Should Taylor remove Young?

His campaign says no:

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young will remain co-chairman of Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor’s gubernatorial campaign despite inflammatory comments Young recently made about Jews, Asians and Arabs, a spokesman for Taylor confirmed today.

“The key is he is our chairman and he will remain as our chairman,” Taylor spokesman Rick Dent said.

“Mark Taylor finds the comments regrettable. Ambassador Young has apologized and taken responsibility for what he said,” Dent added in a written statement. “Mark hopes that this unfortunate incident will not diminish the ambassador’s more than 50-year record of fighting for fairness and equality for every citizen, both in America and abroad.”

As campaign co-chairman, Young, a civil rights icon, has appeared in Taylor’s television and radio campaign ads. Dent added that Young has “played an important role in outreach to the African-American community, the business community and to the religious community.”

Taylor’s retention of Young stands in sharp contrast to an incident during the recent Democratic Primary. In that instance, Taylor’s campaign insisted that former Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Cathy Cox fire her campaign manager after he doctored information in Taylor’s biography on Wikipedia to include information about his son, Fletcher, 22, who was indicted June 14 on charges of felony drunken driving in South Carolina.

The campaign manager, Morton Brilliant, resigned under pressure from Cox.


  1. gatormathis says:

    No, he needs to keep Andy Young, and hire Cynthia McKinney maybe, too. Also keep the speech writer or whoever copied the speech Taylor delivered to the firefighters. Rumor is some pages from two different speeches must have got crossed up, as the subject matter after a couple of pages switched over to law enforcement totally. It’s sad to think the ole boy was probably more concerned with delivery and giving that asinine toothy grin than content and subject matter.
    When I see that big ole hick “yuck yuck” grin, I remember the old folks always saying, “Everyone who smiles at you ain’t your friend and you will find out what they want soon enough”. Maybe Andy Young will buy that neighborhood store next time and run it the way he thinks it should be.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    There is a double standard. Remember Trent Lott and his infamous speach?

    If a Republican had said the things Young said, we would still be hearing about and the press would be getting the stake ready.

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