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They’ve got their poll out too:

Mark Taylor’s got his work cut out for him. Thatâ s part of the story in a new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll that puts Gov. Sonny Perdue at 49 percent and Taylor at 32 percent with 19 percent undecided. The other part of the story is, there is still a strong potential for the race to tighten and become extremely close, according to InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery.

There are some surprising findings in the poll for Taylor, the Democratic challenger. Perdue, the Republican he hopes to unseat, leads 47 percent to 36 percent among females and 60 percent to 27 percent among white voters. Among Democrats, while Taylor takes a 60 percent share, Perdue is peeling off 19 percent and 21 percent are undecided.


  1. joelsbeetch says:

    I have a friend who works for the democrats and he tells me this is going to be a long and dirty campaign, that they have lots of stuff to throw at Sonny and Casey. They are also planning to exploit some of the Reed voter’s problems with Casey and the campaign he ran.

    I think Sonny and Casey are probably in pretty good shape, but we should hold on to our hats and this one is going to be hard faught.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I think the one who has to worry about alienated voters is Taylor not Casey Cagle. From what I hear the Cox folks are still pissed off.

    It’s going to be a hard campaign. I think Martin is going to have trouble since although he is a class act, he’s a hardcore urban liberal with a long voting record trying to run in a Conservative state.

  3. Sandy Brothers says:

    I think Taylor and Cagle have similar problems. Their races were so negative that they really pissed off their opponent’s supporters. I don’t know what Taylor is doing and I don’t care. But I don’t think Cagle has done enough and the time to have reached out was right after the win.

    We have to come together to get Perdue and Cagle elected. I hope the Cagle people realize this before it is too late.

  4. Melb says:

    19% of Democrats are NOT going to vote for Perdue. Are Cox supporters so upset that they are going to vote for a Republican? I don’t think so. Mark Taylor has been reaching out to Cox supporters. Just last week he had a unity party at Manuel’s Tavern. Cox supporters were there. Once the Perdue team starts to get nasty on Taylor and he portrays himself as Right wing as he can be the Democrats loyalty will kick back in. It is just going to take some time, but I have no doubt in my mind, come November, we will be united.

  5. Also, Perdue needs more than 60% of the white vote to win when it is said and done. For someone to be running ads unopposed for the last month to only be at 49% is kind of troublesome. Just ask Roy Barnes what a big 49-30 lead a few months before the election gets you on election day.

  6. RiverRat says:

    I’d second Chris, with a twit – if Sonny is at 49% with that sort of lead among women, he’s in trouble. I don’t think it will hold, although it does suggest that MT needs to again rehabilitate his image among female voters. All those baby commercials seemed to work last time…

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Casey Cagle is unifying the Republican electorate and reaching out to Democrats and Independents in his bid to become the first Republican Lt. Governor in this state’s history.

    There were those that supported Ralph in the primary and they were a loyal crew. By and large, most have been warmly welcomed into the Casey Cagle fold and are supporting Casey both in terms of votes and money.

    In Chatham County for instance, many of the financial donors to Ralph Reed have enthusiastically signed on for a major fundraiser for Casey next week. They have joined as part of the host committee and have written significant checks to the campaign effort.

    Casey Cagle is the common sense choice of Georgia voters and will be elected in November in large part because of his practical hands on experience in the legislature, but also because of his breaking the mold thinking in addressing some of the major issues facing Georgia like improvements in education, transportation, and economic development.

  8. lobbyga says:

    I am proud to be on the Perdue/Cagle team. I along with many other lobbyists have met with Cagle and I am confident he is the kind of Lt. Governor we need. He has my full support. He’ll be good on the issues that are of importance to my clients and their interests. In fact, I am trying to raise him a large amount of money so that he can respond to the attacks that might come his way.

    I also understand there will likely be a big turn over in leadership after the election.

    The House will be stable, but we can expect a new Senate Majority Leader and a new Senate Rules Committee chairman. It is important that Cagle gain control of the committee on assignments if he is to control the Senate and its business.

    Based on what I have heard it will be either Senator Chip Rogers or Senator Chip Pearson as Majority Leader and Senator Shafer as Rules Chair.

    Shafer has done a masterful job behind the scenes in working all this out.

    I think Cagle will definately win and take over the Senate with Shafer’s help. These two have got to be the best strategists in the Republican Party of Georgia today. I congratulate them on their victory.

  9. atlantaman says:

    Keep in mind it is an Insider Advantage poll which means it might as well be a monkey throwing a dart. We all discuss their results like a bunch of sheep (myself included) and forget the fact that only 4 weeks ago IA was stating the Reed/Cagle race was going to come down to 1,000 votes in Cobb County and Reed had the advantage due to having Jarred Thomas (a guy who knows Cobb well from Tom Price) on his staff.

  10. gopdoc says:

    Call me an angry Reed supporter if you like, but I don’t know why they think they have to make all those changes just because they won.

    There is nothing wrong with Senator Tommie Williams. He is a good Christian and moral person who is a good leader for the senators. I have met Senator Balfour at Republican events. He seems like a good man too even though he is not originally from Georgia. He does work for Waffle House and we need people who can speak for the common man as well as big business.

    Those of us in south Georgia don’t want to give up the influence of people like Senator Williams. I know Cagle won, but he shouldn’t upset everything needlessly.

  11. blazer says:

    If you think Cox supporters are voting for Taylor, you haven’t been to Bainbridge or any of SWGA ever have you?

  12. tobin smith says:

    Just like those damn Cagle people to think they can kick out people who have done a hell of a job and put their own in.

    If they kick out WIlliams and Johnson I’ll never give a senator another dime. Rogers and Pearson are first term senators for god’s sake.

    Shafer may be a good strategy guy, but he’s about to f*** up if he thinks he can take down the leadership and Balfour and put in those bozos.

    I hope Cagle wakes up before it is too late.

  13. RandyMiller says:

    Several of my accounts are down in SOWEGA. While I’m down there on business I’ve talked to many former Cox supporters (some dem., some rep., some ind.) who thought Taylor ran the nastiest campaign they’ve ever seen. The republicans are going back to Perdue, no surprise there, but time and time again I hear from dems that supported Cox and now can’t get behind Taylor. If they won’t vote for Perdue then they’ll sit it out.

  14. Taylor’s campaign against Cox really wasn’t that bad. He took her lying words about the tv ads and her own words about the Hope scholarship (which at best would tell you she had been undecided) and told voters about it. Now, I can see where the locals are upset that their hometown girl lost, but nastiest campaign ever? Doesn’t hold a candle to Mitch Skandalakis in 1998.

    Cox’s 10 county region in SW Ga is big enough for — 1 state senate district. They’ll get over it as things move along, but even so we aren’t talking about that many die hard Cox supporters (and if we were, she’d have enough votes to win the nomination).

  15. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, last time I checked, the Members of the State Senate pick their leaders, not the Lt. Governor. If Casey is elected, and I believe he will be, he will be waiting just like everyone else to see who the Senate picks for their leadership roles.

    It is well within the right of the State Senate to keep, change, or do whatever they want to with their leadership roster.

    For what it’s worth, I think 4 Senators demonstrated exceptional leadership through this most recent primary campaign: Senators David Shafer, Jeff Mullis, Chip Pearson, and Chip Rogers.

    Do not forget that before these new leaders, there was the work horse, Eric Johnson.

  16. Mad Dog says:

    I think Cagle lacks real depth as a person or a candidate. I base this on his deer in the headlights look at the Reed debates. And, an intern who worked for him at the Capital.

    Not a bad guy on the surface, just not much there. He’s put his foot in his mouth before and will have to pay for that sooner or later. It won’t be his voting record that tangles him up. It will be his daily dose of Talk Radio that bring him down if anything does.

    Will the voters care about any of that? All that depends on his ability or his campaigns ability to manage the image.

    But, it doesn’t matter at all what I think or why. We’ll have a ‘voluntary poll’ in November that I can’t possibly predict.

    I was for Cox, Hecht, and Reddy. So … I’m 0 for 3. Plus, I crossed over to vote for Ralphie. I must be about 0 for 6.

    If Cagle debates Martin, Cagle loses. Cagle would be well advised to avoid any debate.

  17. blazer says:

    Mad Dog,

    You can rest assured that Casey will be debating Martin. Casey had the balls to debate Ralph, who I’m willing to say had 10x the grasp of the issues and 20x the orator skills to deliver the issues.

    I agree that Casey is a good guy and I think debates will not hurt him nearly as much in November because it will show the public the difference in the two candidates, a common-sense conservative or a “blue stater” trying to run in the heart of Red America.

  18. Melb says:

    I am in the Young Democrats and there is a girl who worked on the Cox campaign up until the very end and is a family friend to Cathy Cox. She came to our first meeting today ready to help get Taylor elected. If she can get past the rough campaign tactics used on both sides than I think others will too. Cox supporters want a Democrat to win in November, that is why they supported Cox in the first place and not Perdue. Taylor is a great choice for Governor and has a lot of positive attributes that will win people over.

  19. The Cox people need to realize this… do you want to hold your little grudge and keep Perdue as governor? If this is true, the democratic party might as well be dead in this state. If there is no unity, there is no party.

  20. Demonbeck says:

    Tommie Williams was ardently and publicly in favor of Cagle. To think that Cagle will be upsetting the apple cart as part of some kind of retribution against him is ridiculous.

    We should all remember that all this speculation is merely that.

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