Look For More of This

There are no easy answers and it is too easy to politicize this.

Seanan Handwork can’t sit up, feed himself with a spoon or speak like most 16-month-olds due to a genetic disorder called Noonan Syndrome he was born with.

Noonan Syndrome slows his development in many ways, and he doesn’t yet have the strength to sit on his own or the coordination to use a spoon – but he’s getting there, thanks to weekly sessions with Athens physical therapist Peggy Curren and other specialty therapists.

The Athens therapist and Seanan’s mother, Jessica Handwork of Jefferson, fear massive changes in the state Medicaid program may mean cuts in her son’s therapy schedule – and a reduced chance that he one day can live a more normal life despite his developmental barriers.

Those that need the help will be used as pawns in a political game when the fact is there are those, like Seanan Handwork who need tremendous help through Medicaid and there are others who are just riding the system. It’s a sad, tough call to make.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Say, maybe Don Balfour and the Waffle House Empire would be willing to make a donation to help children like Seanan.

    Oh wait, to help someone else, Balfour would need a heart. Nevermind.

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