Something strange going on.

On August 9 I posted a link to an AJC story reporting that McKinney bodyguard Steve Muhammad had been charged with battery. This morning I find this story in the AJC: Charges unlikely in McKinney election scuffle, which makes no mention of any charges against Muhammad, and offers no explanation for the paper’s previous report that a charge had been filed.

I went back and clicked on my original link and the story is now completely different. The only clue as to what happened is this quote, found in the “revised” report:

Although the police report indicates Muhammad was charged with battery, DeKalb police spokesman Herschel Grangent said Wednesday afternoon that no one had been arrested, and the incident remained under investigation.

So I’m wondering what happened? I don’t think the first reporter got the story wrong, but did the cameraman change his story? Did the police decide it wasn’t worth the trouble, or is something more sinister going on?


  1. Bill Simon says:

    There will be a new show on TV this fall: “It’s Always Sinister in DeKalb County”.

    Other new shows on tap are:

    “It’s Always Corrupt in Gwinnett County”

    “It’s Always FUBAR in Cherokee County”

    “It’s Always Gay in Fulton County”

    “It’s Always Nutty in Cobb County”

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