I Call B.S.

This is silly.

The Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials plans to highlight the benefits of immigration to Gainesville and the state during a session this morning.

Set for 9 a.m. at the Georgia Mountains Center, the event will feature comment from, among others, business and industry leaders, economists, community groups, immigration attorneys and health care professionals.

A similar gathering is scheduled for 3 p.m. today at the Northwest Georgia Trade and Convention Center in Dalton. In addition to the benefits of immigration, organizers of the sessions plan to discuss some of the myths associated with it.

The meetings are timed with Congressional hearings in the same two North Georgia towns. The hearings will address differences between the U.S. House and Senate’s stance on immigration.

No one is arguing about the benefits of immigration. They are arguing about *ILLEGAL* immigration. There is a difference. But, hat tip to GALEO for an excellent job politicizing the issue.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Erick Sez: “…hat tip to GALEO for an excellent job politicizing the issue.”

    Pardon me while I laugh my ass off. Do you know what GALEO stands for? Hint: The last 2 letters stand for “Elected Officials.”

    So, of course the issue is going to be “politicized” as much by GALEO as it will be “politicized” by the Republicans who think they’ve been doing such a wonderful job of ignoring the problem from 2001 until late 2005 when they decided to either take up the issue or get demolished by the train bearing down on them.

  2. John Konop says:


    myth # 1 Illegal immigration is strictly due to people crossing illegally.

    A visa overstayer is someone who has entered the United States legally and then illegally overstayed his or her visa or violated the restrictions on Border Crossing Card (BCC) or laser visa. Fraudulent and forged visa and BCC passes are included in this category. An estimated average 40-60% of all illegal immigrants to the U.S. entered this way

    Myth # 2 & 3 Illegal do not take jobs and drive wages down.And we only have 12 million illegal immigrants.

    Conclusions of Bear Sterns investigators: [10]

    The number of illegal immigrants in the United States may be 20 million people or higher.
    The total number of legalized immigrants accepted by The United States since 1990 has averaged 962,000 per year–about 600,000 of them were already in the country.
    Several credible studies[citation needed] indicate that the number of illegal entries has recently crept up to 3 million per year, triple the authorized immigration figure.
    Undocumented immigrants are gaining a larger share of the job market, and hold approximately 12 to 15 million jobs in the United States (8% of the employed).
    Close to 80% of all illegal immigrants came from Mexico.

    Myth 4 that congress really wants to solve the problem.You see very little with going after employeers. We have the current laws to stop the problem , no wants to enforce them.


  3. John Konop says:


    Your point that, “No one is arguing about the benefits of immigration” at the current rate I would.

    Ceasar Chavez tetified before congress in 1979 that immgration cannot be a tool to drive wages down.

    We have a system that puts the cost on American tax payers via legal and illegal immigration.

    Healthcare, foodstamps,schools.roads,wages…………………

    Henry Ford asked why he payed his employees so much , I want them to be able to buy my cars.

  4. kspencer says:

    Erick, YOU might claim that no one is arguing about the benefits of immigration. I listened to part of the hearing and will tell you a lot of people are conflating the issues of immigration and illegal immigration.

    John Konop, I’m in disagreement. Of course, I’m one of the people who pointed out that a worker paying social security and having income taxes withdrawn who cannot collect because he/she is illegal is actually giving money to the taxpayers. As far as the burdens – schools, welfare, etc – I’m a liberal. I’m of the belief that the flaw is that the problem is people binding the mouths of the threshing oxen. If people’s wages and benefits were keeping pace with (generic) corporate profits we’d probably not be seeing some of the load. Some, I said. We’d be seeing some of it in some places anyway.

    But that’s not due to immigration so much as it’s due to growth. Whitfield County tripled in population from 1990 to 2000 – and the growth rate’s not slowed in the last six years. It takes time to build schools and roads and infrastructure – both physical and societal – to support any increase. When growth is that steep that swiftly, well, there are some very rough spots with which to cope.

    IMO, of course,


  5. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I sure wish the millions spent on this issue would include reasons why these folks leave their homes in the first place.

    Additionally I wish folks in this county would understand that Plan Columbia, repressive military occupations, bone grinding poverty, ethic persecution and watching your children starve to death are the reason they come here in the first place. It’s not like they are leaving their homes and families cause the want to irritate legislators it’s called survival.

    Perhaps if we spent 1/2 the energy and expense on a “wall” instead on a foreign policy to better their lives at home they wouldn’t come. It’s not like they are parking their Ferrari’s at the border.

    Perhaps if we didn’t assist their repressive military machines in torture and mass murder they would stay home, but alas we do, it’s called the WHISC formally the School of the America’s, located at Ft. Benning, and our tax dollars have been used to train 66,000 latin american death squad leaders and soldiers.

    Yeah, looking at the root cause, it’s a bitch.

  6. atlantaman says:

    “Of course, I’m one of the people who pointed out that a worker paying social security and having income taxes withdrawn who cannot collect because he/she is illegal is actually giving money to the taxpayers.”

    What percentage of illegal immigrants are having taxes withdrawn? I’m willing to bet it’s a very small percentge. Isn’t a majority cash business due to the illegal nature of hiring them.

    Besides, once latinos receive the same protected minority status the blacks have our whole political landscape will change. The irony is if you add the newborn latinos to the newbord blacks they out number the newborn whites, so who will actually be the minority in 20 years? The elected officials will figure out a way to give all the illegals social security (whether they paid in or not) by the time I’m at retirement age.

    “If people’s wages and benefits were keeping pace with (generic) corporate profits we’d probably not be seeing some of the load.”

    Are not the illegal immigrants partially to blame for this. I know they have single-handidly decimated the wages in the construction industry. If you need proof think about how many english speaking roofers, painters, and framers are still out there. Of course the other side of it is that illegal aliens have made the housing market more affordable for low wage earning Americans who might not been able to afford a new home without the benefit of cheap, illegal labor.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “Perhaps if we didn’t assist their repressive military machines in torture and mass murder they would stay home”

    Give me a break, like all those Mexicans coming across the border are here because of Vicente Fox’s military machine, tortue and mass murder.

    Talk about a red herring, those folks you are referring to (if the even exist at all) represent a microscopic portion of the the thousands of illegals hauling ass over our borders everyday.

  8. kspencer says:


    With the possible exception of ‘migrant workers’, most illegal immigrants are not paid cash under the table. The reason is fairly simple – the businessman has to account for expenditures. And regularly pulling large amounts of cash results in curious bank officials and government watchdogs taking notice. Large amounts of cash? Paying a half-dozen workers a ‘mere’ hundred dollars a day is $600 per day – which is an awful lot for petty cash. Oh – and a very large fine if/when caught.

    No, the way most of them seem to do it is some sort of false social security number and other ID. The employer may still get burned, but it’s not near as likely – “I didn’t know their papers were false” is a defense.

    As to illegal immigrants being to blame for the wage suppression – partially, maybe. Not entirely. A large factor is there’s a significant chicken and egg issue going on – which came first, illegal immigrants or slowing wage growth? (Why were the jobs available for the illegal workers? Because they were unfilled. Why were they unfilled? Because the wages are too low. Why are they too low? ummm, because of illegal workers? Eventually yes, but not to start. If the answers take us full circle, one of the answers in the circle is wrong or incomplete.)

    See, another answer for lower wages is “globalization” – where large portions of the job can be done in a place where “good” wages are a lot lower than they are here. Again, that’s not the only reason. I’m not going to add more reasons though they exist. I mention all this to demonstrate that ‘illegal immigrants’ isn’t the only reason, and may even be flawed or the excuse someone else is using to do you wrong. Maybe.

  9. John Konop says:


    I agree with much of what you say. As I pointed out much of illegal immigration problem is due to our broken visa system. That is why the temp -visa system by President Bush would only make the problem worse.

    A visa overstayer is someone who has entered the United States legally and then illegally overstayed his or her visa or violated the restrictions on Border Crossing Card (BCC) or laser visa. Fraudulent and forged visa and BCC passes are included in this category. An estimated average 40-60% of all illegal immigrants to the U.S. entered this way

    Also the illegal SS# were about 10 million workers in 2004. But for anyone to argue the what they paid in SS coverd Schools,healthcare……… is nuts.
    In fact ,I was in a debate with an economist who kept using the gross dollar illegals paid in sales tax as why they are good for Georgia. I then used his #s to point out this was only $1500 per worker. He was rather silent when I ask him how this pays for 10k per kid for school, 10k per family healthcare……….


    I will remind you that your guy Clinton set all this up with NAFTA.This is a simple supply and demand issue. Ceasar Chavez was not a MBA but he got it that both parties used immigration, Republicans for cheap labor , Dems for voters and union members. The middle class got stuck with the bill.

    Did you know the first MM project was run by Ceasar and his brother Manuel?
    Did you Know MLK right hand man Robert Abernathy and Walter Mondale did marches to stop illegal immigration in 1969?

    This is not a Dem or Republican issue this is about being an American.

  10. henrydave says:

    Lots of interesting points on this issue. Agree in part with some, disagree with others. I spent time in Central America in the 80’s in the military. Suffice it to say that I was priveleged to what goes on and what our government sponsors on behalf of influence from private interests. One venter expounded on the fact of repressive regimes sponsored by our government and the problems it caused. She was right, more than most of you can imagine, including her. While Mexico may not be as repressive as other states, it has had its share of problems. Yes, there was torture and killings, check out the history of the state of Chiapas on the southern border. Mexico strongly enforces immigration on this border also against the refugees trying to get out of Central America, unlike the US. However, my viewpoint is this, it is irrelevant as to some policy of making our borders pourous for these people. A state’s first duty is to protect own citizens and their interests. Legal migrant workers for the ag industry is needed and the supply is there for that. Most of that is seasonal. As far as the majority of the illegal poplulation, it is working in other industries weakening wages. Someone insinuated that the accountants of businesses, banks and government would be thrown red flags with the outlays for labor if something they were doing with pay was wrong or illegal. You do not know what you are talking about. I have worked with others in that area too, especially construction and restaurants. They way that they get around that is this: It is called a subcontract. A legal alien or citizen will take a subcontract to provide a service. The contractor or company will pay one entity the fees agreed upon. This subcontractor will then pay cash to all the illegals far below the rate of a citizen, noted as casual labor, where there is little if no paperwork. There is no health insurance premiums, little to no worker’s compensation, no SSI, no federal or state income taxes withheld, no retirements plans, etc.. The workers cannot complain because they have no legal recourse as they are not citizens nor legal aliens. They would be turning themselves in. That’s how it undercuts the wage system. Additionally, your tax money then pays for their health care under programs such as the Peach program (no need for Medicaid nor health insurance nor worker’s comp) where indigent persons, legal and illegal, get free medical care. Remember, they have no assets nor income on paper to prove. Then, their children’s educational and health expenses (that would not even be here if their parents had not been allowed in) is paid for out of your income taxes, not theirs, and that does not even begin to address the other services, ie roads, etc. Further, since they know they can be deported any day, they live bundled up in homes to conserve more money they will ship out to home (depletion of the money supply to our economy). In some cases, they live in shacks in rural areas that match to no code and are unknown or overlooked by local authorities. I’ve seen these myself in South Georgia and Florida. I tell you now, most of you would not let your pets live in the conditions I have witnessed. I know others who rent homes from people I know. They pay cash and live 10-15 in the house. The owner pockets the cash and writes a check out of their personal account showing it as a second home where the owner then gets a tax break, as oppossed to having to pay taxes on the rent as regular income (more lost tax revenue). The biggest thing though is that they are illegal, period. We owe them nothing. They are not citizens and are not entitled to the rights afforded under our system. That is the responsibility of their leaders, not ours. It may sound harsh, but it is the reality of life in this world. Lastly, as far as free trade goes, it’s a sham for the benefit of private corportations. Their is no oversight to working conditions, wage and benefit laws, worker’s comp, health insurance, vacation time, retirement plans, osha regualtions in these countries. The lower wage in those countries is just one small facet of the big picture. Think about it. If the lower wage in foreign countries was the only factor in reducing production costs, the logistics and transportation would outstrip the cost savings benefits if these other factors were even marginally comaparable to US standards. Free trade is anything but free. It is not apples to apples. There is or becomes an unfair trade advantage to our domestically produced products, including and especially in this day and time, intellectual property. Finally, US corporations are given huge tax advantages by our government to put foreigners in foreign countries to work in “American” owned companies. That is insane. Not even prosperous European countries nor third world countries like Mexico (foreigners cannot own 50% or more of business nor can be employed unless it is a critical need that cannot be filled by one of its citizens). Allowing illegal immigration of any sort is an attack on the middle class, small business owners, the working class, and the poor of our own country. In fact, it violates the role of the state in protecting and promoting the interests of its own citizens, and in my opinion, that’s treason. All this other rhetoric is political posturing for the benefit of those who do not rightfully have a say so in the matter. And that is the bottom line!

  11. atlantaman says:

    There may be repressive regimes that tortue and kill in Central America, but it’s not why 99% of the immigrants are coming to the USA and it’s a red herring issue as far as this is concerned. Of all the latino immigrants I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of them over the years, I’ve never had one tell me the reason he/she came to the USA was because of tortue and killing in their homeland.

    They are coming over here because of better jobs and benefits, it’s that simple.

  12. John Konop says:


    You are right via a study done by the PEW. The study said around 70% had jobs in Mexico they did not like the pay. The real issue is we built sweatshops with U.S. tax dollars via the import/export bank loans in places like Mexico.

    The American workers lost jobs to $2 an hour workers in Mexico. The better Mexican workers came hear to work for $8 to $10 an hour with no healthcare.The jobs that paid $ 15 to $ 20 an hour to American workers or small business with healthcare ie painters, construction went to illegal immigrants.

    China and Middle East than lowerd the bar to $2 a day or 2 cents and hour with human trafficing as a side business that hurt Mexico and us.. This is a race to the bottom.

    This is why healthcare cost is growing 4 times faster than wages. The rest of us our paying the cost of Illegals and Americans forced off the system.The 99 cent a pound grapes cost much more than what you paid for at the store.I would pay $1.29 a pound if I was not stuck with the healthcare bill. That is why we must not let people immigrate here unless the healthcare is pre-paid or paid by employeer.The same for all taxes.

    This is why both parties are jerking us around. No one is calling for away to make sure we are not importing workers for companies who get the gain and tax payers are stuck with the bill.

    By the way fastest growing part of entitlements is to working poor.

  13. BB says:

    Konop, you must really hate the idea that Georgia is close to setting up an office in Beijing in order to promote trade with China. Econ. Dev. Dir. Craig Lesser leaves Friday with that as his main goal. Additionally he hopes to help Delta establish direct flights with China.

    You should have attended the kickoff of the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Global Economic Alliance meeting yesterday. You might have learned something if you could have kept your mouth shut for a few minutes and listened to ambassadors / general consuls from many countries tell why it is so important for Atlanta and the state of Georgia to increase efforts toward more international trade. Fortunately we have people like Lesser, Jorge Fernandez, John Rice, Sam Williams, Jerry Bell, Governor Perdue and Mayor Shirley Franklin who recognize the need to be leaders in the global economy vs. becoming isolationists as you incessantly promote. Their collective efforts will be the foundation for economic growth and development benefiting not only this generation, but many to come as Georgia positions itself properly as the global trade capital of the south.

  14. John Konop says:


    The issue is not about being an isolationist. It is how to set up smart trade. China has 1 trillion dollars of our debt and is buying gold to hedge against the dollar.That is why guys like Warren Buffet have issued warnings that you cannot buy more than you sell ie trade debt.Which is why he has been betting against the dollar.

    The borrow and spend growth model that Republicans like you promote will not work long term. That is why I told you a year ago interest rate would go up and you were laughing. I told you a year ago home defaults would go up and you were laughing.Bart you are the one who will be holding an empty bag.

    If you read anything outside of talking points and comic book you might understand the issue.

  15. BB says:

    I talked about Georgia expanding trade, you go on a rant about debt, gold and Warren Buffet.

    Do you oppose Georgia taking advantage of trade opportunities provided by NAFTA/CAFTA and with China? Would you support kicking out the 52 countries represented in Atlanta hoping to increase mutually benefical trade opportunities? You constantly bring up perceived problems, but seldom if ever offer viable alternatives.

    BTW, a year ago you said the economy would tank Q1/Q2…despite increased fuel costs, higher interest rates (still very reasonable when compared with previous time periods) and increased foreclosures, economy is growing. Keep on wishing for doom and gloom Chicken Little, maybe one day you will be able to say ‘I told you so’.

  16. kspencer says:

    BB – I’m almost a political opposite of John Konop. However, I too expected the economy to tank in Q1/Q2.

    I’m seeing the same signs he’s seeing. Foreclosures have gone to record rates – not just levels, rates. The housing market’s flatlined or declined (depending on which report you believe) in units sold and total dollars, though average housing price is still climbing. Unemployment is creeping up. In case you didn’t notice, some counties – Catoosa being the one I notice most painfully – are reporting they didn’t meet expected revenues from sales taxes (and SPLOSTs) and are scrambling to cope.

    Now as I said I have a number of disagreements with John Konop over several of the why’s and remedies. And both of us missed the when. But the “someday we’ll be able to say I told you so” is certainly going to be well past this time next year, and I personally think we’ll be having a lean holiday season.

  17. John Konop says:


    The money part might be over your head.

    So I will try to talk to you with talikg points.

    As far as suggestions.

    Your Guy Tom Price admitted in the debate that China is stealing 90% of the time via I.P. rights.

    So how about putting in I.P. rights in the trade deals.This would be an estimated 200 to 250 billion good guy. That means money coming in our country not out.

    I realize your issues with black people running for office. But I for one think slave labor is wrong. How about enforce the sweatshop rules in the trade deals.

    How about not giving away our port security and promote human trafficing. I guess you have no problem with Middle Eastern countries selling children and being in charge of out ports. That was the OMAN trade deal Tom Price just voted for.

    How about stop using U.S. tax dollars to build overseas sweatshops.

    As far as the economy tanking , what I said over a year ago that GDP would drop and home defaults would rise as well as interest rates. And this is trend that we cannot keep up.Once again Bart was I right or wrong ?

  18. BB says:


    One way to avoid economic downturn is to ensure prosperity by expanding markets through open trade. Georgia officials both public and private announced an ambitious plan yesterday that if implemented properly, will give this state a much better chance of avoiding a serious decline in economic growth. But we must accept some form of globalization if we are to benefit from international trade and diminish the severity of the normal ebb and flow in a free market economy. Isolationism combined with predictions of doom and gloom are a self fulfilling prophecy. Konop predicts (hopes) for economic decline while at the same time promoting policy that would fulfill his prediction.

    Seems to me a better approach would be to accentuate the positives of international trade in order to grow our economy. Anybody can predict doom and gloom, that’s easy because there are always economic downturns in any economy. The challenge is in finding ways to diminish the downturn by being proactive on the front end as those leaders I mentioned previously are doing for Atlanta and Georgia. Opening doors with China could provide incredible benefits that would not be possible if isolationists like Konop and Bernie Sanders (VT – I) had their way with America leaving the WTO.

  19. John Konop says:


    I realize you have a hard time with math. If the more we trade the debt goes higher then how do you make it up in volume ?

    China is stealing 90% of the time our I.P. So how do you ever come out on top if your trading partner is stealing 90% of the time? Is your solution borrow and spend and let China steal more , and then borrow from China again?

  20. BB says:


    Answer the questions, we all know you blame China for everything happening in the world (including GHSA policies): Do you oppose Georgia taking advantage of trade opportunities provided by NAFTA/CAFTA and with China? Would you support kicking out the 52 countries represented in Atlanta hoping to increase mutually benefical trade opportunities?

    One more now that you attacked me personally; what are my “issues with black people running for office”?

  21. John Konop says:


    Your question

    “Do you oppose Georgia taking advantage of trade opportunities provided by NAFTA/CAFTA and with China”

    What advantage we are in the red? Advantage would mean we are in the black. Do you understand what red and black means?

  22. BB says:

    “Do you understand what red and black means?” – Absolutely, the colors of my favorite two football teams.

    Now do you understand how to answer Yes or No? Don’t forget the last question which gives you an opportunity to backup your veiled accusation that I am against black candidates.

  23. John Konop says:


    To your point,

    “backup your veiled accusation that I am against black candidates”

    It is one thing to be against Mary Wilhite, but to treat her they way you and your buddies did makes you wonder ? You guys went way over the line.

    And for you to question how a black person(Mary Wilhite) can be against illegal immigration was over the top. Why not talk about issues , and not race.

  24. flamingmoderate says:

    Wow. Another Konop vs. BB thread. These are about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    At least we get a break from any meaningful dialogue. Thanks BB and Konop. Having intelligent conversations was a pain in the ass anyway!

  25. kspencer says:

    BB, actually, I’m in favor of global trading. That’s one of the many places I disagree with John Konop.

    I saw the announcement and have read an overview of the plan. I think they have a couple of flaws, but even if not flawed their effects won’t be seen for at least a year – more likely two to three years.

    What I’m saying is that if you’re assuming all will be rosy economically for the next couple of years, you might want to re-evaluate your outlook.


  26. BB says:

    Treated how? I never spoke to or about Mary until the campaign was over and she lost. I then questioned Mary’s racial profiling of an employee of her opponent. She was exposed for automatically assuming just because a hispanic man is on a construction site, he must be illegal. The pictures she used to attack Sean Jerguson were of a hispanic man who is a LEGAL citizen of this country. She was served with a cease and desist order and removed the pictures from her website. Do you support racial profiling Konop?

  27. BB says:


    Not at all assuming all will be rosy economically. But I also am not inclined to believe in the Chicken Little rhetoric put forth by Konop. There are too many positives outweighing the few negative indicators, especially here in the SE.

  28. BB says:

    for your demonbeck: A blonde girl was stopped for speeding and hauled down to
    the police station. The desk sergeant stood up, unzipped his fly, and the girl cried out, “Oh no, not another breathalyzer test!”

  29. John Konop says:


    Your question,

    “Do you support racial profiling Konop”?

    When it comes to gangs,illegal immigrants and flying , I have no problem.

    Are you saying you never sent out an e-mail questioning how Mary Wilhite could be for illegal immigration before the election ?

    Are you saying that you and your Buddy Dick were so rude you would not even open the door with her hand full of gifts she bought at the Republican Christmas party ?

    Are you saying you did not personally attack her over the last 4 years numerous times to many people ?

    Bart the amount of people thought saw your display of rude behavior would not be hard to find. In fact I know people that voted for Sean that made comments that in no way do they want this as having anything to do with you and your buddies, Dick and Roberts behavior. By the way are you in the KLAN ?

  30. BB says:

    Who cares Konop? She lost, you lost and Stephens lost…all three from the same subdivision, Cherokee Falls. Damn, 0-3 for candidates running non-issue based negative campaigns against lifelong conservatives. Get a clue dude, this BS ain’t working for you.

  31. John Konop says:


    I am for global trade.

    I am not for Communist China stealing our I.P. 90% of the time at an estimated 200 to 250 billion a year.

    I am not for child and slave labor.

    I am not for selling children , and treating them like animals.

    I am not for trade debt and national debt as high as the sky.

    I am not for my kids being stuck with the 9 trillion dollar debt due to this crazy borrow and spend economy supported by our congress.

    By the way Ron Paul also is against the way our current trade deals are negotiated.


  32. John Konop says:


    I can only comment on you and Dick’s behavior around Mary Wilhite. I will say again even people who voted for Sean thought you guys treated her poorly.I was not the only one who wonder if this was not racialy motivated.Only you and your buddies know. You do not deny treating her poorly or the e-mail you sent out questioning a black Republican support of getting tough on illegal immigration and racial profiling.

    It could be you are just hateful person toward anyone you do not support. And you will attack one person like Mary for being a one time Democrat and support anther one who gave money to a Democrat.Only you can answer the question.

    As far as the case against Mary. I do not know the facts of the case. The comments I heard if you are part of it , everyone questions why? I do think this will hurt the Republican party.If the Democrats use this against the party in the fall you can thank yourself.This will be media story and you will make headlines again with negative press.Hey she was mentioned on the Georgia Gang.

  33. BB says:

    Konop, you were mentioned on GA Gang which proves just how irrelevant the GA Gang is relative to realistic politics.

  34. BB says:


    Stick to blaming China for everything bad in the world. At least you have evidence (albeit very disputable) to support those outlandish beliefs.

    Mary is a democrat attempting to steal a conservative seat in the state house. I could care less the color of her skin, it is her total lack of ability to comprehend even the most basic of issues that stands out. She lost, good for District 22 as Sean will be a much better public servant. You can keep making excuses based on some ill-conceived race baiting crap, but voters ultimately met Mary and realized just how unqualified she was for a state house seat. You need to move on…you lost, she lost…it’s over Konop.

  35. John Konop says:


    This issue is not about Mary and Sean’s race.In fact I like Sean and he has been at my house. The issue is about the how you and Dick treated Mary. As I said many of us could not understand why you guys are so hateful toward Mary.

  36. BB says:


    OK, I’ll bite…how was I hateful toward Mary? Name one thing I did that was “hateful” toward Mary.

    She used my name disparagingly in bogus lit drops and direct mail. She attacked Sean’s volunteers. She declined an opportunity to speak at a GOP forum sending a 17 year old kid in her place. Mary screwed up Konop, she can’t blame anybody but herself (and you if you provided campaign advice). As usual, you make accusations without supportive substance…put up or shut up Konop.

  37. John Konop says:


    I already answerd the question.You really are not going deny this are you? The real issue is why?By the way I had nothing to do with Mary’s campaign.

  38. BB says:

    That’s what I thought, more hot air w/nothing to back it up. Give specifics…you can’t because nothing happened.

  39. John Konop says:


    Bart this was already posted. And you did not answer it. I do not get your statement.

    “That’s what I thought, more hot air w/nothing to back it up. Give specifics…you can’t because nothing happened”

    Do you remember I posted this and you said nothing?

    Your question,

    “Do you support racial profiling Konop

  40. BB says:

    End of string Konop…if Wilhite has a problem with me, tell her to call…she has the number as she wanted me to go to lunch with her right after we sat at the same table during the Woodstock A.M.E. Church MLK breakfast earlier this year. Or maybe I gave it to her at the President’s Dinner when we again sat at the same table.

    Bottom line — Wilhite is not qualified to be a state representative, especially as a Republican. District 22 voters turned her down for the second time in three years. Maybe she should find another hobby as Boortz suggested when she called his show…’get a booth at a flea market’. This is all BS, time to move on.

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