Round Up

I’ve been tied up this week with a sick baby at home. The time I’d ordinarily spend blogging has been exchanged for naps (we sleep when the sick baby sleeps), diaper changes, and feedings broken up by interludes of Tom & Jerry, which Evelyn and I both love.

But, here’s a round up from our tip line over the past couple of days:

A search warrant was issued for the home of Suwanee city councilman Dan Foster. His son is alleged to have gone on a two county crime spree with several other teenagers. Supposedly the police found a good bit of evidence at the home. Supposedly the high school kids in Gwinnett are talking about this over at

Guy Drexlinger can’t seem to find John Oxendine in the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. He’s got a “Where’s John


  1. RandyMiller says:

    Firstly: Erick, hope the baby gets better soon!

    Secondly: This is a great idea and would be a great feather in all of Georgia’s caps, not just Atlantan’s. But I think Miami has the bets due to logistics.
    The have not one but -2- large ports, (port of Mimia & port everglades), and -2- aiports MIA & FLL, and much more international business…witness all the Central and South American banks. It would be nice IF Atlanta got it, but south Florida’s probably got it in the bag.

  2. rugby_fan says:

    Erick, I too wish for a speedy recovery of your kin.

    I think Guy has the most entertaining ads. Do I think they are effective? No. He doesn’t have the money to be able to do a serious media but.

    If he did…well, those style of ads are how Wellstone defeated a Senate incumbent. Not saying GD would win, but it would make it a more interesting race…

  3. John Konop says:


    I am not an isolationist just a businessman. I make good bucks figuring out core fundamentals of companies to invest, finance or run.

    I am not a Harvard MBA. I started out at the bottom and work my way up. In my industry you can check around , I have strong track record with reputation of understanding the basic fundamentals behind the business model with nose to know which dial to turn to grow profitable companies. I also stay away from a business model that I cannot figure out how to make a profit and always usually recommend sell or pass on the deal.

    This is the problem I see with Georgia and trade.

    The number one business everyone talks about here is agriculture and the growth.

    The industry of family farmers got wipe out. So the industry is controlled by large corporate farmers who hire illegal immigrants or legal immigrants (that stay here and become illegal 1 out 2 times). They have kids who become legal citizens, and between that cost and their parents the average Georgia citizen is at a net negative. The more you grow the more the infrastructure cost is getting out of control ie schools. health-care….. Even if you made them legal the taxes would not cover the cost.

    You can repeat the same for the carpet industry. Please explain putting your businessman hat on how does this works out for my kids and yours long term?

    Now lets look at the tech industry. You can out-source to countries like India,China,Mexico,Costa Rica…… at around $13 an hour for programming. If you look at companies like IBM,GE…. they are investing in R&D and I.T. people overseas instead of here because of labor cost.So if 70% of the work is done overseas for the project how does this work long term help our kids ?

    I could go on and on about all the industries with similar examples.

    I have no problem with trade. But I am old school you cannot buy more than you sell and finance it in the future for long.I am all ears if you can tell me how under the current business trade model how we reverse this trend.

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