1. Stephanie says:

    This is a case-in-point example from Rep. Jack Kingston’s biography: double talk: family values, Christian Coalition (he has voted with them 77% or more of the time) vs. Ambramoff, Reed, Cunningham, and exposing his “sketchy” side.

    It’s obvious that the producer of The Daily Show has it wrong: it was Cunningham who apparently stocked the Watergate Hotel with prostitutes to reward certain members of Congress for “voting correctly” on legislation. The producer of the
    Daily Show missed the boat: the “pimps” are the globetrotting corporations that pull the political strings of their “girls” – some congressional members and their lobbyist buddies that sell out America; turning tricks to the delight of the highest bidder!

    Republicans who proclaim to be members of the radical, right-winged, self-proclaimed “Values Party”, or “Vision America” are toxic; and like all heavy metals, they should be disposed of.

    VOTE for Rev. JIM NELSON

  2. caroline says:

    Pretty good skewering of Kingston. I think that the “pimp tax” will be a way to start the legalization of prostitution. Hey, after all, pimps pay taxes too! LOL!

  3. Decaturguy says:

    I noticed that too, Rusty, on the back of Kingston’s Buick. It was some sort of rainbow sticker similar to the Celebrate Diversity sticker.

    Is Jack Kingston really gay?

  4. Decaturguy says:

    I noticed that too, Rusty, on the back of Kingston’s Buick. It was some sort of rainbow sticker similar to the Celebrate Diversity sticker.

    Is Jack Kingston really gay?

  5. Bill Simon says:

    Stephanie….you’re starting to sound a little bit off the beaten track…

    By the way, since both Ralph Reed AND Bill Stephens went down in flames, you might be interested to know that I am not “bitter” about anything anymore. One might say I am absolutely euphoric about the political environment of Georgia right now. 😀

  6. Demonbeck says:


    As discussed on another thread about this very topic. The sticker is a De Colores sticker – which has nothing to do with homosexuality.

  7. Know Nothing says:

    We need a new law which prohibits the Georgia delegation from appearing on either the Daily Show or the Colbert Report. This is the 3rd time in a few months I have watched someone from our delegation make an ass out of himself.

  8. SpaceyG says:

    ROFLing!!!!!!!!! I wish we had more Yow-green Bentleys (Rolls?) here in Buckhead. All of ours are just soooo bland and boring. Plain black and stuff.

    I got yo’ flat tax, ho!

  9. gapork says:

    Kingston is on the back burner, slowly simmering. I don’t think this little expose was a smart move on his part.

    He could really regret this one.

  10. gapork says:

    Hey –

    Here visiting a couple of old friends and saw this site. I grew up in a strong republican household. Like everything else, things have changed –

    The Republican Party has permitted itself to decay. We have allowed radicals like Gingrich, DeLay, Abramoff and others (and Bush, I am sad to say) to ruin the Grand Old Party.

    We have allowed polarization through marketing. Therefore, we have to rid the government of the “extremes” by voting for moderates BASED on ISSUES, not just “party lines.”

    The country is at its’ best when moderates from both parties are working together to develop sound policy.

    Kingston is as “right winged” as they come. In a quote my friend read from the Sav. Morn. News; Kingston said “he votes with his party and stands with by Pres. Bush.”

    He does, and that’s NOT good.

    He’s entrenched – he’s found the trough.

  11. JasonW says:

    To say that Jack votes with the Administration, is a fallacy. He often breaks with his party and with the administration, ie. The Minimum Wage Increase/Estate Tax Decrease, where he was the sole Republican from GA voting against it. Jack is also a n admitted Tree Frog Environmental Activist and will vote for ANY pro-tree frog legislation submitted (not that that really matters, but oh well.)

  12. gapork says:


    Jack voted against the Minimum Wage/Estate Tax bill because he does not want to have minimum wage increased! He “sold out” his affluent friends on the estate tax side because the minimum wage bill was tacked on to the estate tax portion.

    Geez – it was just like the legislation that was passed earlier: the bill that included another huge amount for defense spending (Iraq) and they bundled it with additional money for Katrina.

    Go to votesmart.org and look at his record – Jack doesn’t care about PEOPLE. Jack said:

    “I think what happened in this situation is that you develop friendships, and those friends see you after hours, on the weekends, and they have nice play toys –
    boats, access to golfing, county clubs, CREDIT CARDS – and you become friends and don’t think much of it, and before you know it you get caught up in it.”

    Quoted from the LA Times 12/9/05; relative to his buddy “Duke” Cunningham whom he gave a $1000.00 to his legal defense trust. Cunningham is a convicted felon.

    What has happened to America? Too much corporate control over media! You know, they did pass the Truth in Broadcasting Act. It would be graet if they actually adhered to the laws they passed and the laws they are sworn to uphold.

    A writer once said something like:

    . . .”People freely succomb to sin; but its’ dynamics enslave them.”

    Or my favorite: “A man is not what he thinks he is: he is what he thinks.”

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Hey! I’m voting with the “Pig” on the minimum wage deal. Georgia’s minimum wage is lower than Florida’s min. wage. What kind of jobs do you think that will attract? Certainly not the white collar corporate type. You wonder why Georgia has an escalating illegal immigrant population?

    Come on you guys –

    Kingston is a double-talker. I have heard there is a big story brewing; one that may be published shortly! Look at the Sav. Morning News – there are hints of “indictment”, the political cartoon in that paper on 8/24.

    There’s definitely a “stink” that is wafting from Kingston.

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