heart.

    and i wouldn’t be surprised if stephens did the same. it was clear that sonny and his state party were pushing karen and gary hard. and that’s his choice. but don’t go blaming stephens and kemp for depleted warchests. if sonny would’ve made it clear on the front end what he made so clear on the backend, then they wouldn’t have had the primaries. that’s not stephens and kemps fault. if karen and gary want to blame someone they should start with sonny and the state party. they didn’t really offer any leadership on that one.

  32. techtrack says:

    who said that karen or gary were blaming anybody. are you suggesting that sonny or the state party should hand pick their ticket. doesn’t work that way in georgia. there might be a county or two where the county party has that level of influence, but doesn’t happen on a state level.

  33. Mad Dog says:

    “Make you a man?”

    Special Ops?
    Getting laid?
    Getting drunk and puking your guts out?
    Your first case of the clap?
    Killing your first deer or a rabbit?

    These are things that also make swaggering braggerts.

    How about losing two legs and an arm, learning to live without them?

    How about having cancer slowly eat your life away but dying only once?

    How about learning you can never have children, adopting three, raising them to become useful members of society?

    How about working at a job that sucks for 30 years to take care of your family?

    “Make you a man …”

    Sounds like you meant make you look macho.

  34. AtomSmasher says:

    Mad Dumb***, you are a friggin idiot. And a coward. And a “little kid,” although Jack(as)S doenst say anything to you because you’re both dumb*** Libs. “Make you look macho”? You need to hold your tongue, becuse you have NO IDEA what youre taking about.

    Talk about veterans like you did about Max Cleland, and then compare Emanual’s service to “getting the clap”? Son, you’d better be glad folks like him aree on our side. Friggin idiot.

  35. Mad Dog says:


    Did you feel better after getting all that filth out of your mouth?

    Now go kiss your mother. She’s the only one that to love you.

  36. Mad Dog says:


    Did you feel better after getting all that filth out of your mouth?

    Now go kiss your mother. She’s the only one that has to love you.

  37. debbie0040 says:

    Max Cleland is a bleeding heart liberal that went to D.C. and embraced the ideology of Kerry and Kennedy. Cleland tried to hide his liberal leanings behind his war record and Georgia voters saw through it. I don’t believe in giving a pass to someone because of their war service. If they vote liberal, they should be held accountible and called the liberal skunk they are.

    I will admit I have a tad bit more respect for Cleland than I do Jimmy Carter, but not much more. Cleland is a poor loser.

  38. Jace Walden says:


    Cleland may be a “bleeding heart liberal” for a politician, but he is also a man of honor and integrity. I personally don’t agree with his politics. But he has earned more than the title of “skunk” from you.

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