“Speed things up” says GOP.

AJC: GOP seeks quick action on charge against Taylor

The complaint alleges Taylor took $40,000 in campaign contributions from the businesses of (Carl) Gregory. Eight of Gregory’s car dealerships each contributed $5,000 for Taylor’s primary campaign, the legal limit from an individual or business.

Taylor’s campaign argues that the contributions were received in December 2005, and that the law didn’t change prohibiting multiple contributions from businesses owned by one person until January 2006.

However, (Robert) Highsmith and (Michael) Bowers say an ethics commission ruling in another case against Perdue in 2002 stated that such bundled contributions from affiliated companies are illegal.

Teddy Lee, who was the commission’s executive secretary in 2002, agreed, saying the commission ruled that such contributions aren’t allowed under state law.

However, he also said that, under commission rules, Taylor has to be given ample time to respond to the complaint, so it would be unusual for the commission to act as quickly as the Republicans would like.


  1. stephaniemills21 says:

    While I agree that speeding up the ethics hearing process would be nice, this call for them to speed up on these charges is crap. If the republicans actually wanted the process to be fast and efficient, they would not have cut the commission’s budget while increasing its workload at the same time. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I think it’s great all the Dems on this board don’t want this issue resolved quickly at the etchics commission. That way we are assured it won’t go away before November.

  3. stephaniemills21 says:

    Bill, had some personal stuff to deal with, and frankly the posts on this board have been just dreadful for the past few weeks, and gave no real reason to post. If i have to read one more Konop v BB thread i just might kill someone.

    Anyway, Atlantaman I said nothing about not wanting this issue resolved. I said that asking that this particular issue be resolved quicker than has been the norm is bull. The commission has rules and and procedures that it has to go through, and they take time. Why don’t you ask Buzz about his complaints against folks in front of the commission. Have they been addressed buzz??? Or Bill Simon’s? These ethics issues take time right now. The ethics commission staff does not have the resources or the time to deal with them quickly because they are underfunded. Underfunded because your GOP headed legislature cut their budget, while at the same time adding to thier roster of duties campaign disclosures.

    Sonny prolonged his case in front of the ethics commission for more than a year. Same thing goes with Bill Stephens. They asked for continuances and postponements repeatedly, and they dragged the issues on and on. Sonny went so far as to postpone his until he could try to slip a provision into the new ethics bill that would have made his ethics complaint go away. So please, get off the high ethical horse and take a good look in the GOP mirror.

    And do not know if anyone knows this yet, but the issue is on the agenda for thursday. I bet that nothing comes of it and it will just be another story for the Perdue folks on the issue. Not a surprise since sonny fired teddy lee and packed the commision with his own buddies.

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