As I was saying

Can we call this race already?

The Democrat opposing U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston denied Monday he’s running out of money, even though his campaign manager quit and said he wasn’t sure the candidate could afford his $2,000-a.m.onth fee.

The Rev. Jim Nelson, a Savannah minister and former Army officer, has sought to convince voters and donors that he’s not just a long-shot against Kingston, who has become a powerful Republican leader in Congress after 12 years of representing southeast Georgia.

By the way, you can buy Rev. Nelson’s book, Where Would Jesus Put The Sidewalks?: A Study of Faith & Politics: A Most Holy Alliance, here.


  1. Stephanie says:

    You know that old addage; “If you don’t like the waether, wait a minute – it will change” . . .

    Need I say more?!

    “Compulsive repercussions” are a natural, though unfortunate knee-jerk reaction.

    A heavy hitter; Georgia born and bred; has joined the team. She is well known and very well received.

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