Taylor “sorry” for Young’s comments, but keeping him on staff

[UPDATE] Young has an op-ed on the issue in today’s AJC.

“Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor reached out to the Jewish community Monday, expressing regret over the inflammatory comments his campaign co-chairman — former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young — made recently about Jews, Koreans and Arabs,” the AJC reported today.

“Mark Taylor called me today and was sorry,” Sherry Frank, executive director for the Atlanta chapter of the American Jewish Committee, said Monday. “Mark was expressing his concern for anything that was hurtful to the Jewish community.”I appreciated his comments. And we also both agreed that Andy Young has a very admirable history of building bridges and this was unfortunate and that he has apologized and we are moving on.”

Taylor’s campaign confirmed Friday that it plans to retain the civil rights icon and former United Nations ambassador as an honorary co-chairman despite the comments Young made.

A Taylor spokesman said the Big Guy found the comments “regrettable,” but noted that “Ambassador Young has apologized and taken responsibility for what he said.” The staffer continued, by saying that Taylor “hopes that this unfortunate incident will not diminish the ambassador’s more than 50-year record of fighting for fairness and equality for every citizen, both in America and abroad.”

Call me crazy, but I think it will — although not as much as if he was a Republican (Trent Lott, anybody?).

Derrick Dickey, a Perdue spokesman, said that Young “would have been asked to leave” had he made the comments in question as apart of the governor’s campaign.

“Obviously, we don’t agree with Andrew Young’s disgraceful comments,” [he] said. “But it’s not our place to tell Mark Taylor how to run his campaign.”


  1. TPSoCal says:

    The hypocrisy of the MSM and the left NEVER ceases to amaze me. Not only Trent Lott, but George Allen as well. Why didn’t Biden’s comments afford the same coverage as Allen’s? For two days the Wash Post had front page stories on Allen’s comments. Biden is also close to the DC market (DE), yet I don’t think they had quite the same coverage for almost the same type of remark!

  2. atlantaman says:

    Well I’ve got a biggot chairing my campaign who while stone cold sober during a newspaper interview (usually a time when politicians have their guard up) reinforced one of the worst sterotypes about Jews. I’m real, real sorry for what he said. I don’t have the cojones to fire him because I know you folks represent a small portion of the vote, but I sure as hell can’t piss of the black vote.

    An important distinction between the Andy versus Trent incident is Trent Lott’s comments were taken during a private birthday party for Strom Thurmond when he was just trying to say some nice things about a guy who was at death’s door. Andy Young’s comments were during an on-the-record newspaper interview as a hired gun for Wal-Mart.

  3. Melb says:

    I don’t think Andy Young is a bigot. He made a mistake and stereotyped a community when he was really trying to describe a scene in some of the areas he has visited. In African American communities, especially in South and West Georgia, I have seen the very thing Andy described. Hell, I could take my camera, drive to one of these stores, and take a picture of the very thing he described just in my neighborhood alone. I would never say that it is only those certain groups or limited to them, but I have seen my fair share. So yes, his comments are regrettable, but I think by focusing on that everyone is ignoring the larger issue that he was trying to discuss which is some of the low class standards in African American neighborhoods.

  4. RandyMiller says:

    It’s said, “to err is human, to forgive divine.” Yes, good statement. But I can’t help to look back at Morton Brilliant of the Cox campaign and how the Taylor camp crucified this guy then wanted him drawn and quatered! Taylor and company were screaming for his head! And Rick Dent says “he attacked Taylor’s son.” Hello…, everything placed on wikipedia was at least fact and not fiction, or some stupid prejudice. What’s happened here is yet another example of the double standard when unfortunate things happen to Mark Taylor. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and or words.

    But probably the worst thing about what Young said was it’s a major insult to many immigrants who came here to seek a better life, worked hard, saved money, no hand outs…then opened a business to fill a void in many places where no one else would. And some at great cost, i.e. the Korean guy killed in Atlanta just a few years ago protecting his business and his American dream.

    Another problem with Andy Young’s statement is had this or something similar been said by a republican…God only knows the rage and venomous attacks to come.

    Forgive Andy Young? Yes, certainly! But Mark Taylor and Rick Dent should be consistant with their previous actions and ask Mr. Young to step aside. Hey, get this…our youth would be able to see one has to be responsible for what they say and do.

  5. stephaniemills21 says:

    This whole double standard thing about the Taylor campaign getting Morton “no so” Brilliant fired and the Andy Young thing is bullsh!t. No one really cared if Morton was fired, it was about rattling the Cox campaign. AND IT WORKED!!! Yes Morton crossed a line, just like Young did, but Mark, unlike Cathy, knows that you do not dump someone for a mistake. If Cathy’s team was smart they would have kept Morton on and ignored the calls by the Taylor campaign. By firing him, all they showed was their weakness and ineptitude.

    Its about getting votes people, and if you think that Taylor would get more votes by dumping Amb. Young, then you need to go back to school. In fact, I think this can almost be spun as a positive. Taylor gets to keep his high profile supporter, who is arguably the most prominent AA in the state, and gets to make high profile outreach to the Jewish community. Look at today’s ap article:

    “Mark Taylor called me today and was sorry,” Sherry Frank, executive director of the Atlanta Jewish Committee told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Mark was expressing his concern for anything that was hurtful to the Jewish community.

    “I appreciated his comments. And we also both agreed that Andy Young has a very admirable history of building bridges and this was unfortunate and he has apologized and we are moving on.”

    Yes, it is damage control, but without it, Taylor would not have the same opportunity to reach the Jewish community that he now has.

  6. LINDA says:

    Isuue folks, issue, issue, issues! That is what elected officials run on, which is how are you going to spend our tax dollars if elected. Are you, as an elected official, going to trample on our rights to transfer our wealth to another group of people. Why can’t everyone get off of this kick of calling everyone bigots if they are critical of another group? The message gets lost in the name calling, doesn’t it? Protect the First Amendment! Cherish the First Amendment! Treasure the First Amendment! If you fail in this well fought for Amendment, then you have failed as a citizen and you spit on the grave of every soldier that died for this right!

  7. RandyMiller says:

    So Miss Mills21, if the Tyalor camp didn’t really care if he was fired then they put on a pretty good cabaret act. Was this then another lie??? This is yet another reason that Cox folks should now vote for Perdue. If we can’t take MarkTaylor at his words and and or actions then the good voters of this state need to re-elect Sonny Perdue.

  8. RandyMiller says:

    MIss Mills,

    Yes, I agree, but it could and should be along the lines of non-fiction. Mark Taylor gives us “once upon a time” fiction.

  9. stephaniemills21 says:

    Oh, and just like we are supposed to believe Sonny when he says he inherited a deficit. What a crock.

  10. stephaniemills21 says:

    We are on to first names now. Well Randy, since the latest poll numbers by IA are not out yet, and I have yet to see anything less than a month old, I do now know what you are talking about. But, lets just go with the assumption that Sonny is up in the polls by 10+ points, cause I am assuming that is what they will say. Who the heck cares? Yes, Sonny is going to be hard to beat. Yes, he is ahead in fundraising. Yes, CW says incumbents have a huge advantage. BUT, MT has shown time and again that he can come back from behind and win. Hell, he was down 30 to Cox. And if early polling data is to be believed 100% of the time then right now we would be looking for Gov. Barnes successor, not for someone to take on Perdue.

    Beating Perdue will be a huge challenge, and if i were to put money on it, I would give the odds to Perdue, but I will be damned if I will count Taylor out. He has yet to go on TV, and looking at his past ads, I have to say he will give Perdue a pretty good lashing. And Sonny has given us dems plenty of ammo.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    I wonder if Andy Young happened to see the story on FOX 5 News last night regarding the Family Dollar stores being constantly robbed in the “urban” neighborhoods where they operate.

    Maybe Andy Young, rather than merely apologizing for his statements, should look at WHY blacks don’t have any interest in operating merchant stores in “their own neighorhoods” while other people (who are naive about what happens in lower-class urban neighborhoods) do, but have to charge higher prices for the threats against them?

    OH! But wait…such logical thinking might require Andy Young to use his freakin’ brain rather than looking for ways to play the race or the left-wing card. (Banging head on desk repeatedly)…

  12. atlantaman says:

    “In African American communities, especially in South and West Georgia, I have seen the very thing Andy described. Hell, I could take my camera, drive to one of these stores, and take a picture of the very thing he described just in my neighborhood alone.”

    I thought this was America, which all about the free-market. Because an entrepreneur had the drive to open a store where others were afraid to open one and the place doesn’t look like Whole Foods, he’s somehow the bad guy and is taking advantage of blacks.

    It really is sad, the folks whether Jewish or some other ethnic minority are the ones who are crucified when they were the only ones respectful enough to open a store in their community in the first place.

    Shouldn’t we be bashing the folks who don’t think enough of the communities to even consider opening a store?

    At this point to really show contrition, Mr. Young should take $2 million of his own money and open up an upscale Grocery store in the poorest section of Atlanta. He can call Andy’s Fresh Produce and Market. Mark Taylor and Andy Young could work the night shift a couple of times without security to show that they are truly sorry.

  13. Melb says:

    It is not bad to open a store or take intiative to open a small business. It is wrong to open a store and sell sub-quality food for a higher price.

  14. Jeff Emanuel says:

    The beauty of the free market, Melb, is that consumers are free to shop elsewhere. If the product is “sub-quality” and is overpriced, then customers can take their business to a different seller — effectively reforming the previous, or shutting it down.

  15. Melb says:

    Yes, but some people don’t have cars and they have to go to the place that is within walking distance and that is their only option. See that is what is so terrible about poverty the free market doesn’t care. So when demand is high and supply is low they can sell cheap/subquality crap for more money. Obviously you have not been to some of the ghettos in South Georgia where it is worse there than anywhere I have seen in Georgia.

  16. John Konop says:


    Your upset about pricing and quality and not upset about Walmart using child slave labor,I do not get it. I ask Jerry at GALEO that I did not get how Senator Sam Z and Young can talk about civil rights and be spokesmen for a company that promotes child and slave labor like Walmart.

  17. atlantaman says:

    “It is not bad to open a store or take intiative to open a small business. It is wrong to open a store and sell sub-quality food for a higher price.”

    And who determines a fair price…are you advocating some sort of central planning office?

    The thing is groceries are a high volume, low margin business. So if you open a store in an area that Kroger and Publix are unwilling to enter then it’s probably lower volume. You’ve then got to amortize your overhead into lower volume, which means higher prices. Why would you be upset with the people who actually open the store in the area, why not be upset with the people who don’t open stores.


    If you are so quick to criticize the people who open stores in these higher risk areas then the only non-hypocritical thing for you to do would be to take your life savings and open a grocery store in that area. Since you’re so sure these folks are making too much profit off the poor people the business should be a no-brainer. You could offer the best of the best in produce and meats and offer the goods at the lowest prices in town. It such a good idea I can’t believe nobody else has thought of it. There would be lines out the door to enter your Utopian store.

  18. Melb says:

    Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of helping people get out of the ghettos. So that they have the opportunity to shut down stores like that by not shopping there and if they want to open their own stores where they treat people fairly they can. That would be my utopia, isn’t it crazy?

    And John K. – I don’t think that Andy should be supporting WalMart, I do have issues with them and their labor practices, but just because I think he has a point about the stores that operate in ghettos does not mean I support his overall intiative with WalMart.

  19. Melb says:

    Also just fyi, I saw that the other day you posted something like Jerry is that you? I am not Jerry Gonzales, but I take that as a compliment.

  20. John Konop says:


    Jerry and I have had tough debates on trade and immigration in public.Yet Jerry has always been a gentleman to me.

    As far as Walmart,

    Atlantaman is right. If the store was run that poorly , than open up competition.

    Also in LA a police group called CRASH got in trouble for racial profiling gangs. When the CRASH group stop racial profiling gangs violent crime went up 15 %..The point is you have a risk verse return on running any business.

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