Is Roger Dozier A Sore Loser?

I’m thinking so.

A lawsuit filed in Fulton County Superior Court this week seeks to kick Bobby Baker off the Public Service Commission, saying Baker isn’t living where state law requires him to live.

The suit asks the court to rule Baker unqualified to serve in his seat and order him to vacate it.

It also asks the court to bar Baker from voting on commission business, effective immediately. The commission is scheduled to vote today on the proposed merger of BellSouth and AT&T.

The lawsuit was filed by Roger Dozier and Eleanor McMannon.

Dozier is an energy consultant who lost to Baker in the 2004 Republican primary. This week’s lawsuit is the latest in a string of complaints Dozier has leveled against Baker since that election, in which Baker got 75 percent of the vote in a three-way race. Dozier filed two ethics complaints, one since dismissed and one pending.


  1. atlantaman says:

    It appears as if he is a sore loser. Does anyone know what the requirements are for residency in a district and if Baker meets those qualificaitons?

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