Another Reason

To crack down on illegal immigration.

I know that illegal immigrants undocumented workers were not mentioned in the story. But, when you read this:

Federal officials say the Buford operation appears to be part of a major drug ring that imports and distributes large quantities of meth and cocaine from Mexico by moving it through California and Texas to points throughout the U.S.

You can’t help but suspect it played a role.


  1. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    Come on, Erick.

    This is just another reason to crack down on importers and dealers of illegal drugs. As you acknowledge, this has nothing to do with undocumented workers, so why don’t you leave them out of it for the time being? In case you haven’t noticed, they’re derided for plenty of other reasons. Take your pick.

  2. I agree with you Erick. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that they were illegal aliens. And I imagine that many news outlets intentionally leave this little nugget of info out of stories even if they know it. I read several articles about this and I did find one that mentioned that one of the guys was from Mexico by way of San Diego.

    These must be the jobs that Bush says Americans won’t do.

    On a separate topic, the state is now pursuing the “estates” of all Medicaid recipients. So that $30,000 that grandma scrimped and saved for all those years will be scooped up by the state after she dies. This program is expected to yield the Medicaid funds about $5M per year here in Georgia. Do you know how much Medicaid was paid out for illegals last year in our fine state? $100M — mostly for them to have children.

    Is it any wonder that people are just fed up with our government?

  3. Clint Austin says:

    Erick – “undocumented workers” – you must be taking your PC pills!

    1/3rd of federal prisoners are illegal immigrants / undocumented workers / current Democrat voters. Obvious public safety nuisance.

    As for the estate recovery – the argument from rightonpeachtree is often used, but there is emotion in that argument that overwhelms the reason behind the program.

    Those who get nursing home care from Medicaid are getting it at taxpayer expense. Should those people pass on and leave chunks of money to their kin while not reimbursing the taxpayers for the cost of care?

    That would make the taxpayers the guarantors of the inheritance of that person’s relations.

    With all the other pressures on taxpayer dollars, is that fair?

    p.s. I agree they need to drop the hammer on illegals.

  4. CHelf says:


    What’s your source on 1/3 of prison voters being illegals/undocumented?

    Bureau of Prisons:

    17% are of foreign nationality
    11% are incarcerated on immigration charges

  5. CobbGOPer says:

    Would anyone be surprised if illegals were involved? A big majority of the drugs coming into the country enter from Mexico. All those tunnels in San Diego? Drug tunnels, that happened to try to ferry illegals across when they weren’t making drug runs.

    We need to crack down, but we also need to put more pressure on the countries these folks are coming from. Mexico seems to have an un-official policy of trying to remove their poor onto us because they don’t have the money or the smarts to deal with the problem themselves. All that oil wealth, but they’re so corrupt that the money never benefits the people.

    If they don’t clean up their act, then I’m of the opinion that we are perfectly justified in building a fence/wall/moat along the entirety of the southern border, and manning it with either troops or border patrol agents who will shoot at people attempting to cross.

    Illegals are not deterred at our border because they know we won’t shoot them or try to harm them. On Mexico’s southern border, however, you know what they do? They shoot people. They beat people, they steal from illegals, rape women, and then ship them back over the border.

    I’m not advocating all that, but I do believe if we start firing shots in the direction of these roving bands of illegals on our borders, they’ll think twice about continuing.

    But that’s just not PC I guess, which means nothing will get done.

  6. The Busdriver says:

    Clint’s figures are spot on. 2003 data from the federal Bureau of Prisons show that 29 percent of the federal prisoner population (or 47,570) are illegal aliens. And this figure is also verified by US Attorney David Kelley in a 2005 memo to the ACLU regarding “National Council of La Raza v. Department of Justice.”

  7. atlantaman says:

    “Clint’s figures are spot on. 2003 data from the federal Bureau of Prisons show that 29 percent of the federal prisoner population (or 47,570) are illegal aliens”

    But they are contributing to the economy by keeping prison guards employed.

  8. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Um er… how about asking the question… Who are the customers of these drugs?

    It’s always been the case to have supply where the demand is… Certainly we must arrest the dealers and distributors but we also need to see who the clients and users of these drugs are. Maybe if we had a more comprehesive prevention programs they would take the products elsewhere.

    No fence will get between a good customer and motivated dealer. So much for the War of Drugs.. how many billions spent on that?

  9. CHelf says:


    Spot on from 3 years ago? Read my stats. That comes from Bureau of Prisons right NOW. I don’t see those same numbers now. I see quite a bit less. That is unless the BOP is lying.

  10. Mike says:

    On Peachtree’s comment about Grandma and her estate: Screw that little old lady. She should have been more responsible during her working years so that the taxpayers would not have to support her in old age. There should be no exemption on her estate. Why should her no good, dead beat, money grubbing kids be in line before the taxpayers?

    On immigration and drugs: Let’s legalize and tax drugs. We could take a small portion of the new tax revenues along with the massive savings from ending the idiotic “War on drugs” and build our damn wall. Til then, let’s put a substantial military presence at the border and actually give them arrest powers. We could develop a program to punish borders crossers rather than just giving them a free ride home. Maybe flogging or possibly a couple of years of indentured servitude?

  11. Mad Dog says:

    Give them Helf!

    Sorry Greg Hecht.

    To what Mike said, Indiana has long had a law enforce concerning grandma and grandpa.

    If Mom and Dad lived under grandma and grandpa’s roof until the age of 18, which most children do, then when grandma and grandpa become unable to care for themselves after age 65, Mom and Dad assume all financial responsibility.

    I’ve seen that law enforced mostly by funeral home operators. They sell a huge funeral to the surviving grandparent. When gramps or grammy can’t pay, the funeral home goes after the children.

    Very few people fight this law and win.

    Those wonderful retirement homes and nursing homes do pretty well with it, too.

  12. Re: estate recovery — I”m not saying that the state shouldn’t try to recover expenditures paid out for Medicaid. Of course they should. What I’m arguing is the priorities of the state in being vigilant in cracking down on grandma, but being unwilling to do the same on illegals — even when the potential savings from cracking down on illegals is a 20-fold return on the potential savings by cracking down on grandma.

    We have a government that is unwilling (NOT UNABLE) to crack down on illegals — irrespective of cost or savings or the will of the people.

  13. CHelf says:

    Thanks Mad Dog…..Helf appears too much for people at times and will remain a fixture of message boards.

    I would seriously like to see how much tax revenue comes into the state coffers from the carnicerias and supermercados and then have people comment on illegals not paying in. Right now they pay in. Not as much as you and I. But they do pay in. Where they do NOT pay in, it’s the crime committed by the American person who hires them. The American pockets the extra profit and we, the rest of the law abiding ones, pay the difference. So technically it’s not just illegals defrauding Medicaid. Illegals are partially paying into Medicaid. It’s the employers who are defrauding Medicaid by taking the money themselves. They are not paying state or federal taxes, medicaid, social security, medicare. It is the employers’ job to withhold this money or print out a nice little 1099. But silence falls before us on anything to these people.

  14. Mad Dog says:

    Give ’em Chelf!

    I saw this t-shirt on a woman (I’m glad she was wearing something!) that said so many men and so little time. I’m glad she was busy eating a turkey leg when I walked by.

    To relate that to some reality …

    So many problems and so little done, so far.

    Yes, there are people in this country without a proper invite and the courtesy of a RSVP.

    Even among the ones legally invited, some have stayed past the shelf life on the label.

    Students that fail out of school, just for one example. Another would be those coming here for a specific job who get fired for not being … able to fit in? Just a guess.

    I’ve heard, but I don’t have any proof, that MOST illegals have a job ready for them BEFORE they cross the border.

    If someone offerred me a job paying a hundred times the going wage, ya think I might cross a border or two on the way to the bank?

    I have empathy for those in poverty. I sometimes think the group of people most abused are the indigent.

    Those with the greatest ability have the greatest responsibility.

    Yet, the hate comments out number the thoughful comments.

    How does the ability to hate transform into a responsibility to hate?

    I better get a beer for the flames. I know the burns are coming.

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