Captain Ed on Andrew Young

Mel Had The Good Grace To Get Drunk First:

However, rather than explain it in economic terms, Young gave vent to his inner bigot and trotted out a veritable cornucopia of paranoia. Unlike Mel Gibson, whose drunken state could arguably have created an irrational mental state (or he could just be an anti-Semite), Young has no such excuse. Not only was Young sober, but the statements came in a newspaper interview, when Young knew his statements would go on record. Nor does his apology quite wash; he implies that anti-Semitism and anti-Asian bigotry is rational and understandable in Atlanta, if not in Los Angeles or New York. Atlantans might take offense at that suggestion — well, perhaps most Atlantans, excepting the McKinney family.

The world issued condemnations for days after Mel Gibson’s drunken outburst. It will be interesting to see whether the same people rush to condemn Andrew Young’s measured and deliberate bigotry.



  1. atlantaman says:

    Obviously the bigotry card is one of the biggest double standards in America today. If you are a liberal then you get a pass like Robert Byrd and his use of the “N” word on TV, Hillary Clinton making fun of Indian shop keepers, or Andy Young and his recent comments.

    I guess the idea is if you are a Democrat then you can’t possibly be a bigot so no attention is given. But if you have a slip up like Trent Lott with the Strom Thrumond comment or Mel Gibson (who has received much political attention for his Passion of Christ movie) then prepare for all the forces of the media to open the gates of hell and launch a blitzkrieg against you unitl your life is destroyed.

  2. kspencer says:

    It seems apparent none of you read liberal blogs. Young’s been a target of derision on several of them.

    Which means I expect him to leave Taylor’s campaign in another week or so.


  3. columbus06 says:

    Kspencer, can you provide links to those blogs? The issue has been missing, somewhat suspiciously, on usually thorough georgia politics unfiltered.

  4. Decaturguy says:

    I guess you guys do not read my blog. Or maybe my blog is not considered “liberal” enough, whatever that might mean.

    Over two weeks ago, I posted about Young’s endorsement of McKinney:

    Friday, I posted about Young’s racist comments:

    Blog for Democracy (how much more liberal can you be?) had a post on it Friday:

    Button had post on his disappointment with Young Friday as well:

    Columbus, you really need to get a little more diversity in your blog reading. Andre’s blog, Georgia Unfiltered, is nothing but Andre’s agenda, which is not necessarily reflective of the “liberal blogosphere.”

  5. gatormathis says:

    Anytime I hear Democrats getting out the “apologies” for point blank derrogatory comments they make, and many excuses being made for their acceptance, I want to puke. I chaired a meeting a few years ago where Senator Lott was our guest speaker in Savannah. It was a meeting of Republican county commissioners, and Senator Lott was our Guest of Honor. He was very graceful and friendly, but one thing I noticed was he carried no notes, no “canned speech” so to speak, and spoke for over 30 minutes. His speech was very personable towards those in attendance, and a lot of his comments had to come from thoughts he had after he entered the room.I recognized our special guest, then recognized and introduced Congressman Jack Kingston, who was to introduce Senator Lott. While sitting by Senator Lott as Kingston was speaking, I realized I had forgotten to formally recognize Commissioner Wayne F. Hill from Gwinnett County, who was that year the Chairman of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, a major blunder on my part. I leaned forward, and whispered to Senator Lott that the guy with the thin hair in the center of the front row was from Gwinnett County, and was the Chairman of our Association, and that I had forgotten recognize him to the crowd. He leaned back, said “Don’t worry bout it son, I’ll handle it”. Soon he was up speaking, talking completely off his cuff, and on down in his talk about fifteen minutes, he pointed at Chairman Hill, and fit him into what he was saying like a glove. He fit him in so smoothly that Mr. Hill raised his hand to the crowd, and blushed a little. The next day in between meetings I told Wayne what had happened, and apologized for my oversight, to which he laughed and replied, “I wondered how the heck he knew who I even was”. Senator Lott is definitely a great orator, and likes to make everyone feel special when speaking. This speech was only a few months before the Strom Thurmond incident, in which Lott was simply making comments off the cuff to make an elderly man feel good on his special day. The man was 100 years old fore Pete’s sake. Yet Lott’s simple kind words were “interpreted” and “defined” by anybody who could get air or print time to comment on such. People who should have supported him simply let him stand alone and suffer needlessly. It still pisses me off how vile Senator Lott was treated. But Andy Young, Robert Bryd, Hillary, Jesse Jackson, or any of the other “chosen people” can deride anybody or group of people they want, be videotaped, quoted verbatim in print, and have replay after replay ran of what was said, and they say simply, “That wasn’t what I meant”. I ask,how is that so, when it is exactly what you said? Andy Young and Cynthia McKinney, the biggest of the bigots……….go figure…….

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