Gwinnett DA still investigating.

The runoff election for Gwinnett’s County Commission district 4 is over, but DA Danny Porter continues to investigate the anonymous campaign waged against the winner Kevin Kenerly. Porter told the AJC he has two full time investigators looking into the matter. The AJC also reports:

Results of a July 19 search warrant unsealed this week show Porter and his investigators were interested in Rosser early in the investigation.

Rosser’s campaign contribution disclosures show she used a company called ABC Direct Marketing to help distribute her campaign literature. ABC Direct is the same company that bulk-mailed voters three ads, one of which included hidden-camera video of Kenerly gambling with developers in Las Vegas. McKinney has admitted hiring a private investigator to shoot the video.

Investigators contacted ABC owner Chris Cawthon, who “admitted having knowledge of the Kenerly mailers but refused to reveal their origin,” according to a search warrant issued for ABC Direct. Repeated attempts by AJC Gwinnett News to reach Cawthon have been unsuccessful.

Porter said the search of ABC Direct turned up evidence that one of Rosser’s campaign volunteers opened a bulk-mail account for at McKinney’s request. Porter said the volunteer also deposited money with the U.S. Postal Service to pay the bulk mail costs for Court records show the deposits totaled more than $10,000.

Stein said Friday the campaign volunteer Porter cited played an “innocuous role” in the campaign.

“They are making her guilty by association,” Stein said of Rosser.

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  1. Tommy_a2b says:

    I do not know who is the one that should go down for this campaign. But I hope one of them does (Rosser, her father, or Bill McKinney) and I hope it is more than just a fine.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    I’m sure glad Porter has enough of a budget to put two investigators on these horrendous criminal (NOT!) acts full-time.

    As far as hunting down and corraling gang activity on Jimmy Carter Blvd goes, well, that will just have to take a backseat to THIS investigation.

    Oooooooh. I can see the headlines now: “Porter Prosecutes Political Foes While Murder Rate Climbs in Gwinnett”

  3. Bill Simon says:

    AJC Reporter Duane Stanford lies again: “The campaign volunteer wasn’t the only known link between McKinney and the Rosser campaign. In April, McKinney left a message on Kenerly’s cellphone, saying he was coming after him and that he planned to work for Rosser’s campaign.”

    I heard that message…it said nothing about going to work for Jodie Rosser. McKinney said that Kenerly “will be in for the fight of his life”.

  4. henrydave says:

    I think this whole thing with DA Porter involved is an abuse of power for political purposes (revenge). Come on! We’re talking about a political campaign. Negative ads happen all the time and somebody funds them. Besides, when did DA’s get so worried about a bunch of misdemeamors, that’s usually the role of the solicitor. The whole thing smells of political highjinks to me. Besides, Bill is right, doesn’t Danny have something more important to do, like fighting real crime.

  5. BB says:

    Seems the Gwinnett DA has his priorities out of whack. I’m glad Kenerly won, but find the actions of the DA on his behalf to be a total abuse of power and resources.

    I hope McKinney and his attorney Jerry Froelich put Porter in his place setting a precedent that will discourage future abuse of power by entrenched law enforcement / judicial officials seeking revenge against political foes. What a waste of taxpayer money, critical law enforcement resources and lost man hours by the businesses being targeted. Porter should stick to chasing runaway brides!

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    Guys you’re wrong about Porter and his motives. He’s not seeking revenge against political foes, he’s trying to punish people who broke the law. What went on here was not simply sending out negative mailings. This was a coordinated, well funded, and well planned attempt to circumvent election law. McKinney and the others involved in this, did not, and never intended to, make any effort to comply with the same election laws everyone else complies with. McKinney sent a letter to the Ethics Commission asking for an opinion of his actions after the press was involved, and after he knew Danny Porter was looking into the matter.

    Two problems with the “Porter is politically motivated” argument:

    1) McKinney and Rosser both publicly said McKinney was not involved in Rosser’s campaign. How then can they now claim the indictments were done to hurt Rosser?

    2) Porter never said Rosser was involved, he said he wanted to talk to her and she, though her attorney, refused. If Porter was a political hack, he would have said, or implied, that Rosser was involved so as to damage her campaign. He never did.

    Finally, this is just the beginning of a wide ranging corruption investigation that Porter is undertaking. It’s premature to judge this matter before knowing where this will end up.

  7. BB says:


    Q1 – Guilt by perceived association. You live there Buzz and followed it much closer than I, but it only takes a couple of headline stories in a local paper to alter undecided voters. McKinney’s indictment could have come much earlier or a couple of days later after the election. Porter chose to do it when it might have the biggest impact on the election.

    Q2 – Once again it is perception that becomes reality. Porter mentioning Rosser’s name in association with McKinney likely caused some undecided voters to go with Kenerly.

    Again let me emphasize I would have supported Kenerly if living in that district. But Porter used(abused) his office to create a perception hoping to influence undecided voters.

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