Scandal at MARTA

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

While MARTA suffered through some of the worst deficits in its history, then-General Manager and CEO Nathaniel Ford and his secretaries charged nearly $150,000 over his five years in office to a pair of MARTA credit cards that the transit authority’s board never knew existed, according to new internal and external audits of his spending.

Ford, who left MARTA in January to become executive director of San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA), primarily charged business-related expenses — meals and drinks at fine restaurants, trips to industry conventions across the country, etc. — but these should have been curtailed in light of MARTA’s financial troubles, said board Chairman Ed Wall.

Jill Chambers, the Chair of the MARTA Oversight Committee in the General Assembly has engaged on this issue. Ford should be very worried.

It also appears that Ford took a lot of financial records with him potentially in an effort to cover his tracks. MARTA records show Ford ate at Bones and Chops a lot. He should have eaten at McKendrick’s, which is far superior to either of the others and has fantastic key lime pie!


  1. techtrack says:

    glad he’s not our problem any more. i wonder what kind of bill’s he’s running up in san fran

  2. Dignan says:

    McKendrick’s better than Chops or Bones? Erick, my friend, you need to lay off the weed. McKendrick’s is a fine establishment. But it can’t hold a candle to either Chops or Bones. Those really are the only two places to go in Atlanta for a superior steak.

  3. GabrielSterling says:

    The Palm is another great place.

    We need to give our thanks to Jill Chambers and Harry Geisinger from the MARTOC committee for digging this up. The oversight being employed by the now Republican controlled committees is a truly substantive improvement.

    MARTA has been wasting millions of taxpayer’s dollars for years and while it is not fixed yet…at least some of the hemmoraging has stopped.

  4. atlantaman says:

    When the Democrats were in charge being the Chair of MARTOC mean you were the guy to go to for free MARTA tolkens.

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